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  1. Beast of Boulogne

    That Referee

    la la la
  2. Beast of Boulogne

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    what about Baker's stupid tackle on Traore - a disgrace? No , because he's not one of the scapegoats yet but give him time.
  3. Beast of Boulogne

    JVA Injured again

    like Mansfield, a team of no marks who see a player being carried off injured as some degree of success.
  4. Beast of Boulogne

    Joey Pelupessy

    Did he score 3 own goals and kick the tea lady in the Jackie Danny? because that's what he would've have to done to trump Van Aken at Wigan.
  5. Beast of Boulogne

    Joey Pelupessy

    People expect a player that can understand the basics of association football.
  6. Beast of Boulogne

    Joey Pelupessy

    I take it you didn't see Van Aken's classic performance at Wigan.
  7. Beast of Boulogne

    Owls on holiday

    FFS Judith Chalmers -eat your heart out
  8. Beast of Boulogne

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    you're partially correct...………………………………..the first bit.
  9. I would have a little nightcap, go up wood hill to blanket fair and slumber 'til it was time to rise.
  10. Beast of Boulogne

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Bramhall lane ......... What the fek do you think I call it???
  11. I wouldn't lose any sleep if he went there, far better centre backs within our scope out there.
  12. Beast of Boulogne

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Scythed down then chopped up by a champion's eagle at Lofthouse road. How could anyone forget that?
  13. Beast of Boulogne

    God I Miss This Team

    What is the gay jump after Warhurst shoots all about?
  14. Beast of Boulogne

    Is something not right about Jos?

    Wonder if he's got a big plate?