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  1. I assume he means it was his own fault in some way. Terrible thing to intimate with no proof.
  2. RIP Gerry Young. A proper Wednesday legend.
  3. Perhaps it might be better to watch him playing football rather than trying to see what he takes to parties.
  4. I hope the players are up for the fight more than some of our 'so called' supporters.
  5. Hope our players are not as negative as you. Hope you get your refund. Don't need doommongers in the ground.
  6. So, a name is not a word. Wow!
  7. They haven't arrived at a decision. That wasn't hard.
  8. Your 11 words weren't really needed. All those I have used weren't really needed either. I think this thread could set a record for unneeded words.
  9. So it is just a made up story. Thanks for the confirmation.
  10. If you know so much please tell us the club who have offered him a few more pounds. Unless, of course, you don't know because it's a made up story.
  11. I think he improved despite your abuse, not because of it.
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