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  1. I have a 10 year season ticket. And I know a friend who has one also.
  2. Can this also be recorded? I won’t be in to watch it. I’m thinking the answer is probably no?
  3. Compared to Pulis, I’ve noticed that at every club Mick has managed, he has won more games than he has lost. (Except for the Cypriot position where he only had 8 games). Some record that, when you think he has managed the likes of Ireland, and Ipswich! Quite the opposite to Pulis. Just an observation!
  4. Not quite sure about this clamour to get Paul Cook in. As someone has mentioned, he didn’t survive with Wigan when they had a points deduction. Also, Wednesday is a far bigger club than the likes of Portsmouth and Wigan. I don’t have much more to add, it’s just a gut feeling, really not sure he’s the right man. (and yeah the Scouse accent puts me off big time)! I think a foreign appointment could be the way forward this time, simply because all of the British candidates are quite uninspiring. The realistic ones anyway! I’d have Pearson or Howe any day of the week!
  5. How did we beat Bournemouth recently? I have faith we can turn this around, but I do think we should start playing with 2 out and out strikers. Rhodes and Windass upfront possibly. And ,let’s use Kachunga and Brown a bit more instead of always relying on Paterson!
  6. Anthony Knockeart got sent off last game too, so he should be missing. Horrible player but a threat in this division.
  7. Dwight Gayle, that’s the kind of striker I’d like us to bring in.
  8. My surname begins with B, had my refund. I also have a friend whose surname begins with W, she’s had a refund also. That’s the alphabet theory out of the window.
  9. My top list would be : 1. Nigel Pearson 2. Ryan Lowe 3. Roland Nilsson / Chris Waddle / David Hirst / John Sheridan dream team combo! Which one we having?
  10. I guess based on our history and fan base, etc we should be up there but as people have said, no divine right!
  11. Clapped. They gave everything! We were just very unlucky on the day! Injuries, hitting the bar, ......and that late, late goal! 96th min? Play like that all season And we should be fine!
  12. Can’t even be bothered to read the comments of all the drama queens on this thread. it was gutting to lose 3 points in the 96th min, but we were down to 10 men after about the 5th injury of the past 24 hours or so! If they hadn’t scored right at the death, this thread would not have started and everyone would be saying what a brilliant start to the season! Fine margins, relax everyone, we will be fine!
  13. 1st half we weren’t that bad. 2nd half terrible. So this season in the league we have had 45 mins that hasn’t been good. I wouldn’t say that’s enough to chop and change too much. Biggest mistake today was moving Harris from the right to the left, and not having Penney to start. It’s unbalanced us,! Additionally, Bannan and Windass were poor today compared to their usual high standards. ,
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