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  1. I have adverse credit, so doubt that I'd be able to talk the bank manager into letting me get a mortgage. :-D
  2. Give them a frank ultimatum then. That if they won't answer the most awkward questions or positions, then the customers will in future refuse through feeling utterly disrespected, further season ticket, game by game or merchandise purchases! See what their attitude is at that point, this could flush out their true inner desires?
  3. This is exactly the issue, in that too many people thing they're been brave, funny or hard by going against this kind of grain - yet, as a country and whenever it experiences wide geographical inclement weather, (whether once in a blue moon or not) if people just used their brain cells, then the country or counties would return to normal much quicker, for the benefit of ALL to carry on going about their business. As it is, some people are hell bent on sticking their common sense brain cells in the road salt, to satisfy their own end only... including football authorities and locals alike!
  4. They had set off to the game knowing their travel plans and paid / had the right cash and time schedule all set accordingly. If you are stranded, when shafted by the route of travel providers, all of that has gone out of the window and hence community spirit should kick in. If you saw a Wednesdayite at the side of the road or stranded, would you just drive on by or would you stop - ask them where they're heading and then if the same destination as you - ask up front for juice before you give them the nod. Also, most human beings who are caught out in the above type of scenario's would likely offer to lump in with something towards juice / their fare anyway. Wednesdayite have put the cart before the horse on this way and is indefensible, end of! P.S. Business is not made by making your potential clients feel morally fleeced either.
  5. I don't think that I've ever seen him crack a smile... such a hard player to read.
  6. I will be gobsmacked, if it isn't called off first thing - even the locals will struggle, let alone our lot - football IS NOT worth it, for anybody involved at present. (If it's bad enough to not be able to get anybody into the Hospitals, then you know it's not just a dusting, even in this country that can't cope with a dusting)
  7. What gives you the right, to question fellow fans just because they may hold a different view to yours?!! Get a grip!
  8. Currently looking K for Swansea but that can all change with this weather system https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/0/2636432 Whilst we all want the lads been cheered on by as many as possible, your families and work etc would sooner you stay safe - than end up stranded on the way down or worse, trying to get back tomorrow evening. Therefore, do check more than just one weather app / site to try and reach some consensus before you set off. Safe travel to all who do make the journey.
  9. For it to hold any weight though, it needs to be accompanied with a well written rundown of the questionable decisions and standard of his officiating today, or the picture won't pack as much of a punch?
  10. So then, it seems that our 150th Anniversary year will by and large be remembered for all the wrong reasons. However, I do get a large gut feeling that this absolute car crash of a season, will have been a very small price to pay with our mind boggling injury curse and one that is likely never to be seen at a football club again. Therefore, the upside of the above, is that it has given our various academy prospects a shot in the arm, belief that SWFC is the place for them to be and progress further and knowing that they have a real chance to keep out the older, experienced pro's - as Jos doesn't really have much of a link with the injured costly Pro's, to be swayed by the ole favourites crap and also to feel that they are above them in Jos's mind for whence they return from their injuries and it's their shirts to lose = not a formality with Jos the highly paid pro's will just jump straight back in. Now let's sing Hi, Ho 'Silver Lining' (ok ok, I know it would normally be Sheffield Wednesday) but it fits better the former way this time around.
  11. I've got to cease reading too many between the lines, haven't I?! :)
  12. Back in the day, it would have been deemed to be a 'Tefal' head. One didn't get bullied back in the day though, it only happens nowadays... according to some. :)
  13. You could also say, that there may well be a % of his former players, including academy lads who are now showing in the first team - that may well want to stick it to Carlos also ;) Always 2 ways to skin a jack, sorry I meant cat.
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