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  1. Shows how much he did without people realising as it wasn't long ago certain people on here were saying he was overweight and lazy. Has always been a goalscorer badly missed.
  2. Is his agent the same one as faurlin hence where that tweet came from. If Lee's and Westwood got new deals he was obviously next. Sounds like agent has been in his ear and its got out of hand. Looking back he's been hinting a while but will hopefully get sorted when he stops acting like a child and sits down with CC and DC like an adult.
  3. I don't just think it's the ticket prices. I think a lot of people are working weekends now to keep themselves afloat. The prices are not helping but people are struggling in general. I work every weekend and attend only if I get an early finish. The prices are off putting but it's not the reason I don't attend I work weekends to provide for my family as I think more people are doing now.
  4. I'm off to get my tickets now. Should be a good atmosphere tonight.
  5. Explains the willingness to link up with man city then as I would imagine they are one of the club's with foreign players. It's good to see things are changing.
  6. It's basic stuff u leave an extra man back from what they leave up. One man on centre circle n others marking a man goal side. It's what I was taught in junior football as simple as it gets. Really makes me wonder what they do on the training ground as they obviously don't do fitness work either.
  7. Didn't he gash his leg needing 7 stitches while recovering
  8. Got my lad the home shirt n he wanted reda n 3 on the back must have known something.
  9. Helan n Buxton played full back with antonio n Palmer on the wings in the game I watched. Its not what it said on the formation at beginning but its what I saw till the subs.
  10. Read reports that they are in for Rhodes n beckford think that signals their intentions for this year n they will need to save some money somewhere. He's a good pro though n better version of Howard but still can't make my mind up on him.
  11. Don't forget its got a hotel what more could u want .
  12. Are these 2 both out of contract this year. Think its time they got new offers get the feeling that both will want to stay but not worth the risk of havin there heads turned
  13. He's off to states so not much chance of that he's hopin to play with the mighty o'conner. .
  14. Get a life. He's a real person what's up with it suppose ur against the darrbar board to n any other food advertising at the ground.
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