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  1. Just went through my mind (daydreaming in the first half), when did we last score directly from a free kick? I can't remember the last time it happened.
  2. The replay programme with Arsenal was fetching £100 plus as it was the last replay in the old Wembley stadium. When the old stadium was demolished and the new Wembley was being built, interest peaked. Its value has dropped somewhat since though I'm not sure to what level it has currently found.
  3. I'm saving this page for the summer so I can still hear Carlos in the close season
  4. Loved it how Mr Chansiri pops up at the end. Makes you want him to invade his own pitch.
  5. Mr Chansiri is a very special chairman. We are blessed
  6. He mentioned post-match 'the soul of the team'. Really impressed with the tactics today. Was that the first points dropped by Udds at home this season?
  7. I've still got all mine. Great read, much better than official programme.
  8. Well done Owl267, very honourable of you WAWAW
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