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  1. Palmer for me, was excellent and yet again, covered another position thanks to his versatility. don’t think anyone else stood out, Stockdale had a good game but other than 1 fantastic save, didn’t have enough to do to warrant MOM.
  2. League position 1st Top Scorer Gregory Player of the season Vaulks Best surprise Player Adeniran Best new Player Heneghan
  3. I’m really starting to love his videos !
  4. In terms of the position, this is a vital signing as we needed a left back and needed more competition for Johnson. This helps us switch formations also as he can play left back, along with Famewo who was signed last night! Good signings, let’s hope they perform!
  5. Why do they not get the kit out there earlier in the summer? Surely people would buy more ready for their holidays etc. I don’t get it, it’s like the date catches them by surprise every year. once this kit is released, why don’t they slowly put plans in place to bring out a new strip for the start of next June?
  6. I’d pick England all day long! Love watching my country play. I’m a season ticket holder by the way, but no way would I miss England v France in a knockout game (as an example) ….. over Exeter v Wednesday! That’s just me though, each to their own!
  7. I'm not 100% sure he'll be in contention for a midfield spot. He played quite far forward for us at the start of last year. I can see him playing Gregory as one of the wide players
  8. He'd be a starter every week, we wouldn't have to shuffle the pack........and I'm done!
  9. Can I ask, these are refunds from which season? The very first one where we missed 4 games or so? Or the 2020/2021 season? I bought a 10 y season ticket in March 2020, as I already had 2 years remaining, they overlapped so that I could keep my seat. This effectively meant I paid twice that season for the same seat! I was told to do it this way to and I’d get a full refund! Not had one penny back from that season yet! I should be owed a complete refund? Over £1000?
  10. Very good point about the system for next year. I agree, Berahino doesn’t fit into a 4231. Whereas the likes of Mendez-Laing, Paterson, Windass and Gregory definitely do!
  11. I think we will finish 6th, and I’d take that. It’s mad that we have won 5 out of our last 6 and still not quite in the top 6. We are one of the form teams though, and I expect that to continue, with our upcoming fixtures and the return of some key players in March. I’ve also booked my hotel, did it ages ago!
  12. He was a winger, yet I reckon NML has skinned more players in his time here than Reach did. Started ok, but turned out to be a very average to poor player for us. Those last 18 months he was awful and it baffled me that he got picked nearly every week. He’s one of the few players I hated seeing in a Wednesday shirt, in fact I can’t think of anyone else!
  13. Brilliant, I can’t ever remember even writing that post! Was a while back though! Called it though with Bruce, albeit a short stay ha!
  14. We were only penalties away from winning the Euros. Be careful what you wish for, there’s no one better out there.
  15. I’m also optimistic about every game this season. Loving the look of our side right now. So many options and still so many good players to come in and make an impact. I personally think Corbenau, Sow and Shodipo will be great additions, and so far they’ve hardly featured!
  16. Gutted, where's the video of him walking out on to the pitch and looking all happy!
  17. I watched the 2nd half. There’s one replay which last about 10 seconds, where he points on 4 separate occasions. It did make me chuckle. Good riddance Reach.
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