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    Martin O'Neill clone is Rowett , I can think of 2 saves Carson had to make but failed.
  2. Stay classy Wednesday fans...

    Mattias ' card was chalked off , he was sent off for doing 0 by an inept lino, Pudil took one for the team so you know what you're on about don't you.
  3. A. Is it just Wednesday fans that will get fined or all football fans? B. How do the cameras know who's going to a football match and who isn't?
  4. 90% were screaming Carlos out and then pis.sed themselves when Swansea took him on and now they're p.isse d off cos he's doing well. Me included but I've got bigger fish to fry........a large pair of pollacks.
  5. It's spelt Bolukov , 1st name Ripya
  6. Dawson

    Get a slot booked at Edinburgh , comedic genius.
  7. Mate of mine went down for tickets in the south stand in 1991, queued up with the blunts and gets to the front and says "2 tickets for the united game please " woman says with wry smile " they're all united games here luv!" cue grunts , grumbles and mucky looks from queue.
  8. Bovver??

    On the lane after a mate of mine was punched by a Wednesday fan (who had the good grace to apologise ) and was then hit by a pig's trotter .
  9. Bovver??

    Not surprised!! I'd want more than a sandwich before letting you have your wicked way.
  10. German

    Daft Fokker
  11. German

    scheisse fotze
  12. German

    Hhahahahaha Have to get filters sorted
  13. German

    Schwanz Arschloch
  14. Well done Carlos

    True, he is f.u.king someone else now.
  15. Has McClaren been appointed?

    Mine are both deceased - how is it possible?