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  1. He’s been social distancing from the opposition for years
  2. Montpelier v Lyon this season - went for a tiddle at H/T and bumped into a Wednesday fan from Chapeltown .
  3. Not sure if they were all regular full backs but here goes: Sammy Todd Jimmy Quinn Fred McIver Darren Wood Adam Green Con Blatsis Zigor Aranalde Ryan Green Drissa Diallo Matt Tumilty
  4. Mick Hoole from High Green with the light blue Pringle . he’d broke his arm earlier , gone to first aid and placed at the side of the net to watch the game ! Can’t see that happening now!
  5. It’s like the old chestnut - I used to like the rock group when no one knew them but now they’re popular, they’re sheeite. Because Bannan’s well like with the majority some would rather suck up to Fox or Da Cruz for trendiness , don’t get me wrong , Fox has improved 200% but he’s still not good enough and to get excited when he’s back in the team after injury shows the state we’re in .
  6. Are you sure we’ve not re -signed Michael Reddy ............salted
  7. Sam ‘s house has gone up for sale this morning
  8. I’d be more worried about his directional sense .
  9. To be honest I’ve wondered more about whether to get meat in gravy or meat in jelly for the dog’s dinner.
  10. I think his time as a championship player is over.
  11. Apart from being short on ability the majority of the team are weak and naive . There should have been 10 Wednesday players screaming and shoving the ref and the next time Hoilett got the ball he should have been snapped in two , the ref couldn’t possible have given a red.
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