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  1. I suspect some of the others would have delivered under Bruce.
  2. Fletcher all day long. Fox has improved, fair play to him, but Player of the Year????
  3. Since 1990 is stupid from the Star's point of view. You can't seriously make a case for any United players. Since 1995 or since 2000 is different gravy, admittedly. Why since 1990? No debate.
  4. Agree, and add Nilsson, Sterland and others. Just to be clear OP never said Bullen was a legend. But I think as a long term club man he should have sufficient empathy with us supporters to break ranks now.
  5. Mate, I think we are pretty much on the same page. I'm suggesting Bullen should do the decent thing and break ranks.
  6. That is my point, Bullen needs to speak out.
  7. Lee Bullen, you have something approaching legendary status at Wednesday because as a player you gave everything, consistently delivered performances at a high level, made the absolute most of your ability, and, as a leader, ensured everyone fought for the shirt. The current manager talks about a bad culture. You, more than anyone (you've been there since the current owner came in) must know this, and understand fully the reasons for it. Despite his obvious misgivings and total disenchantment with "the bad culture", Monk will not resign as this would damage him financially and reputationally - to sell out on his employer would render him virtually unemployable at a young age for a manager. But you, Lee, are different. Your loyalty is not to the Chairman any more, or to the current "culture". You are a Wednesdayite. You get what days like today mean to us fans - embarrassing, gut-wrenching. You know it's not right. Do the right thing, you don't need to be tarnished by this and we, the fans, need to know.
  8. OP's question is bang on. What is the culture problem? Sounds like Chansiri hasn't got a clue, is never there, doesn't listen and has made consistently bad decisions having surrounded himself with bad advisors. But when you have an apparently half decent squad and a manager who got us to third at Christmas, is it all about the Chairman? What changed, what gave way? The truth must out.
  9. Admission is free for Season Ticket holders, £3 adults and £2 concessions.
  10. Borner didn't have his best game but I was staggered, given Lees' recent form, when the change was made. Mind you I was staggered when FF was dragged off and not Da Cruz.
  11. The lack of information on how long this process is going to take is ridiculous. You can argue the club, by counter-threatening the EFL, has contributed to this. But it's still completely arbitrary as far as I can see. Why can't the EFL confirm the date they will announce the decision? Why does it take so long?
  12. Nobody's saying it's the perfect squad but a good manager could get this squad into the play-offs.
  13. Have backed Monk until I heard these comments. Once again it's the fans who are let down. At the start of the season I believed play-offs were a realistic aim. I thought the same before Christmas. If the manager doesn't believe it, it simply doesn't happen.
  14. I get your point and it did go t*ts up when Fox went off, but Reach, as we know, is not a left back. I thought Lees looked v shaky and Borner had one of his worst games. Problem throughout was that we didn't compete with a poor Wigan side in the midfield area.
  15. Bitter sweet isn't it? Good it's rescinded but maddening it happened in the first place. Ref should only produce a straight red if he's certain.
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