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  1. Beast of Boulogne

    God I Miss This Team

    What is the gay jump after Warhurst shoots all about?
  2. Beast of Boulogne

    Is something not right about Jos?

    Wonder if he's got a big plate?
  3. Beast of Boulogne

    Preston and Ben Pearson tho...

    3 quotes from their fans forum : have celebrated their 4th home win of the season Wednesday are going down all the time for no reason but to slow the game Nuhiu A complete mug. I think he'll be off, one way or another, in the second half.
  4. Beast of Boulogne

    Team v The Mackems

    Reach should never see the left back position again - he cannot/will not tackle .
  5. Beast of Boulogne

    Trouble in the park

    are 'Trouble ' a beat combo? what genre are they? Don't you just love people who say 'genre' FFS.
  6. Beast of Boulogne

    Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Didn't the ball go out of play for the cross that led to their third goal?
  7. Beast of Boulogne


    Martin O'Neill clone is Rowett , I can think of 2 saves Carson had to make but failed.
  8. Beast of Boulogne

    Stay classy Wednesday fans...

    Mattias ' card was chalked off , he was sent off for doing 0 by an inept lino, Pudil took one for the team so you know what you're on about don't you.
  9. A. Is it just Wednesday fans that will get fined or all football fans? B. How do the cameras know who's going to a football match and who isn't?
  10. 90% were screaming Carlos out and then pis.sed themselves when Swansea took him on and now they're p.isse d off cos he's doing well. Me included but I've got bigger fish to fry........a large pair of pollacks.
  11. It's spelt Bolukov , 1st name Ripya