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  1. eguin

    Celebrity Tango

    Its ok for Tango, he's got underbelly heating
  2. I hate it as well, when has any team been 'given a point' before a game? Its pointless saying "I'd have taken a point before kick off" as it's never going to happen.
  3. eguin

    Club for sale.

    It will be on sale as soon as there is a free listing day on ebay.
  4. I did the same after 40 years of going. My grandchildren don't go now either for the same reason
  5. We would buy players mainly from all over the world, they would say they loved wednesday, kiss the shirts if they scored and leave for a better offer as soon as we were relegated, just like all the other greedy players in the other teams.
  6. eguin

    Who's the second toughest

    Don McEvoy, played for us mid to late 1950s
  7. March 1976 Went to watch Halifax town v us As I lived in Halifax and been a fan now for 42 years. Went home and away for many years but don't go now much since the huge price rises of the last few years. Armchair loyal now!
  8. It's a shame Jim'll fix it isn't about anymore or he could have fixed the prices at a reasonable cost. He tried to fix it for me to meet my favorite pop group once, but they got stuck at an airport abroad, so instead he arranged for me to milk a Goat while I was blindfolded. .....Well I'm wondering now if it was really a Goat!
  9. I gave up 2 years ago after the huge rises, after 40 years of going.
  10. Especially if they'd had a curry the night before.
  11. eguin


    That would have been Izal
  12. eguin

    Squirrel on the pitch

    Nice one squirrel