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  1. I have adverse credit, so doubt that I'd be able to talk the bank manager into letting me get a mortgage. :-D
  2. Give them a frank ultimatum then. That if they won't answer the most awkward questions or positions, then the customers will in future refuse through feeling utterly disrespected, further season ticket, game by game or merchandise purchases! See what their attitude is at that point, this could flush out their true inner desires?
  3. This is exactly the issue, in that too many people thing they're been brave, funny or hard by going against this kind of grain - yet, as a country and whenever it experiences wide geographical inclement weather, (whether once in a blue moon or not) if people just used their brain cells, then the country or counties would return to normal much quicker, for the benefit of ALL to carry on going about their business. As it is, some people are hell bent on sticking their common sense brain cells in the road salt, to satisfy their own end only... including football authorities and locals alike!
  4. They had set off to the game knowing their travel plans and paid / had the right cash and time schedule all set accordingly. If you are stranded, when shafted by the route of travel providers, all of that has gone out of the window and hence community spirit should kick in. If you saw a Wednesdayite at the side of the road or stranded, would you just drive on by or would you stop - ask them where they're heading and then if the same destination as you - ask up front for juice before you give them the nod. Also, most human beings who are caught out in the above type of scenario's would likely offer to lump in with something towards juice / their fare anyway. Wednesdayite have put the cart before the horse on this way and is indefensible, end of! P.S. Business is not made by making your potential clients feel morally fleeced either.
  5. I don't think that I've ever seen him crack a smile... such a hard player to read.
  6. I will be gobsmacked, if it isn't called off first thing - even the locals will struggle, let alone our lot - football IS NOT worth it, for anybody involved at present. (If it's bad enough to not be able to get anybody into the Hospitals, then you know it's not just a dusting, even in this country that can't cope with a dusting)
  7. What gives you the right, to question fellow fans just because they may hold a different view to yours?!! Get a grip!
  8. Currently looking K for Swansea but that can all change with this weather system https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/0/2636432 Whilst we all want the lads been cheered on by as many as possible, your families and work etc would sooner you stay safe - than end up stranded on the way down or worse, trying to get back tomorrow evening. Therefore, do check more than just one weather app / site to try and reach some consensus before you set off. Safe travel to all who do make the journey.
  9. For it to hold any weight though, it needs to be accompanied with a well written rundown of the questionable decisions and standard of his officiating today, or the picture won't pack as much of a punch?
  10. So then, it seems that our 150th Anniversary year will by and large be remembered for all the wrong reasons. However, I do get a large gut feeling that this absolute car crash of a season, will have been a very small price to pay with our mind boggling injury curse and one that is likely never to be seen at a football club again. Therefore, the upside of the above, is that it has given our various academy prospects a shot in the arm, belief that SWFC is the place for them to be and progress further and knowing that they have a real chance to keep out the older, experienced pro's - as Jos doesn't really have much of a link with the injured costly Pro's, to be swayed by the ole favourites crap and also to feel that they are above them in Jos's mind for whence they return from their injuries and it's their shirts to lose = not a formality with Jos the highly paid pro's will just jump straight back in. Now let's sing Hi, Ho 'Silver Lining' (ok ok, I know it would normally be Sheffield Wednesday) but it fits better the former way this time around.
  11. I've got to cease reading too many between the lines, haven't I?! :)
  12. Back in the day, it would have been deemed to be a 'Tefal' head. One didn't get bullied back in the day though, it only happens nowadays... according to some. :)
  13. You could also say, that there may well be a % of his former players, including academy lads who are now showing in the first team - that may well want to stick it to Carlos also ;) Always 2 ways to skin a jack, sorry I meant cat.
  14. Agreed with all of the above. I would also add, that when you are in the PO's it has often hampered those in it, as they can't truly get their hands on the over summer plan, targets etc until they know what is happening with their club. We have that benefit this season, that JL & DC can plan (We hope) way ahead of pre-season for once and really come out of the blocks come the pre-season games onward.
  15. Where have I claimed in the OP that people aren't entitled to moan or whatever you or anybody else wants to label it. This is one of the exact issues with supporters it seems, they only want to see how they take something that is said or put forward, even if what they are actually thinking, is incorrect. Come on for christ sake, really... I'm fully aware of the need to point negatives out through life and especially when something has a cost to it, where that cost isn't delivering a perceived or expected value or return but then again; it's a well known British value, that we over subscribe to being a negative nation that relies more on a reactive mindset, than trying to decrease this and uplift to a proactive and more positive one, out of the initial negative point.
  16. I'm fine however you want to see it Neil. If my double edged sword approach can instigate just a minority of up-feeling around the club at present, with a little reverse psychology, then I've done my bit. I have in nowhere stated people shouldn't have views, opinions, ability to call out what they believe to be happening and whether based on fact or just assumptions... but it is like a virus if it is allowed to increase further and get to an untenable level. There has to come a point that we all try to look at the facts as we see them more collectively, or that we believe them to be and how can we as supporters affect things in a better way to bring about a more positive environment; beyond just shouting at home players from from the stands and sometimes even our own fans getting all angst with one another in person. Or worse still, going as far as berating the chairman often, the players, or families of those or indeed other fans online. (I am not berating anybody, if that isn't clear enough) It has been said before, that we DO have a role to play as a part of this business / lifestyle including finding or making positives, and yes even when things are really crap, like this season... do we just keep moaning and it increasing, even if the issues are increasing - or do we take a proactive approach and wipe the slate clean that we have a cloth for... or just throw our arms in the air after a good whinge and resign oneself to 'we have absolutely not part to play and I don't want to play anymore'. It is all well and good people putting their thoughts forward but they are rarely mixed with any positive forward thoughts, ideas or actual actions that can be taken for the better of us all at large. Mind you, it's the British way to just whinge and not really do anything positive but only focus on the negatives and let that take over completely. I won't apologise, that's not my way - whether it means some people trying to 'score' humour / like / trophy points on an online medium, so be it.
