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  1. I've given up, my boy is 8 on Xmas Eve and he's playing for a local club down here in S Wales, as a Goalkeeper. He would be over the moon to have a Goalie Top just like Westwood he thinks and I can't doubt that, anything to keep his Blue & White blood flowing a few hundred miles away and with no other Owls around him in his peer groups. Oh well, as the club yesterday couldn't even give a guestimate as to when they will be in... chuff it, can't be arsed with the stress of waiting, waiting and won't be buying it now when it finally decides to arrive, utterly useless. I've never known a commercial business, not be able to get ETA's on items already ordered, not being delivered in line with the contract and seeking to fulfil said contract, it's abysmal whichever way it's painted and by whichever side of the coin!!!
  2. Is that Pre or Post this? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/londons-monster-fatberg-finally-defeated-after-two-months-of-gutwrenching-work-a3675866.html
  3. That's great... indeed only if they have what you want / need to purchase, even though the item wanting to purchase is normally a well enough bought item season after season, such as the Goalie kit.
  4. Don't think that would work really. The manufacturer for e.g. could make the shirts all in for £6.50, then sells them at wholesale price or whatever to SWFC at £12.50 and then CC marks them up to £49. Therefore, if say the manufacturer is left with thousands of shirts at a value of anything upto £49 ish... that's a little more than they stood to make at the above example of £12.50. In essence that would be the best outcome for whoever would be left with 1,000's of them... once any obligatory legal case is out of the way of course, which by then, they could well only be worth £6.50 a unit... or better still for some freakish reason, they gain value and are worth a ton. :)
  5. Still tapping my fingers to be able to get a new Goalie top for my lad off a family member for his Xmas eve birthday... club are virtually unreachable and twitter reply is like watching paint dry. Anybody heard anything at all on Junior Goalie tops? Things that they seem most inept at, is that many of us can't hold on forever and at some point to meet the happiness expectations of a birthday or xmas present, if the club can't provide they need to be able to say transparently with a timetable of 'ETAs' for items like these - at least it would give some kind of target for parents, grandparents etc to work towards. TIA
  6. As others have said, totally hear what you are saying and where you are coming from and I now live in S Wales, so deff no SWFC 7 yr olds around for my 7yr old boy to know and not feel so outcast at our choice haha. I was born in Sheffield but moved to where my old man could get work, so Lancashire / Manc borders, then latterly approaching teens to Cheshire / South Manchester, so all the usual suspects Man City, Utd, Lpool, Everton etc and yet we would always go back to see family in Sheff often. I was never allowed to attend the Owls games with the family's "Men", so ended up traipsing around Town with the family's "Women" much to my pain and torment... then back to the great grandfathers where we'd all gather for the pools check and chit chat etc (Or odd clip around the ear) Back to living away, no other Owls fans were around in my schools, so I too would have the mickey taken for sure but grew to accept it and still stuck my nose in the air, holding my head high at supporting SWFC. Now my 7 yr old, like yours has no like for like buddy's at Schools or around our area who are fellow Owls but I have always taught him; "Supporting the team who gets the Biggest Stadium Attendance, the Most Wins, or the Most Championships doesn't make that team any better than who we were both born to support." he always seems to be accepting of that. Although, i will take stock of this again as he reaches Secondary school age and hope that he's still accepting of the above thinking. Tell your boy, "Sheffield Wednesday FC has amazing pedigree or it wouldn't be one of the oldest clubs in the world and celebrating 150yrs birthday this year" sure that will get him silently thinking, then agreeing to this point and he will take any form of ribbing for been an Owl at School or around mates. :) Good luck and chin up.
  7. That's right, they are not all that... bloody good job that I hate anniversary dates then, or I'd have been on permanent redial to Samaritan's! I will come back out of hibernation, when we reach our 151st year and that is just a normal year like any other... can't wait!!! Feeling like 150,000 deflated balloons right now, what an anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think that you are missing a large point here... the likes of Hooper, FF, Westwood and the like, the nucleus of our better part of the playing side, will likely leave and seek their PL ambitions, which doesn't seem to be with us and who could blame them. A few I think thought this year would be the year, as did the supporters but I do fear a glut of outgoing, of our best players and the spine... now that is worrying!
