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  1. Am I right in saying that those in the north stand today will be able to turn left out of Hillsborough and walk up Vere Road (1st left) to get back up towards Middlewood road? Im aware there might be stewards advising you not to, but basically......that’s an option?
  2. He didn’t even feature in our 1st game of the season. Since we signed him, he’s hardly scored any goals. We need the money and we have way too many forwards, get rid I say! (By the way I desperately wanted him to come good in a Wednesday shirt)
  3. It’s only 1 game ....but it still matters. It will give us the confidence going into a tricky derby game. And hopefully some momentum if we can win the next one. Well done Wednesday, great start!
  4. People are saying he has little pace too? I remember him being quite speedy when he was getting on the end of long diagonal balls ..... I don’t think he’s the slowest.....maybe just not Harris quick, but then who is in this division?! i would definitely take him back, can cross a ball with either foot, and with Fletcher and Rhodes in the team, that’s exactly what you need! On a free too, no brainier, sign him up!
  5. The thing is......he had the ideal platform at Wednesday to become so much better. A manager willing to use the young players, playing for the club he supports, at a better standard than where he has just been. He’ll not go there and maybe play 1 league cup game all season, no way will he get game time.
  6. Exactly this......hope he fails miserably!
  7. I think Bruce’s comments about Rhodes at OITP we’re revealing.....”the ball is in Norwich’s court”. That tells me that Bruce would be happy for him to go, and that Norwich are potentially still interested. My opinion.....the deal will get done, just not any time in the next couple of weeks. As as for not playing to Rhodes’s strengths ..... we created a fair few chances for him the season before last and I remember him missing some glaringly easy ones, a lot of them headers too!
  8. I cashed out a few days ago for £252......only stood to win another £18 more so didn't think worth the risk! Plus I had no idea what was happening with Bolton.
  9. I cashed in tonight.....reason being.....Bolton don't look like fulfilling their fixtures and it worried me that we may lose the 6 points we gained against them! Cash out very good today so thought not worth the risk!
  10. So essentially.....you’re now putting down £219 to win £21. My cash out is very similar......£247 to win £270 .......am a little tempted to cash out now. .... not gonna lie. (even though I do think we will finish top half).
  11. Well done chaps......looks like it could well come in this one! No way I’m cashing out now. Looking at £225 profit for myself. Hows everyone else done?
  12. I have cash out for £205 .....leaving it ......although I did give it some thought today!
  13. I love England equally as much as Wednesday......bring it on!
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