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  1. Gave it to Bannan. Actually thought Borner (love him to bits) gave the ball away too much.
  2. Yes, at Millwall they were given 16 fouls to our 6. It's to do with the pressing but also a lot of naivety in one to ones. We need to wise up - opposition players going nowhere are looking for the slightest contact to buy a foul and we seemed only too happy on a number of occasions on Saturday and last night to give them a reason to fall over.
  3. OK, my point being, don't lose him because you can't offer him enough.
  4. Hughton is the best candidate. Offer him what Bruce was on. Tell him he can trade and spend a bit. Get him in. Trust him. He knows how to get promoted out of this league. And let's have a right crack at it this season.
  5. I for one hope Bruce stays. He has spoken to Newcastle, that's clear, but anyone in a normal job would want to do the same. You find out what's potentially on offer and make a decision whether to go or stay where you are. The act of speaking to a prospective employer doesn't definitively say you want to work for them.
  6. This doesn't mean he is going to Newcastle. Alex was understandably very protective of SB when Gullit and Murphy weighed in and he knows what his dad went through at Villa. He will have noted the extremely negative and insulting comments being directed towards SB by many Newcastle fans, including on Instagram, and hopefully be having a word with his old man.
  7. I'm honestly not sure that is the case. Our fans seem to be taking a realistic view that Bruce will need time and our support.
  8. If Newcastle approach him, Bruce will think long and hard about taking it: The Newcastle fans don't want him and will make it very difficult from the outset He doesn't need the vitriol and pressure he encountered at Villa Ashley is a complete joke of a Chairman - why would Bruce want to work for him? Does he feel an emotional pull - I'm not sure it's as great as the media make out, especially given his Sunderland connection Chansiri and Wednesday treated him compassionately in waiting for him He is mid-project with us, already shaping his own squad Proximity to home and family Our fanbase and the players are completely behind him He has already brokered a good working relationship with Chansiri and is making all the key decisions here, which he wouldn't be able to at Newcastle and so on.
  9. Also, on significantly lower wages than Hooper one would imagine. And perhaps prepared to accept a shorter contract?
  10. Owlstalk is all about opinions and we all have a view on who to keep or let go. If we could guarantee 30-35 games a season each, I'm sure we'd all keep Hooper and Lee. Let's trust the medical people to advise Bruce and then back the decisions that are made. In Bruce we trust.
  11. Voted for Sterland because he is always second choice in these teams and I want to show the love.
  12. We understand that. But what gives the ref the right to add as much more as he wants??
  13. Good thread, this, showing the range of views on Owlstalk. For me, Fox was good tonight and he puts his body on the line. He's not out of contract I believe, so he can be a useful squad player but not first choice. Like others I want Joey to do well and tonight was one of his best games, but let's be realistic, he is not a top half Championship player. He doesn't lack in effort but on the ball he is just not good enough, I'm afraid. In fairness he was showing for the ball but none of the other players passed it to him - they know..
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