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  1. I'm all for strengthening the squad but the key word is 'strengthening'. If we sell Reach for 10 million we need someone better to replace him, say a 15 million player. And we're going to buy that player for what 6 million? How does that work? If on the other hand we're still buggered due to the P&S rules, then we have to accept that we need to sell him and buy whoever we can for considerably less money. Or buy nobody at all with the money. Isn't that more realistic?
  2. SwissOwl8200

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Unfortunately it dunt work here in Switzerland for usual 'contractual' reasons
  3. And check out Hull City in 3rd div north, unbelievable but true... they had a crowd higher than our BDM!
  4. OK I understand there's a big difference between that explosive sprinting power for 20 secs. and endurance meaning you can keep going all day.
  5. Is there a medical name for 'legs have gone'? I hear it a lot on here but can't get my head around it. Unless you've got an injury, your athletic performance isn't going to change much from one season to next, is it? There isn't a cliff edge that you suddenly drop off (aside from Brexit). So do you mean he's got a chronic injury?
  6. SwissOwl8200

    Andy McCulloch

    Might have been his chest, I didn't get a very good view of it from the side terrace
  7. SwissOwl8200

    Andy McCulloch

    Lethal with his upper thigh at Mansfield.
  8. SwissOwl8200

    Revenue Generation

    They've certainly got more panels than fans!
  9. SwissOwl8200

    Revenue Generation

    Here's my local stadium, built 3 yrs ago. They really went to town on the solar panels
  10. SwissOwl8200

    Length of Jos's contract

    Yes, it extends to 5 and a half pages reaching almost 3 foot 6. You're welcome!
  11. SwissOwl8200

    end of an era

    I understand you don't like Carlos but what have you got against punctuation?
  12. I was born and lived within 6 miles of the kop for 18 yrs before moving to Hull where I continued going to most home and a handful of away games each season. 14 yrs ago I moved to Switzerland to ease my tax situation (ha ha I wish!) I now get to 1 or 2 games a year when visiting me folks. The biggest difference is how I try to switch off after a defeat. I'm not surrounded by fans of other English clubs taking the wee wee or amongst other equally depressed Owls fans. So I just try to think oh well next fame will be better. I've always been an optimist. At least I can see my beloved turf at Hillsborough when I go and enjoy the comfort of the sumptuous blue seats in the North... I'm pretty fed up now though and think it's time for a change. I'm just not sure if we need to change the players or the manager or the chairman or his advisors or....
  13. SwissOwl8200

    Hillsborough Capacity

    Someone on here'll know!
  14. I'm teaching until 8pm (7pm British time) then walking home, see the kids to bed and settle down to listen to JP on Wednesday Player unless I can find a cheeky stream. Wish I was at S6 though
  15. SwissOwl8200

    So I Think

    Aye some good memories there. It wasn't the 4-4 game but I was at Boothferry Park early 70's and had trouble crossing Boothferry Road. We had a mate built like a brick shithouse who stopped all the traffic while we strolled across. I'm sure he ate 5 lots of fish n chips from the coach to the ground. Maybe my memory's fading tho