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  1. I am sure they will all have sat navs so finding Barnsley shouldn't be a problem.
  2. We finished in top half of the table, not a point off.
  3. I assume he meant to say 'honoured to play for the club' rather than honest.
  4. I have watched the final few minutes back again. The referee did nothing wrong regarding additional time. 1, A minimum of 5 minutes is indicated. 2, During the additional minimum of 5 minutes Norwich make a substitution which usually means an additional 30 seconds. 3, The free kick is given after 5 minutes and 28 seconds which is within the additional added time. 4, The taking of the kick is delayed for over a minute due to various discussions between referee and players. 5, Unfortunately the free kick turns out to be the final kick of the match in the 7th minute of stoppage time. I reckon if we had cleared the initial shot the referee would have immediately blown for full time. Just put it down to bad luck. The referee did not cheat.
  5. Not on Red button as far as I can see. Certainly not on Sky listings.
  6. Thanks for your input, but I asked whether he was in the squad, not whether you were bothered. Is anybody bothered whether you are bothered?
  7. I may have missed it but does anybody know if Atdhe Nuhiu is in the current squad?
  8. The only problem I see with that is that Newcastle wouldn't swap Abdi for Aarons.
  9. I stand corrected. I saw him indicate 'TV replay' and assumed he watched the replay.
  10. I think you will find that the referee DID see a replay and decided to change his original decision.
  11. It's happened before, so why haven't you already done? Another empty threat?
  12. He must have changed his mind then. He played today by all accounts.
  13. So you know it's the chairman's decision not to play Abdi. I take it you are on speaking terms with the chairman. Have you any more inside information?
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