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  1. Or, they will hang on to the more rare exception to the above rule.
  2. Imagine if £1,3336,000 was actually £13,336,000 :o - but best hope is £1,333,600 :)
  3. I'd seriously hope that the first , is in the wrong position
  4. Also released today, Wolves post £5.8m pre-tax profit for 2015/2016 http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39115942 Must be a major accounting day today for a number of Championship sides then. Mind you, now FFP body look to release their results on any investigations and any resulting fines and even point deduction action required (Yes they state they are NOT off the table) by Spring (March I believe) then maybe ALL FL sides have to post their annual accounts to Companies House by end of February?
  5. At least we haven't lost £81m http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39108015 Mind you, it was for last season - so before Dr No took over and also, I'm sure they will sit fine - as blasted Parachute Payments will see to that won't it? I like some, was expecting our last set to be a little worse but as we know, FFP now considers the previous 3 seasons irrespective of who was in control over those 3 season periods. Therefore, you can't just bring in a new owner during this 3 year period, with for e.g. inflated new / fresh income - they now apparently take in to account the pre-new owners accounts / figures during any 3 year period. I suppose, that's how they're tightening up on FFP to close off a wealthy backer coming in and just expecting the previous accounting / finances to be wealth-rolled in to the background, as if it never happened.
  6. Probably my memory not serving me correct then... just recall, I think when at the Bristol game with my 7yr old lad (as Wigan too far from South Wales for now) "eeeeeeek" as he's not long come back himself after a short lay-off... Oh well we will find out shortly either way.
  7. If memory serves me correct, (It doesn't often) didn't Loovens have a clattering in the first half and was down for a while at some point against Wigan. Then hobbled about for a bit running it off and to get through till half-time, or am I thinking of the match before against Bristol?
  8. Are you saying that most academies don't utilise their infrastructure, to fund further club forward momentum and when it's for the kind of sums that the very best potential young'uns go for every season or two?
  9. They will know that and doesn't stop the likes of them, Chelsea et all signing them early, to beat their competitors for a couple of years down the line on the green stuff.
  10. We've been starved for so long of so many things in football, including having real talent coming up through the academy ranks. Of course it's even closer to our hearts, due to the player in question and his parentage, so whilst this is somewhat alien to us I can only deduce one thing; With Chansiri at the helm, I really don't fear having our pants pulled down when any player looks to be on their way or serious interest in them, so I'm sure he will try to balance what is right for his investment but also the fans / club going forward. I of course would adore him to stay, truly break through in the next season or two but on the other hand, if he, his parents and his agent decide that his footballing future lies elsewhere, then we would have no choice but to try and put sentiment aside but it would be a huge pill to swallow. Whatever happens, he is thankfully our player till the Summer at the very minimum and to summarise, I am sure that DC will do the right thing... whatever that is at the time.
  11. It cannot get any worse though, can it... according to some.
  12. I'm no doubt going to get slated by some but when a fair number were slating Lopez early on in his appearances for us last season, I felt that he offered something amazing but incredibly simple... he went about his game unassuming, quiet and without fanfare... just basically got on with what he was tasked to do. Whilst of course we're missing Lee for e.g. I have no doubt, that we're also missing Lopez!
  13. Opinions generally stop being so when they become that negative, that they begin to become toxic to the overall cause.
  14. How preposterous, to even think with a level head ;)
  15. It's weird, as only yesterday I was looking at the table after the matches and thought exactly the same, in jest I suppose but part of me STILL has the scars of so many years of way beyond the beginning of February, constantly looking over our shoulders for all the hurtful and wrong reasons. Clearly in the last 10 games, when you look at the greys in each teams results, that's what has ultimately done us, 2 out of those 3 surely? All but Udders who have drawn 1, with the others having drawn 2 and Reading 3 in the last 10. Add those 4 points and we'd be much more with the chasing pack, only 1 behind L**ds, this only 3 off your end of normal season games expectation of 3rd. ;) It's still ALL to play for but not if the noisy chumps, keep on creating disharmony in the ranks... just all pull together and then all fight amongst ourselves come the end of the season at worst... least we gave the best possible platform as what fans can do, now that would be positive lateral thinking by all, wouldn't it. I hope we get your 3rd but I really don't care for the things outlined in my previous post, so long as we finish 6th and NO swfc can say with any near certainty, that at this current time, that we won't.
