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  1. I'm sure I would never remember what we did at school that day, but I do remember going to see this match. I remember asking my teacher if I could go and she said no. So on the morning I told her I was going in the afternoon anyway. She said 'well if you think football is more important than your education!'. She were right though, isn't it?
  2. Looks like there's one or two darker blue seats on t'kop as well as all the Man City ones
  3. Forgive me for mentioning it but you've got a typo 'Mr Charsiri's son' .
  4. I teach English with a mix of other teachers and I've seen/heard some crazy things from teachers that haven't got a qualification. I'm sure they wouldn't have done that if they'd been on a course. I know there are also good teachers and good coaches without qualifications. I suppose I believe the badge gives them a basic level of competence before they develop and learn more and go on to become hopefully better at their job.
  5. Well int a badge a badge? You go on a course to learn summat and there's a badge at the end of it. A badge for sparky's means you know how to fix the leccy and a badge for footy coaching means you know how to coach a footy team. Wot's wrong wi that?
  6. But you'd want the sparky who fixes your electrics to have a badge wouldn't you? So wot's the difference?
  7. RIP Rob and condolences to the family. I've got very fond memories of travelling to Villa Park with him for a night game.
  8. I think we had some confidence in Monk until xmas, I'm not sure we ever felt as positive about Luhukay
  9. I noticed reading the stats after every game that we always commit more fouls than the opposition. Footstats.co.uk confirms my suspicion; we're top of the league for fouls committed. Currently... 1. SWFC 457 2. Wigan 417 . . . 21. Dirty L***s 342 So what's it all about? Is it summat to celebrate... we're the hardest team in the league? We're just bad at timing? Or the ref's always take it out on our mild-mannered Kosovan Krusher; Adthe Nuhiu?
  10. Clean sheets, innit? Took me a while too
  11. I would absolutely love it if we drew. Anyone know when replay would be? I'm coming across on Monday 28 Jan for 10 days. I'm one of these part timers who only goes once a season and there's no other possibility.
  12. On the kop at Anfield for Milk cup semi. I half leapt up after 2 mins when we nearly scored then remembered to keep quiet. There was a 7 yr old scouser sitting on barrier behind me shouting filthy abuse at the 12000 Wednesday fans at other end and kicking me in the back. I kept quiet and kept my parka zipped up to hide my Wednesday shirt.
  13. I'm all for strengthening the squad but the key word is 'strengthening'. If we sell Reach for 10 million we need someone better to replace him, say a 15 million player. And we're going to buy that player for what 6 million? How does that work? If on the other hand we're still buggered due to the P&S rules, then we have to accept that we need to sell him and buy whoever we can for considerably less money. Or buy nobody at all with the money. Isn't that more realistic?
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