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  1. Queue update. Just collected Sunderland away tickets, no queue. Sunderland home, probably a couple of dozen in the queue.
  2. I'm not sure this has been thought through thoroughly, hoping I'm wrong and there is a plan in place.
  3. hope not, working Friday morning, was going to set off about 3ish to allow for traffic/parking issues. Could do with the ticket office opening late today /tomorrow [when we sell out] otherwise we're going to have 2,000 folk rocking up Friday, if the queue is owt like Monday I might not have time to collect tickets, get up there and find somewhere to park, bearing in mind they've sold 40 odd thousand tickets getting parked could be a problem
  4. 2061, i'm going whatever. We'll win 6-0 at Hillsborough anyway.
  5. just checked again, nothing unfortunately
  6. I have no problem with change at all things HAVE to move on, I watched the Gimbal Walk video and enjoyed it, [I've watched loads of em, thanks by the way] some of the changes [probably most if not all of them] are making a vast improvement to the city center for the majority of the people who use it. Like I said earlier I've had my turn, let the young'uns have their go and then like me they can bleat on about it in 40 years just like me.
  7. cheers, you're probably right [100% right] I rarely make any sense, but that's my perception of the city center. I don't know what roads I can still drive on, what roads are still there, where I can park etc etc so I don't come into town anymore. PS walking is a bit of an issue and I like where I live now, it's a lot greener. Anyhow I'm happy to leave the city center to the next [or next but one generation] I've had my turn.
  8. dunno?????? it's not for me I don't think, I'm not a student [or young for that matter] so I don't think I fit the new demographic unfortunately.
  9. Bolton tickets arrived today took them a while but fortunately I don't have to go into the ticket office to sort them out now.
  10. called in the ticket office yesterday to see if there was a problem with my Bolton tickets, young fella said quite a few people were still waiting, he said wait to see if they arrive by Thursday/Friday and if they haven't to either give them a call or go in to resolve the issue.
  11. MK Dons tickets came today purchased 28th March, no sign of Bolton tickets purchased 22nd March yet. If they don't turn up tomorrow I'll try to call in the ticket office before the match to see if there is an issue, got an email confirmation for both sets of tickets. Anybody else still waiting for their Bolton tickets?
  12. I was going to wait for the upper tier to go on sale, better view in my opinion, maybe a load more are doing the same. Thought what if there isn't the demand and the top tier doesn't go on sale so bottled it and bought ours on the bottom tier today.
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