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  1. I cashed out a few days ago for £252......only stood to win another £18 more so didn't think worth the risk! Plus I had no idea what was happening with Bolton.
  2. I cashed in tonight.....reason being.....Bolton don't look like fulfilling their fixtures and it worried me that we may lose the 6 points we gained against them! Cash out very good today so thought not worth the risk!
  3. So essentially.....you’re now putting down £219 to win £21. My cash out is very similar......£247 to win £270 .......am a little tempted to cash out now. .... not gonna lie. (even though I do think we will finish top half).
  4. Well done chaps......looks like it could well come in this one! No way I’m cashing out now. Looking at £225 profit for myself. Hows everyone else done?
  5. I have cash out for £205 .....leaving it ......although I did give it some thought today!
  6. I love England equally as much as Wednesday......bring it on!
  7. So.....it turns out they didn’t keep anyone behind, the road wasn’t closed, lots of police about but I didn’t see any trouble,.......not even so much as a snarl!
  8. Hi, Just a quick question......I’m in the north stand and normally leave the ground at Leppings Lane.....I’ve heard they might not be letting supporters through this way. Does anyone one know if this will be completely blocked off......or would I be able to leave the ground from a different exit and walk round? Supporters Fans who leave the stadium via Gate 7, must make their exit underneath the South Stand and over the bridge or via Penistone Road. Home supporters will not be able to exit via Leppings Lane.
  9. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on us finishing top half of the table this season? We we are currently 4 points off with a game in hand of most. Realistically play offs is going to be a long shot now, but a half decent finish should see us top half? I also had had a bet at 5/1 a month back as I thought we’d only get stronger with Bruce in charge, and returning players such as Forestieri, Hooper, and Westwood (plus the 3 new signings). Good punt or do people think we will actually finish 13th or lower?
  10. Does anyone know how much we will get from progressing to the next round? Ive heard over £1 million as the game is televised? Decent payout for us if this is true!
  11. To be fair, I would class last night’s comments as the first time Jo’s has had the dreaded vote of confidence. we all know what that normally means. i’d expect him gone by mid January unless we have a massive upturn in results!
  12. It’s not the attack I’m worried about,.....it’s our defence. We can’t carry on shipping goals like have been.
  13. I bet Cardiff fans last season were saying they weren't top 6 material. Anything can happen in this league! Just got to get behind the team, support them through thick and thin., .....and see where it takes us!
  14. Or is that he could be the next one on his way and we didn't want to risk him getting injured? Just speculating !
  15. Whoever let Carlos spend so much money on players we didn’t need is to blame here. We didn’t need Rhodes, we had a plethora of strikers back then especially after signing Winnall. Then add, Jones, Butterfield, Etc,. We are just catching up on all the money we waste on their weekly wages! Shame me that fans are being priced out......it seems to be the way football is going these days.
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