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  1. Phil and Gary Neville, David James, Thierry Henry, Gareth Barry and Steve Bruce.
  2. I think next season should be considered as a rebuilding and consolidation season with FFP being a major factor. I will be reasonably happy to finish mid table with anything better being a bonus.
  3. I remember the Oldham game when Sheridan bossed the game without leaving the centre circle.
  4. Looks like your memory is playing tricks on you. I think you will find that Tony Coleman played for Wednesday that night and actually scored our goal. It was Bowyer who came off the bench for City to score both their goals.
  5. millo

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    Is that James' brother?
  6. millo

    Lap of honour

  7. millo


    Don't you mean Brian Deane? Or am I missing something?
  8. millo

    One Win = Mathematical Safety

    Wrong! 3 points are needed to be mathematically safe assuming all other results go against us.
  9. millo


    As things stand, assuming worst case scenanrio, we still need 6 points to be mathematically safe. I hope that by Saturday evening we will be mathematically safe.
  10. millo


  11. millo

    Lawrenson hates us.

    No. That would be Le mans terms.