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  1. Hillsborough Capacity

    Someone on here'll know!
  2. I'm teaching until 8pm (7pm British time) then walking home, see the kids to bed and settle down to listen to JP on Wednesday Player unless I can find a cheeky stream. Wish I was at S6 though
  3. So I Think

    Aye some good memories there. It wasn't the 4-4 game but I was at Boothferry Park early 70's and had trouble crossing Boothferry Road. We had a mate built like a brick shithouse who stopped all the traffic while we strolled across. I'm sure he ate 5 lots of fish n chips from the coach to the ground. Maybe my memory's fading tho
  4. So I Think

    Hi Hullite Are the Hull City Physcos still painting Endyke Lane or have they grown up and learnt to spell now?