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  1. SwissOwl8200

    Length of Jos's contract

    Yes, it extends to 5 and a half pages reaching almost 3 foot 6. You're welcome!
  2. SwissOwl8200

    end of an era

    I understand you don't like Carlos but what have you got against punctuation?
  3. I was born and lived within 6 miles of the kop for 18 yrs before moving to Hull where I continued going to most home and a handful of away games each season. 14 yrs ago I moved to Switzerland to ease my tax situation (ha ha I wish!) I now get to 1 or 2 games a year when visiting me folks. The biggest difference is how I try to switch off after a defeat. I'm not surrounded by fans of other English clubs taking the wee wee or amongst other equally depressed Owls fans. So I just try to think oh well next fame will be better. I've always been an optimist. At least I can see my beloved turf at Hillsborough when I go and enjoy the comfort of the sumptuous blue seats in the North... I'm pretty fed up now though and think it's time for a change. I'm just not sure if we need to change the players or the manager or the chairman or his advisors or....
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    Hillsborough Capacity

    Someone on here'll know!