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  1. Great thread Kivo, very interesting. Thanks.
  2. https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/05/23/cutouts-fans-bundesliga-gladbach-leverkusen
  3. I remember hearing a premier league team scout [7 or 8 years ago] when asked what he was looking for in players saying something along the lines of "we can teach them technique but we can't teach them to be big or fast"
  4. heard on the radio [talksport] this teatime that a leak from Bradford City I think it was they said, have been advised by the EFL not to sell season tickets for next season. Best case games would be behind closed doors until Jan 2021 worst case no fans allowed until 21/22 season. Speculation on the show that this could spell the end of some league 1 and 2 clubs. I have no idea if the source is credible or not just what was on the show thought I'd just share it on here. 😟
  5. went for number 1 but it could easily have been number 2
  6. I thought the same, hell of a jump from £3.3 in league 1. Just thinking about it, I suppose there are some really big clubs in the Championship that can generate a healthy income from their large fan bases.
  7. I read somewhere yesterday that there will be 1,400 players out of contract at the end of June, also read that there is a growing appetite among the EFL chairmen for a salary cap, the figures quoted were £1.9 million in league 2, £3.3 million in league 1 and £20 million in the Championship to be fased in over 2 or 3 seasons.
  8. it's the hope that kills you................................................................................
  9. https://whatpub.com/pubs/POT/3275/fenton-private-bowling-tennis-club-stoke-on-trent
  10. haven't been in but you can get a pint in the bowling club, seem quite a friendly bunch from our visits.
  11. we parked in the bowling club, it says on here https://www.awaygames.co.uk/away-day-guides/stoke-city-away/#1467752466853-8bcf3018-3343 that it's only £2.50 but I can't remember it may have gone up, it could have been £3, if it was more than a fiver I would have remembered [I'm from good Yorkshire stock].
  12. just had a look on google maps the little road is called Claud Street.
  13. I think there is parking on Grove Rd but you'll need to be there early, the bowling club is just of Grove Rd, accross the little road from Heron Cross school.
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