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Community Answers

  1. The players were probably about as bothered as the fans .
  2. Went in 1977 , think it was Easter Monday , we then beat Rotherham away the next night having won at home on Easter sat. 3 wins in 4 days might be making it up though.
  3. If he’d have been stood where the ball went in he’d have saved it ....... if Theo’s shot in the last minute had gone in the net it would have been a goal . etc. etc etc
  4. The 7.15 wasn’t cancelled , it terminated at Birmingham and not Leeds due to staffing problems .
  5. Have a look at his current teams results this session Played 10 games JP started - lost 5 JP not started lost 0 don’t take drugs kids
  6. Don’t think he touched the ball , I’d like to see him have a run o’er the hills and far away
  7. I still do it ....and boo me own players ‘cos I’m a white middle aged bloke
  8. And after fantastic support and adulation from the supporters for 3/4 of the Wimbledon match they conceded two goals and threw away two points
  9. " but you need to just stop making stuff up and chucking it "
  10. " but you need to just stop making stuff up and chucking it "
  11. I remember Losing 0-3 to Blackburn ( i think ) in 1979 and goalkeeper Bob Bolder was booed every time he touched the ball by his own fans . He was dropped immediately for Brian Cox and returned a few weeks later , he helped the team to promotion the same season and went on to win a European cup winners medal , sometimes maybe it's a kick up the aris they need .5
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