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  1. M cRightSide - assuming you are 6 foot why not try out or is your name Price ?
  2. It was pure reflex and ensured 3 points thanks to the wonder goal from Ross. Wildsmith earns us points - simple as. They say that about Czech at Arsenal but this lad does it for us without any fanfare.
  3. I think this is very good business. A smart way to check out signings before making them permanent
  4. Two cracking saves - one last week at Fulham and one today at home. Brilliant lad and great support for Westwood. Sheffield lad and Wednesdayite (obviously to boot). WELL DONE THAT LAD
  5. Nope And the techniques for hooking the unsuspecting work as well today as they ever did
  6. I would settle for this alone. I want us to keep Hooper but I think Bamford's goal record for Boro last season demonstrates that he can terrorise Championship defences and could be what gets us into the play-offs (or better)
  7. Give the lad time the whole team had dogs criticism early on and they came through I cannot believe the grief we give OUR players particularly given how well we are playing It was only a few days ago that we saw THE best performance at S6 in years so suggest we stop getting too giddy
  8. Even when you haven't had a game to help you get match fit ??
  9. Lot of testicles about Chelsea fans having no fans pre- Roman. Obviously never been to Stamford bridge on the away end. To be fair aside from a few mardy cockneys in London, I did get a text which simply stated. "Your team was awesome tonight. Thoroughly deserved." which I think sums it up pretty well !
  10. Correct. Double portion of backbone please
  11. not the best - not the worst. Easier passage than Man City BELIEVE!!!!!!!
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