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  1. Beast of Boulogne

    Van aaken off

    I'd prefer him left back left back in the low countries!
  2. Beast of Boulogne

    The Wednesday Tap

    and rightly so ....don't want them mutants in there.
  3. Beast of Boulogne

    The Wednesday Tap

    Brown 'n frothy - does tha want some or not!
  4. Beast of Boulogne

    Sad picture

    He should have been drummed out of Hillsborough at 2p.m. and marched down Penistone road in pair of breeches 4 sizes too big for him with a placard round his neck saying ' I SIGNED PELUPESSY ' .
  5. Beast of Boulogne

    Reasons we should keep Jos

    If Chansiri starts up a sideline producing retro muck films?
  6. Beast of Boulogne

    Credit Rotherham

    Don't let facts get in your way.
  7. Beast of Boulogne

    Adam Reach

    how do you mean today ? He makes Petter Rudi look like Tommy Smith!
  8. Beast of Boulogne

    Rotherham United

    Does anyone from Sheffield actually get offended by this anyway ? It's like chanting ' geordies , geordies ' at Newcastle fans or 'Cockneys . cockneys ' at ……….cockneys??
  9. Beast of Boulogne

    Joey’s dilemna

    If I was a midfielder at SWFC and he was getting picked in front of me I would seriously be thinking of a drastic career change.
  10. Beast of Boulogne

    Nathan Jones

    You're really saying something
  11. Beast of Boulogne

    Nathan Jones

    Kiss him goodbye
  12. Beast of Boulogne

    Rotherham United

    Why should we humour your thinly veiled ‘banter’ ? If your team was doing crap you would be supporting Man Utd or Liverpool etc. You certainly wouldn’t be loud mouthing on here. You and the blavdes are just the same , beating us is the be all and end all, if you win on Saturday your season is over , nothing else matters .
  13. Beast of Boulogne

    FA Cup 3rd Round

  14. Beast of Boulogne

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Reading away
  15. Beast of Boulogne

    Morgan Fox

    Typical home fans that never go away and are far happier when there’s summat to moan at , we all know Fox isn’t good enough but it not his fault he was signed and gets picked - what’s he supposed to do say “ no, I’m not playing , I’m not good enough”? Baker is just as bad but he’s not the scapegoat /boo boy yet so he gets away with it and the less said about Pelupessy the better!