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  1. Up to now this season we have had a 3 match and a 2 match winning streak.
  2. This item is unavailable on Ebay at the moment.
  3. The resulting penalty made the score 2-1 to Leeds.
  4. The resulting penalty made the score 2-1 to Leeds.
  5. You must have missed the bit when he said it was a good win and a battling performance before he mentioned the playing surface.
  6. The last time we came from behind was in the last match of last season. Derby away.
  7. Who does your nan play for? She must be quite a player.
  8. I see what you did there. Very droll.
  9. If you say that before every game you will be right eventually.
  10. 10 priority points up for grabs for anybody buying tickets.
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