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  1. I was well impressed with it! Better merchandise than we have had for along time, and it looks like they have finally been listening to fans about wanting more stuff for babies and children. Shame about the date 'mix up' though.
  2. He looks like a bit of a nutter. I bet they only gave him the job because he scared them!
  3. It took two of us. He is blind in one eye though, so that probably helped. The shirt was from the Build a Bear shop in Meadowhall when it first opened.
  4. Was that the same match when Martyn punched Booth in the face? Made a right mess. Made me hate Martyn even more than I did before.
  5. I thought they might be the next Sutton and Shearer, but then it went downhill. He was the first footballer whose autograph I got.
  6. I have a season ticket, but can't go to the first match of the season, so I hope it's away. Not at Blackpool or Huddersfield (assuming they come up) though because they are away games I am looking forward to going to.
  7. I will be getting two, but at the moment don't know whether to go for the Grandstand or the South. I had a season ticket on the Kop for about 5 years when I was younger, but I am now going with someone who is not a Wednesdayite, so they prefer it somewhere quieter. I have never been on the grandstand, but have heard that it's a really good view. I have been on the South quite a bit and I like it on there. I was just wondering whether anyone had any opinions/advice on which one is best. Also is the grandstand more for families/young children?
  8. I'm from Kiveton as well. You can argue for it being in Rotherham, Worksop or Sheffield. Sheffield address, Rotherham council, Worksop telephone code. Like you I have NEVER seen a Rotherham shirt there.
  9. And I thought I had it bad being with a Man Utd 'fan'. You could always offer to pack for him and lose/destroy his shirt.
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