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  1. How long you been watching Wednesday mate? and don't look at your watch!
  2. 1. Ian Cranson 2. Danny Maddix 3. Ashley Westwood then Thome =4 with Guy Branston ........wibble (puts underpants on head and sticks pencils up nose)
  3. hahaha, when I was young , I had no sense ........
  4. I can see a Y & C - are we signing Youseff Chippo? Oooh I do hope so!
  5. a bit like this thread , you pile in in full of anticipation but once inside it's ultimately a vast disappointment........... and you struggle to get a p1s.s
  6. I'd prefer him left back left back in the low countries!
  7. and rightly so ....don't want them mutants in there.
  8. Brown 'n frothy - does tha want some or not!
  9. He should have been drummed out of Hillsborough at 2p.m. and marched down Penistone road in pair of breeches 4 sizes too big for him with a placard round his neck saying ' I SIGNED PELUPESSY ' .
  10. If Chansiri starts up a sideline producing retro muck films?
  11. how do you mean today ? He makes Petter Rudi look like Tommy Smith!
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