  9. I really wish we had a single threat over a season, with these kinds of Twitter snap video's, then they're all kept in one place. Come the end of the season, I would most definitely send them in to the FL & (PGMOL) at that point and seek dialogue until they either accept and apologise for the state of refereeing standards, or look to; 1) either lessen the amount of rules in the game today, that they expect a human brain to consistently remember all said rules, at a fast pace at that... 2) replace all Ref's and assistant's with AI Robot's, (Maybe Jeffrii) and I am pretty sure that they will be much more consistent in getting the most critical and game changing decisions right. Also, this will still allow the FL to make up a whole host of new rules every few seasons, to allegedly make the 'beautiful' game better. Yes we shouldn't be relying on officials doing their job correctly but neither, should we accept such a critical part of the product that we pay into so consistently, gets worse year on year quality control / standard wise. P.S. Barcelona's goal against Malaga, ball 100% utterly out of play, behind for a goal kick and the ref or assistants didn't spot it, which they ultimately scored from... it just doesn't stop.
  10. We now live in a world, where vast swathes of society have a 'throw away' attitude, as soon as something gets a little difficult. This is very often borne out in relationships, friendships, work life and just about anything, that requires some metal and not running away from one's problems... instead, taking a considered longer term approach, to create stability. Yes we're not stable at present, largely down to both the results AND the fan base crowing for the coaches head loud enough. Amazingly too, some for the Owner which I find astounding and the latter of these, backs up this 'throw away' attitude alluded to above. There is absolutely NO categorical evidence that shows, if you replace a Manager/Coach with another, that your current "slump" will improve and you all come up smelling of roses forevermore... it is just not that simple at this level. But don't worry, what's on the other side doesn't matter, lets just do it and carry on this 'throw away' attitude of many today!
  11. Just like changing one's undercrackers, so simple! ... S flake...
  12. 5pts off relegation and 5pts as it stands weirdly, off 6th... it could go either way and I know which way I would always want it to.
  13. You sir, have peaked WAY TOO SOON! siMANIAC OUT!
  14. He's a bit of a snob if you ask me... where's his Bicycle?! Fred Out
  15. Just two sentences below if you read that far, you will have noticed; "The watches will arrive week commencing 18 December and all customer orders will be promptly despatched upon taking delivery.* <<< see this symbol here 1) Supporters should note that specific numbers cannot be requested and all watches are sold on a first come, first served basis. 2) *The club will endeavour to despatch all items pre-Christmas, depending on the manufacture and delivery times. Any stick to beat the club with though huh, to make oneself seem funny to your peers! *Sarcastic Applause*
  16. It certainly won't be the pigs that SYP & SAG need to worry about regarding the latter of the above, that's for sure!!!
  17. Any that would use M4 - M5, best getting off M4 at Celtic Manor for A449, then onto A40 at Raglan and finally M50 just past Ross on Wye... back on M5 at Strensham for a stress break ;)
  18. For any members at the game, bear this traffic mare in mind; "Highways England said the "early expectation" is that the M5 "will remain closed in both directions late into this evening". It added drivers on the M4 planning to join the M5 northbound were unable to do so." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-41294963 Of course sad to hear of the loss of life but puts 2 lost points into some perspective.
  19. Is this the new rationale behind the horizontal Tetris game? I'm sure some would say that we have plenty of players in recent times, who would excel at going sideways. ;) P.S. Can't believe that you've chosen red as a colour... how dare you... it's made my eyes bleed, if only you used white - they could have been bleeding blue n white (with a dash of Yellow)
  20. I have to say, if it's "affordable" compared to the audio route, then it could earn all clubs a fair bit more I'd imagine, for all those that live too far away to be able to make midweek home games... definitely had to go this way and once iFollow began for overseas viewers, it was a no brainer. However, hopefully with Sky it would be a better stream than the at times dry one that previous incarnations and now the new iFollow dish up.
  21. You've just gone from Hero (Your original post) to Zero (Your admission that you're not a regular) haha. Well done, great post and viewpoints put across, try to enjoy your time here...
  22. Anybody else get a slight pang of 'The background of the curtain rails, looked awfully like a hospital type'? I hope it's not and that our Milan is in fine fettle!
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