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  1. EcclesallOwl's post in Carlos off in the summer? was marked as the answer   
    Rob Staton
    Carlos Carvalhal says he was misquoted in article in Revista Sabado, offers "£1000" to anyone who finds a recording where he talks about PL.
  2. EcclesallOwl's post in New home kit: Argentinian Blue was marked as the answer   
    Not funny anymore
  3. EcclesallOwl's post in Is it really true was marked as the answer   
    4-4-2 at Yeovil
    4-5-1 at Wigan
    Good having a manager that can see the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite and adjust his tactics accordingly
  4. EcclesallOwl's post in Reasons To Be Happy was marked as the answer   
    We've got Sam Hutchinson
    Do we need any other reasons?
  5. EcclesallOwl's post in Joe Mattock was marked as the answer   
    Another simple thing Gray has done, just brought proper footballers into the team!

    Good to see him being able to control and pass a ball properly (sounds weird to say)
  6. EcclesallOwl's post in How can people still be behind Jones? was marked as the answer   
    We were second bottom this time last year after 12 games
    Ipswich were bottom
    Middlesborough were 3rd
    Huddersfield were 7th
    Wolves were 6th
    I don't really care what Howard Wilkinson said
    Watford were 15th
    Blackburn were 5th
    Hull were 9th
  7. EcclesallOwl's post in Steven Howard was marked as the answer   
    Praying that he's miss typed and meant to put #sUfc..
  8. EcclesallOwl's post in you lot like players too much.. was marked as the answer   
    He's right though
    Players like Ryan Lowe & Chris Lines
    Not good enough for us but everyone loved them so wanted them to play/stay
  9. EcclesallOwl's post in Leon Clarke was marked as the answer   
    Just scored
    Get him back FFS JONES
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