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  1. David ‘ Broccoli ‘ Layne Fred McChiver Leek Chapman … and that’s shallot .
  2. “Shame, because there’s nothing better than watching sport with a pint, IMO. “ banging a reyt rude woman ?
  3. I wasn’t questioning your format - I just put on the pitch because that’s all he was , he never feckin did owt .
  4. Especially in Holland - scout must sit in a coffe shop in Amsterdam watching vids and pick someone after several hours of Espresso and space cake .
  5. Kamberi Van Aken Pelupessy Odubajo and the worst of all ( that bad he couldn’t even make the list ) … Izzy Brown
  6. The Auxerre players run on the pitch at the end to celebrate … then turn round sharpish
  7. Like a Sunday school outing compared to St . Etienne tonight .
  8. All the real Liverpool fans will be watching in pubs in Plymouth , South Wales , etc.
  9. Shame they didn’t get hammered then they would been able to come to Hillsborough again which they love apparently.
  10. Remember you could go in the Tivoli night club and drink as much as you like for £15 , things used to get very messy .
  11. I hope Wycombe get an own goal in the first minute then 5hithoose it for the next 89 mins . & then he can stick that up his pipe .
  12. Trouble us Bannan has set himself such a high standard whenever he has a poor game or even just a little below his usual brilliance ( he is human , it’s normal ) then the fools class it as a 5hite performance ….. look at it this way - Liam Palmer has put in 350 **** games if on a par with Bannan’s and nowt gets said .
  13. Seem to recall a similar video concocted together about Pelupessy ...... remember the old saying - It says ‘OXO’ on buses
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