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  1. Anyone who still plays PES I've knocked up a version of the kits in PESMASTER to import into the game. Camo pattern is not the same but they'll do for now until someone does a proper job on them!
  2. I vaguely remember that game wasn't it against Grimsby in some midweek cup game at Hillsborough? Wasn't FA Cup must have been league cup or JPT about 2003/04 ish. Didn't the opposition have some ex-pig winger who was ripping Bessa a new one.
  3. Yeah I live in Basingstoke. Moved down here almost 7 years ago now
  4. How's this for potentially the gayest football chant ever To the chorus of 'I'd Rather Jack' by The Reynolds Girls Ryan Giggs or Ronaldo’s They are bloody cack I’d rather Jacques On the attack No flash Harry’s Or fancy Dan’s they’re not tracking back I’d rather Jacques On the attack I’d rather Jacques And if you're one of the fortunate ones who never saw this first time round, here is the song in all it's glory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hg7M8qI5m8
  5. Someone said they heard a cup and a plate smash but the Blades top brass were relieved to see that the Division 4 trophy and the Championship runners-up plate were safe and sound.
  6. To the tune of Club Tropicana “Olofinjana at Wednesdee Plays in midfield Loaned til end of season He’s replacing Keiran Lee But don’t worry, he’s Nigerian” (struggled with the last bit...)
  7. And here is 17 minutes of said game, Fishing in Baku.
  8. Putney, oh how right you were. I felt like I was transported onto a Battlefield/COD level with all the old commie buildings and buildings in general in ruins! And not to mention getting stopped every five mins by blokes hawking 'come see my sexy women' and trying to give you their number, taxi drivers trying to rip you off or kill you with their poo driving, gyppos hassling you for cash every five mins, rabid looking street dogs stalking you, EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE chain smoking about fifty fags in an hour so wherever you go you stink of fags. They have a monument that looks like a bloo
  9. Hi all The company I work for is sending a group of us over to Bucharest for two weeks in the middle of next month, I liiiike. Never been before so I was wondering if anyone who has been has got any pointers as to what to do whilst there, how cheap is it over there and what's it like for nightlife etc? Also any do's or don'ts when out and about over there. Cheers
  10. Got pointed to this thread off Facebook. Glad you all like it, long time Owlstalk member but long time lurker an all! Being a bit of a perfectionist I still think I can do a bit better on some of the words given more time but it was a bit of a hit and run upload as I was on my way to Devon and wanted to get something posted while its still fresh. Oh and not one to blow my own trumpet but if you do look at my You Tube channel the Ode to Blackwell is a particular fav of mine. I'm proud of that un :)
  11. There are just over 600 questions in the database
  12. Yeah I know long time lurker finally posts! Just posting a link to this app done by an old work mate called The Title Race. http://itunes.apple....57383?ls=1&mt=8 It's a football quiz game it costs 69p but he's given me a couple of promo codes that can be used on a first come first served basis. It's good fun I gave him some feedback about the questions being a tad old (there are quite a few questions were SWFC crop up) but he's hoping to introduce question packs at a later date, some club specific ones. I'm on his case to do a Wednesday one if there's a market for it :) Anyway
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