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  1. millo

    Worst Signing Ever

    I agree 100%.
  2. millo

    Best boss?

    He was good but a bit longer than 20 years ago. Over 50 years ago, in fact.
  3. millo


    What does he do at home matches? I haven't seen him.
  4. millo


    Would you credit it? Abdi is currently 3rd in the Great North Run behind Mo Farah.
  5. I am happy to leave those sorts of decisions to Jos Luhukay.
  6. millo

    Kosovo squad.

    I only asked if he was in the squad, not for your blinkered opinion of his ability.
  7. I might have missed it but does anyone know if Nuhiu is in the Kosovo squad for today's match?
  8. Quite right HarryJ. 22 starts in all competitions, 6 goals.
  9. That was Brian Woodall. I think John Ritchie scored the other goal in a 3-1 win.
  10. Who from? Shiner or Curtis? From memory Shiner didn't take penalties. I saw a few from Curtis. Long run-up and thump the ball as hard as possible was his approach.
  11. That is a photo of Roy Shiner, not Norman Curtis.
  12. millo

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Pllu, not Pillu. First name was Charlie, I believe.
  13. millo

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    I think you mean Franz (not Frank) Carr.
  14. millo

    Keeper Situation

    Why would Kieran Lee be interested in the 'keeper situation? I would have understood if you thought it was Keiren Westwood.
  15. At least you had the decency to put your name to your post. Well done Mr Simple.