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  1. I may not endear myself to certain sections of OT but some posters have previously alluded to LS being way too paranoid during his SWFC tenure, just take a read at some of the above posts to a new OT'er, now THAT'S Paranoia for you!
  2. I have to agree #8 - After all, we have a lot of experience in players being complete garbage for us and then going to a new club, different manager etc and being spot on. So how can we / ANY of us slate any now ex premiership clubs released player(s) as simply poo poo and not good enough for us and League 1, I just don't understand that mentality to be honest?
  3. Just caught this on my t'internet travels and wondered what the rest of you thought about it, if it were true? Mick Wright to Return? Excerpt; "Coupe feels Wright would only consider a return to the limelight if he was allowed to bring in his own people. "I think he would be interested in coming back but only if the circumstances were right," said Coupe. "That is the key thing. "He needs to come in with his own mandate and cast the old guard aside." Coupe said Wright would have the backing of all Wednesday's supporters should he decide to comeback." So is Coupe speaking for the majority here, by saying the last sentence above and surely stating in the press "Casting the 'OLD' guard aside" won't go down too well getting Wright elected as Chairman, with the 3 stooges?
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