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  1. I also believe he only plays well playing on the left hand side and being able to roam inside. Used to love his trickery and little triangles he made with Lee and Bannan. Definitely lost his spark for me, way past his best. Not to say he won’t get it back.....but he’s running out of time! That 1st season we had him he was unplayable sometimes, far cry from that right now.
  2. Had a call this morning. No deadline as of yet for 10 year season tickets. Anyone that has a season or more to sell back to the club, this can be done for the value of the seat minus 25%. For 1 season on the north I think this means I'm losing £130 approx on next year's season ticket.
  3. Anyone bought one? I’m still wondering about this admin fee to sell back your Current season ticket.....anyone heard anything?
  4. I still maintain, this is the best squad of players since we dropped out of the premier league. Lets not forget we were 3rd a few weeks ago. However there is obviously an issue, and I don’t blame the manager at all. This is down to the players. Monk needs time to reshape the squad. I used to love FF but he can do one, JR can follow, he’s never gonna be the player he used to be! We need young, hungry players that want that to play for this shirt!
  5. Anyone heard about what the admin fee could be to sell your current future season tickets back to the club? I'm not purchasing the 10 year deal until I know what that figure is! (currently have 1 year remaining on season ticket)
  6. I guess we are only available to watch via the red button? I tried it on Tuesday night during the premier league fixtures .... it worked but was in standard definition only. Was nearly sick on myself !!
  7. Not everyone will buy one of these though, it’s a huge outlay. Plus, the ground is half empty anyway.....so those few that do sign up will just mean returning customers for years to come. For the record, I’m signing up for it next week.
  8. Serious question.....would anyone drop him for Lees to come back in? I certainly wouldn’t!
  9. Iorfa and Borner should start for me, Lees is unlucky to drop out but that is our best pairing. It has a bit of everything. Borner - wins almost every 50/50 ball, has composure, our best centre back. Iorfa - adds height, pace, and looks great when he occasionally runs out with the ball through the middle of the park. i like Lees but I think sometimes his passing and composure let him done.
  10. Am I right in saying that those in the north stand today will be able to turn left out of Hillsborough and walk up Vere Road (1st left) to get back up towards Middlewood road? Im aware there might be stewards advising you not to, but basically......that’s an option?
  11. He didn’t even feature in our 1st game of the season. Since we signed him, he’s hardly scored any goals. We need the money and we have way too many forwards, get rid I say! (By the way I desperately wanted him to come good in a Wednesday shirt)
  12. It’s only 1 game ....but it still matters. It will give us the confidence going into a tricky derby game. And hopefully some momentum if we can win the next one. Well done Wednesday, great start!
  13. People are saying he has little pace too? I remember him being quite speedy when he was getting on the end of long diagonal balls ..... I don’t think he’s the slowest.....maybe just not Harris quick, but then who is in this division?! i would definitely take him back, can cross a ball with either foot, and with Fletcher and Rhodes in the team, that’s exactly what you need! On a free too, no brainier, sign him up!
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