  16. This is still mathematically possible and therefore, until it is no longer - there's a fair chunk of matches and points available, for your expectation to be met by the end of the season. Of course it means 3 fairly in form teams currently ahead of us, to begin dropping points but it's not unheard of at all in this league, specially in the last season or two... still hope for your expectation yet. ;) Also, the lottery of the PO's is definitely like satan and not really the route we would prefer to go down. However, when you think that the team whoever it is, that finishes 3rd, 4th or 5th can conceivably have a 50/50 chance of getting beaten in the final and the lowest PO finish side getting to the PL and it's riches. That's why imho, we ALL need to begin to let the top 2 disappointment go now, even 3rd and just concentrate ONLY on finishing in the top 6, whatever the ending position becomes = step 1. If step 1 is confirmed, then we move on to step 2 and winning those PO games, if we do that = step 2 is confirmed and then we move on to the biggest of all at that point, step 3 and getting a successful result in the final, if that is achieve... who will give an absolute roger about any of the steps through the season, and we will ALL love Wednesday again (For those that are acting like we're being relegated, signing dross, board taking fans to court, being laughed at throughout the footballing nation and being lower than those smelly neighbours) It can be said that whilst Newcastle and Brighton are still incredibly strong sides, they are not pulling away as much as their own players and fans might have been expecting... are both beginning to suffer from anxieties that are creeping in, of the pressures. Newcastle were always odds on to return at the first time of asking, a huge expectant fan base and Brighton, as has been said in various FFP articles, they may well be in SERIOUS trouble with the new rules this year, if they don't go up this season. If they had both pulled away in to unassailable leads on 3rd, I think more more Owls would be a little more content but there's a big enough % voicing their own anxieties and frustrations at present, which is becoming rather toxic to the overall feel of our football club and most certainly nowhere near pulling in the same direction, or trying to sing from the same hymn sheet enough. Interesting times, come what (7th) May.
  17. Sorry but WTF are you belittling somebody, for trying to approach the current fan implosion...you know EXACTLY the points that the OP is trying to put forward but in typical OT fashion, people prefer to make themselves look cool with constant quick quips and alleged wittiness or trying to come across as bigger in stature to their brethren. There is NO rule that states, even if there is only a minuscule amount of a topic content that you feel is worth putting forward, that it must go in to a specific and already created thread, that will thus take countless time to search for, read through in their entirety and then decide if your point fits enough. (More if it fits the cliques here to be fair, of which there always has and always will be those pathetic sideshows of the fan community) To summarise, you haven't responded in any intelligent, helpful or remotely linked to the OP's content fashion... just poured unnecessary and unjust indirect scorn on him ffs! OwlsTalk'nomics
  18. That of course is true, but NOT when it's a fan just overly and unjustly knee-jerk venting - what does that achieve, seriously? If ALL people who disagree with CC in anyway, shape or form were to state their disbeliefs, annoyance, frustration but then counter this outward negativity, with positives and there are ALWAYS positives to be had from negatives... it could just help and make the fan base somewhat more balanced and harmonious. Positivity breeds confidence. Negativity destroys confidence. (Especially consistent from those who shout the loudest) The above two are the only real facts that SWFC fans should be looking in to at present.
  19. I know that the OP used the word "If" but I couldn't agree more with your viewpoint. Even at this juncture, "If" to me simply doesn't fit because we need to get a cemented place / finish in the Top 6 first, then we have a couple of extra games to win, before getting to any Final and then we have to get through that game. Maybe I'm too sensible but I can only begin to think / worry about PL FFP and all that goes with the PL, by the end of May. I do see a good % of our fan base heaping way too much hypothetical stress, anxiety and crap on to their shoulders when it's really not necessary. Of course people think, assume, or look forward and that's normal but I have for a while felt, that a big enough proportion of the fan base cannot temper this in the correct manner and are simply focusing on issues that are at given points, nowhere near or there are way too many variables in play way before arriving at the point they're focusing on. This to me is counter productive in the main and a mindset tweaking is required, to make the fan base more harmonious and get back to simply backing all at the club between now and the end of May. There is no crystal ball or proof, that changing Coach / Manager (For those who are calling for that to happen) between now and the end of this season, will absolutely guarantee that new Management will get us promoted, it's absurd for anybody to think it works out this way. On the other side of the coin, there is the near enough exact same 50/50 % chance that CC and his team, will or will not get us to the PL at the end of this season. To me, the only time to look at this and truly assess, will be as soon as this season has finished. Then, if DC believes a change is required, who are we to argue for or against when all is said and done, but anything before will just help SWFC implode imho, this cannot be allowed to happen this season.
  20. Does that mean, that you wouldn't pick him as backup over Nuhui then?
  21. Not true at present; http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/15061023.Middlesbrough_Dramatic_late_confusion_as_Jordan_Rhodes_proposed_Sheffield_Wednesday_move_remains_unconfirmed/ But yes, it seems Boro wholly culpable and not us at any point. PL / FL meeting in the morning or lunchtime, to verify the timings etc and we will have final analysis and clarification then.
  22. Such great memories of caravan hols around the East Yorkshire coast each summer, with the grandparents and Boggle was by far our most favourite rainy day game... well, close run with KerPlunk like. Memory Lane.
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