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  1. mancowl08

    Chelsea Away

    Does anyone know how much we will get from progressing to the next round? Ive heard over £1 million as the game is televised? Decent payout for us if this is true!
  2. To be fair, I would class last night’s comments as the first time Jo’s has had the dreaded vote of confidence. we all know what that normally means. i’d expect him gone by mid January unless we have a massive upturn in results!
  3. mancowl08

    Next Three Games

    It’s not the attack I’m worried about,.....it’s our defence. We can’t carry on shipping goals like have been.
  4. I bet Cardiff fans last season were saying they weren't top 6 material. Anything can happen in this league! Just got to get behind the team, support them through thick and thin., .....and see where it takes us!
  5. Or is that he could be the next one on his way and we didn't want to risk him getting injured? Just speculating !
  6. mancowl08

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Whoever let Carlos spend so much money on players we didn’t need is to blame here. We didn’t need Rhodes, we had a plethora of strikers back then especially after signing Winnall. Then add, Jones, Butterfield, Etc,. We are just catching up on all the money we waste on their weekly wages! Shame me that fans are being priced out......it seems to be the way football is going these days.
  7. mancowl08

    Abdi & Jones

    Yes, I wondered the same, let’s hope we move them both on. Would free up money and trim the squad down further which has to be the aim.
  8. I work shifts so booked the day off yesterday so that I could watch the whole match including pre match build up! Love england so much....even through the “tough” times......which by the way are not really that tough! (Some teams don’t qualify for World Cups for decades)! I love what Southgate has done with the team. Hated our old rigid 442 system, love our new found fluidity in midfield and the fact he has the balls to drop players like Hart, Wilshere and Rooney. Last night we attcked from the off......I cheered like mad with Kane’s winner!
  9. mancowl08

    R I P mum and fly high

    My condolences.....and sorry for your loss. WAWAW
  10. mancowl08

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sorry for your loss....
  11. mancowl08

    Deadline Extended

    They actually did call me back after 6pm tonight! Maybe there’s a back load of emails they have to get through! Im happy finally......season ticket purchased!
  12. mancowl08

    Deadline Extended

    Just as well! I’ve spent all day trying! It has done my head in! I will now wait for them to call me back!
  13. mancowl08

    Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Anyone else struggling to renew today for more than 1 year? I cant get through...and I don’t think you can but an online season ticket for multiple years??
  14. mancowl08

    Last 24 hours for season tickets

    I’m trying to ring up to renew for another 2 years.....press option 1 first, and then says lines are busy. cant get through....been trying all morning!
  15. mancowl08

    Advice please for this Saturday

    Cheers guys......how about getting back to the train station after the match? bus outside? Train leaves at 18:00.....should make that ok?