  17. Finally, somebody can take it for what it is / was. The old saying of whatever is happening behind the scenes or front and centre openly... you dust yourself down and go again, until such a time that a final event puts to bed any of the above but very public listed issues.
  18. So answer me this oh clever one... where have i disagreed with the things going wrong with the club overall? Nowhere, hence I've even pointed the main ones out for balance! However, I've tempered this mindset of mass negativity, that just gets worse and worse as the days and weeks draw on... with a huge dose of realism on the back of it; that 'we' cannot focus anywhere near 100% on the negatives, or it consumes everybody involved with the club and wrecks what people want to see achieved. It certainly is not Elon Musk'esque science now. to finish, don't place me into the same boat as whoever you are referring to in times past - where I am in no way, shape or form attacking any fan that doesn't want to accept failure... what totally absurd remarks.
  19. Just as it's "ridiculously long winded" and "bizarre", the points raised still stack up. You can of course pick out the negative's only, if that is that is how you prefer to see it, which wouldn't surprise me really. Sorry, I forgot that we as supporters / customers, are 100% blameless and it is everybody else's fault but ours. Got to love Reactive vs Proactive within the fan-base.
  20. Why is that, either way it is my belief that it needed saying, however it is delivered. Now, whether or not the 'gang' or 'clique' on here and who have to keep up appearances like it or not, I couldn't give too hoots to be fair.
  21. Nobody is attacking anybody else... if the above is to be classed as attacking, then you need to shut OT down Neil! However, to assume that people's "ire" should be directed at the Chairman ONLY, is misguided and misjudged... sorry I forgot, as supporters or customers, we're perfect and don't have ANY part to play. If that is the case, why are we supporters or customers exactly. I rest my case, you cannot have your cake and eat it.
  22. If you have the brain function of a fish, then maybe you're right... ridiculously long indeed. However, maybe you want to look up the difference between; Moan complain or grumble, typically about something trivial. & Constructive criticism Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. My above thoughts, opinions and overall view of the position that we find ourselves in, is NOT labelled at any one set of individuals alone, it's about the 'Collective' = huge difference.
  23. I think that it is about time, that a large enough contingent of our supporter base, who are hellbent on complaining about absolutely everything and anything SWFC related, take a look at themselves and the definition of 'Support', reason with yourselves for once. Yes we've been gash this season. Yes we're in some kind of mire at present. Yes there 100% has to be something behind the smoke and mirror(s) of the injury decimation in our 150th debacle of an anniversary. Yes, we as fans are from all backgrounds and walks of life, all manner of career paths etc - that hate being treat by the hierarchy at the club, with contempt at times and it again feels that this is happening due to the point above. Yes we shouldn't have signed various players in the past 18 months, that we did. Yes we should have strengthened more urgent positions in the past 18 months, that we didn't for too long. Yes, we're now paying the price for this. Yes we're paying PL prices, for what seems like wholly undervalued product. Yes we can lay some blame at the players. Yes we can lay some blame at the owners door. Yes we can lay some blame at the previous managers door and that of his coaching staff. Yes we can try and blame JL also but he's working within the confines of whatever he has been told he has to work with. Yes we can lay some blame upon ourselves as supporters TOO! Yes we'd have liked to have been promoted this year. Yes it hurts more than many care to admit, that we're stuck 3/4 the way down the league, with clubs who we don't like to see above us. Yes our pride that we gained 2 or so years ago, is now well and truly dented the length and breadth of the UK. Yes some are concerned about us being relegated. Yes, SWFC is a project in progress - get used to it. However, NO we cannot become metaphorically suicidal at the position that we find ourselves in RIGHT NOW, as the past is now the past and what has gone before, we CANNOT change ffs! Super negativity becomes a mindset for all concerned and in effect eats deeper into Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, that with increasing regularity breeds irrecoverable psychological torment, frustration and at times anger - which renders any recovery of any of the above listed issues, limited in their chances. We cannot get to the playoffs, so finishing 7th is nothing but to do with pride as supporters, I don't care for pride right now - there are bigger issues to solve. Whilst mathematically possible, we will unlikely go down a league. Enjoy your families, your friends, associates, work, hobbies or interests to take our minds of how bad things really feel throughout our wonderful club at present. When match-days come around in the near future, remember all of the above points though and be thankful that those who are asked to play, of which nearly half are likely to be from the development squad - we cannot expect anything more, than for them to make sure they put enough in, that we remain a Championship club 2018/19. Truly, that is all that matters this season and that we end this season and use the summer to patch up our pride, dust ourselves down and hope to god that next season lessons are learnt by ALL involved in SWFC. Enjoy your weekends folks. UTOEWWAS
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