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  1. Because he didn't have a health and safety certificate for his portly gut
  2. Ugh seeing Tangos man boobs and his ever growing bloated waistline
  3. They got the new staff from Wetherspoons as the old staff were starting to speed up a little
  4. Another badge kisser, who loves the club, then looks for a better offer and kisses their badge.
  5. Just like all footballers Do, pledge they love their team, kiss the badge etc, then leave as soon as another team come in for them
  6. My favorite player ever. 100% no matter who Terry signed for. Great guy and a true legend. His son hopefully will be too.
  7. I've noticed after half time there's less room, probably with people stuffing themselves and bloating their fat bellys out, same with Tango in his corner after half time, less room around him, till he farts.
  8. Its ok for Tango, he's got underbelly heating
  9. I hate it as well, when has any team been 'given a point' before a game? Its pointless saying "I'd have taken a point before kick off" as it's never going to happen.
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