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  1. Paul Merson the year Portsmouth went up in 2003. We were obviously very poor but seem remember he was clapped off by a few Wednesdayite's that night. Teddy Sherigham and Kevin Phillips always used to seem to score against us. Saw Sherigham score at Hillsborough for Tottenham, Man U and then later for Colchester United
  2. Average attendance since promotion to Championship 12/13 - 24,078 13/14 - 21,239 14/15 - 21,993 15/16 - 22,627 16/17 - 27,129 17/18 - 25,995 18/19 - 24, 352 So despite higher ticket prices the last three seasons have been our highest, our highest being 16/17 the season we finished 4th and after Wembley. Win football matches and the support will come.
  3. Remember this game well. Songo'o tore Geary a new one that night. Should have done the double a year earlier, if not for a OG and Beattie's FK
  4. Always thought he was Wednesday, seen him a few times at Hillsborough, he was at the Wembley play off final and remember him being at QPR away a few years ago
  5. Good intentions and think Jos was doing everything for the right reasons. Fans were crying out for youngsters to be given a chance a year ago and I don't think any have let us down even if some are not quite ready yet. Make a mistake of not including senior players, still going to come a time when we have to move them on, but was too early to write them off just yet. Would have liked to have seen who he would have bought in a transfer window as I don't think we ever saw a real Luhukay team based on what he did in Germany. Was the wrong man for this club at our current time but don't believe he's a bad manager, and no where near the worst we have had he just didn't fit in here. Hopefully the likes of Thornley, Penny, Dawson etc will have long careers at Wednesday and will maybe thank Jos for giving them the experience which a lot of managers wouldn't.
  6. He managed in the Berlin derby looked pretty big think around 75,000 at that one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcdcuWbem9g
  7. Bullen part of the problem should have gone with Carlos only got a job with us through that day in Cardiff in 05
  8. Same here liked watching them back however good or bad we was watching games and goals back which I attended brings back memories of the games and days following the owls. The Brian Laws seasons were all available on dvd plus a derby double dvd which was free to season ticket holders from what I remember
  9. I have them all since 90-91 and they still did them after promotion season 04/05 but was all seem to be done in house and not very good quality. Didn't produce one after relegation season until 2012 promotion. Stop doing them after 2014 as they didn't sell which is a shame as would have liked one for our play off seasons especially Wembley season but I guess everything is on youtube now
  10. More a case of people buying tickets and not attending (especially QPR) but racking up the points to be in with a chance of getting United tickets, no way would QPR had sold out if we had not had United away coming up
  11. Saw him at the Wolves match among others at Hillsborough this season.. quite surprising he still follows the club with all that went off tbh
  12. I was late for this game so got in the ground to see we were 2 - 0 up I had a ticket for the away win at Preston in promotion season 11/12 but fell ill the day before, despite my best efforts to go to the game I decided to stay home. Regret not going as yet to see us win at deepdale all the times I've been.
  13. Carlos never got the credit he deserves for finishing 4th season after losing a play off final, can't think of many teams or managers who achieve that after losing a big game. The 2016/17 season was our best for 20 years, despite how we played for most of it or how it ended. We won more games that season than 90/91 even... we should have maybe enjoyed it more than we did.. really odd how much negativity there was for the team at the time.
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