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  1. Short memories

    Do we we know where Wagner got the job dome from? It looks like it might be quite useful.
  2. I think you are spot on with your observations. The situation would be easier to accept if the blades were below us in the championship or even still in league 1. Let’s hope we can reverse the positions. Plenty of time yet.
  3. If I was Derby I’d insist he could have played.
  4. I know I should know who this is but I don't. Can somebody put me out of my misery please?
  5. Sorry for spoiling your fun.
  6. Lol. For those of you out there who don’t understand the connection. That is Imre Varadi and his dad Ollie Varadi (Oliver Hardy). Can’t see the family resemblance myself.
  7. Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    sides and sevens? Is that better than sixes and sevens?
  8. A cat could have done a better job. Corrected for you.
  9. Framed Dream Scene Prints now on sale

    It might be in the wrong order but at least they can spell players names correctly.
  10. Chansiri won't sack Carlos

    I hope we win our next two games if it means we get promoted.
  11. Chansiri won't sack Carlos

    Wouldn't you rather win the next 37 matches? I know I would.
  12. They should have been available at Owls in the Park too.
  13. Warrington Owls

    Don't know if it makes a difference but Man U are on BT Sport and Wednesday are on Sky Sports. Would have thought a lot of pubs will have Sky rather than BT Sport.
  14. What does the title even mean?