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  1. Beastie............. I think he just about pulls it off, fashion icon that lad.

    Cheers Sam, we usually go M40 A404 but I was going to try the A34 M4 tomorrow until I saw your post. Thanks again for the heads up.
  3. prize arrived today, delighted with the speedy dispatch and the quality. Thanks again Chris.
  4. I'm not tempted even at 14 quid.
  5. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    R.I.P. Leslie, used to see him nearly every home game, saw him yesterday before the match, couldn't believe the sad news that he has passed away..
  6. just googled "joint champion of the world" in my innocence https://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/08/05/best-joint-roller-worlds-greatest-joints/ errrrrr from the other joint champion.
  7. Champion of the World............................. [Joint] it hasn't sunk in yet but I don't really feel any different. PS thanks Chris.
  8. 1] for Lincs..........................................2] not as good as LyonOwls...........................3] no pyro no party
  9. this. our little group used to be 3 dads [me and 2 mates, and 5 lads] now me and my lad are the only 2 who go [we all had season tickets]. A couple of the lads stopped going about 8 or 9 years ago [when they were about 10 years old] then the other 2 started to miss games, because the lads didn't want to go then their dads started to miss a few games as they were doing other stuff with their sons. None of them go to games anymore both dads had a couple of seasons of picking and choosing games when they weren't doing some thing else but they just don't go at all now. The dads could be tempted back I'm sure but they won't pay the POTG prices [how much] the lads I'm affraid are lost to SWFC they just have other stuff they would rather do.
  10. I was thinking along the same lines, well actually I was thinking I wonder which one is Carlos In and which one is Carlos Out.
  11. said in another topic, we had radio Derby on on the way back and Rowett said in his post match interview they had a plan to try to get at Loovens because he would be a bit rusty/not match fit coming back from injury so I don't think it was coincidence the Vydra/Loovens situation but I suspect the plan worked beyond his expectation. He also said Derby hadn't played well, too slow tempo and that we should have had a pen for the Fletcher incident but they won again, he did seem to identify where they were going wrong.
  12. there was that one of Hoopers in the first half, I think he would have cut it back but no one else managed to get in the box and the angle was against him, certainly not a golden chance but a half chance.
  13. we had radio Derby on and Rowett said in his post match interview that they had identified this and would try to exploit the situation with some of their quicker players.