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  1. I can speak to Budwar but need an e-mail address
  2. Hi dude,


    as much as I read owlstalk I don't post. However we may have crossed paths. My name is Richard Mogliany "mog" and I was at AG probably at the same time. I had to move to the S6 area re family death and was a regular at "JACKS SASPARILLA BAR" Langsett rd. Love the stuff on the 70's owlstalk thread and could not resist getting in touch.


    Been a London resi for nearly 40 years & still promoting live music in W4/TW1



    1. Utah Owl

      Utah Owl

      Hi Moggy!


      Long time no speak as they say!


      Remember you well from school.


      I joined an insurance outfit from school and spent nearly 30 years in Jersey before moving here in 2010 for family reasons.

  3. Gunnersbury Owl, so not far. Team normally stay here as well.
  4. For those staying in the W4 area, The Gunnersbury or bury the gunners is a Wednesday run pub/restaurant.
  5. I live in east twickers, shout me up when you're back and we can toast our team, proper!
  6. The Gunnersbury is the nearest Wednesdayite owned pub.
  7. Hendersons annointed to the fore head is an old one! A practice used at Wembley when annointing "an onnery" or two pre semi against the blunts. One Fulham and one Milwall, if memory serves. Born in Firth Park, now live in Richmond, business in Chiswick, not posh, not rich.
  8. I too remember that day on the kop. We all came down from "Jacks" Sasparella bar if anyone remembers that small pin ball palace on Langsett road? All Wednesday and all onto the kop.
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