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  1. Need 1 ticket, any kind soul out there who has one please message me thanks!
  2. Yes because you know all the in's and out's of the clubs financial transactions etc. !!
  3. He was gonna come here but Rotherham offered him better terms!
  4. We've bn hoping to someone in by the weekend for about 3 months now and apart from GTF it's been a proper load of rounduns !
  5. Be forever remembered for that goal at the lane for me which just happened to be on match of the day, great entertainer, skilful and far too good for the old Div. 3 and was very good in the league above aswell! One thing that stained it all was him signing for that lot, hard to understand why when he was hero worshipped at Wednesday!
  6. I'd be happy with any striker/midfielder at the moment, such is the lack of strength in depth in those depts.
  7. Met a carriage full of em coming back from Donny last season, they'd been at Peterborough , the hatred they have for us is cringeworthy, I asked a few of em why this was but got no sense out of em, they were singing anti Wednesday songs as we got on the train! Obnoxious lot these mini pigs, reminded them though that their chairman was a Wednesdayite ( apperenty ), they didn't find this very funny mind!
  8. Would you rather be called grooming town then ?
  9. One game we don't want to lose is this one, the toy towners bloody hate us and they'll cream all over if they beat us! My worry is there players will be more up for it than ours, I mean going on the last half dozen games it just doesn't look like we've much fight in us, hoping I'm so so wrong!
  10. Same reason we didn't look at Grant Holt aswell! Holt and wells a decent strike force that, far better than ours that's for sure but then again how many teams have a worse strike pairing in this division?
  11. Why did we let Madine go out on loan, send Hope back early but only bring in GTF, very poor business, leaves us even thinner on the ground up front, if we didn't have another lined up them Madine should have stayed here, surely!
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