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  1. Reading a thread cos I'm bored - worrying about ex players or peoples irrelevant opinions 2 different things
  2. Remember when some fans tried to tell us our old players wouldn't get new clubs? No and if I did I wouldn't worry about it - they're called opinions , we all have them although some think that theirs are always right
  3. So so funny reading Barnsley forums before we beat them recently and then after - some claimed we only turned up because it was our ‘ cup final ‘ I honestly believe 95% of Wednesdays fans don’t give a flying feck about them . If there was a championship for thickest football fans they would be Real Madrid P.S. spot the subtle link
  4. When he says ‘ premier league ‘ I assume he’s talking about Scotland ? I dare say Pelupessy could hack it in that premier league - nothing to see here , move along .
  5. With Wednesday’s shooting ability and stopping the clock every time the others scored , a game would last about 19 hours
  6. If this is the worst Scotland team in your lifetime then you must be about 6 ( months )
  7. Thought it was a thread about Reach & Rhodes
  8. Not sure what happened to him but Monk tried to sign the turd
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