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  1. Stunning, just stunning!! What a way to score your first goal for Wednesday :-)
  2. Can't see how anyone could disagree with you mate :-)
  3. He would need to be given far more time on the pitch and be productive between now and January to warrant a contract. If he doesn't get the game time, then I can't see the point of keeping him.
  4. I think he's decent........I was referring to you flouncing and telling me to go f*ck myself :-)
  5. Lmao and you wonder why people think you're a fool!
  6. To be fair he isn't an world beater, but I think he's good enough to make a decent impact for us this season. He's always going to give everything he has and he looks fitter and stronger than he did last season.
  7. On one hand jto states nuhiu is bang average and then says he's a decent player.......flawless logic indeed
  8. Maybe Milan did make an offer for Fryatt and it just wasn't good enough, or he lied or he was waiting for a takeover. I really don't know. Still making a loss, whether 5mil, 3.5mil or less. Milan could have sacked/released/sold madine, but it doesn't like madine wanted to go and I guess there could have been legal ramifications involved there too. I agree that madine isn't good enough at this level, but still have a feeling that Nuhiu might be ok this season. Ah well, all we can do is sit back and see if anything transpires over the next few days/weeks/months.
  9. Our owner dictates the clubs finances and the finances dictate the squad. We could have brought in better strikers, but Milan isn't willing/able to fund them.
  10. Of course better strikers have been avaliable over the last year. Unfortunately Milan has not been willing to fund them.....probably linked to what he said about the club loosing 5mil a year. As much as it is frustrating everyone, I doubt we will be getting a top quality striker until the takeover is ratified. This is because Milan can't/won't fund it and the new owner will.
  11. I don't blame you to be honest. It is easy to hold your hands up to mistakes you've made and then work hard to try and prove the point.......it's how you work once that second chance has been given that really matters though. Only time will tell if he's genuine or just another wasted talent.
  12. The guy freely admits that that the fame and fortune he had as a young player got to his head. He had a bad attitude and it only seems to have sunk in since he was ostracised from the wolve first team. If and only if he has learnt his lesson and dropped the big I am attitude, he could be an absolute gem. I heard there was a piece on sky sports today and apparently he has been working like a demon on his fitness levels and has realised he messed up? If that's the case, I wouldn't dismiss him as a decent target for our midfield.
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