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  1. I thought Shilton played in the net at Bumhole Stain in a County Cup game which we lost 2-0, I think Tony Field scored both, an apt name for a place to find a pig
  2. He said he was ok about 2 minutes after coming off ( view from Director's Bob)
  3. Personally I think we won't appoint anyone until either we go on a bad run or at least 10 games into the season purely based on the fact that now that the 3 Steve's have left we are saving 100k a week in wages which can only help our FFP situation..............crafty DC
  4. I thought it didn't work, LP was getting exposes at times so LJ had to drop deep to help out which meant SF hadn't any support when we regained possession
  5. I guess Render didn't Judge that free-kick very well
  6. Tore Stuart Pierce a new A-hole that day
  7. He's an agent for French club Amiens, working out of London
  8. Do you know Steve Sanderson, who used to have Rick's Bar ?
  9. He's worth every penny.................all 4000000 of them
  10. As I remember: You walked round the ground thinking "wow we've brought loads" only to be greeted by a steward letting you in the away pen, and therefore realising you'd just walked past all there lot Coppers flushing out all the Chelsea fans out of every side street on the way back to the coach station There was a great photo of Steve Francis clutching at thin air at Gary Bannister's shot in the next home programme We played Chelsea, West Ham and Newcastle all away in December of that month
  11. Just Managed Gor Mahia F.C. in Kenya to the league title
  12. Flags and not Just a Flag Day Why don’t we allow supporters to spread their flags all over the Leppings Lane end of the ground to cover up the seats at every home match? Each supporter, irrelevant of which part of the ground they sit is to be issued with a pass on a lanyard to allow them to walk around the pitch to put their flag up before the match and take it down after. If you don’t want to take you flag home or to away matches why can’t they be stored at Hillsborough and be put out by the ball boys leading up to kick off? I hear all the time that you need a fire certificate to bring a flag into the ground and I get that and Mr Braithwaite also confirmed it too me. But my questions are, where can you get a fire certificate, how much do they cost, could SWFC pay for the certificates? Surely it would brighten the place up.
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