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  1. Totally gutted.

    Had very little optimism when I set off at 16:30 for the game after booking the day off work especially for it! Optimism retuned when I saw the team sheet. Great performance by the whole team, and for this should be pretty much our starting 11 against Swansea,....think we can cause them real problems!
  2. Pelupessy

    Yeah he was class tonight, I agree with another poster in that only Joao was better on the night..... Very composed on the ball, worked tirelessly, made his tackles, and never looked liked he would lose his head when their dirty challenges started flying in. Great signing.....hopefully will get even better!
  3. Maybe he’ll bring a couple of astute Dutch / German signings along with him.....everyone knows how over inflated this market is!
  4. Recognition for Adam Reach

    He has played very well recently, always a team player and seems to be getting more involved going forward now with his intelligent running off the ball. I really like Reach, he’s coming good!
  5. Message from Keiren Westwood

    And I don't think anyone has mentioned the world-class save he made in the first half when their striker went one on one ( looked offside but wasn't)
  6. Wasn't sure at first but looking at his Huddersfield highlights I like the look of him on the ball. Seems to be comfortable on both feet, takes a great set piece and loves a slide rule pass! I'm happy!
  7. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I rate Forestieri but what's the point in keeping him?! He's not playing well, doesn't fancy the left wing (where we all thinking he should be playing), and at the moment he's not even getting many minutes on the pitch! Sell......I don't care if we can't replace him this window.....at least we will have no excuses about not having any money!
  8. I say don't sell, as someone else mentioned, he could replace new Nuhiu in the first team squad. That would be my preference. If he scored 5 to 8 championship goals this season i think he could be worth up to 5 million
  9. Working perfectly on my iPad through the app! Come on Wednesday!!!
  10. Stealing a living is that guy! I wish I had his job though!
  11. So do you think we will do it

    I'd be pretty happy with the current squad we have now if the start of the season was tomorrow, don't forget, we have Hooper back which is practically a new player and also Abdi and Lee. We just need to bring in one or two decent centre backs and we are good to go !
  12. Literally 2 hours before he signed from what I remember! I would say that's pretty much under wraps....,it's when it gets out in the press days or weeks before when I would consider it as a "leak"
  13. Wow the overreaction on here never ceases to amaze me! I agree we should have had more of a go against Huddersfield! But do you not think their fans would have said that about their home performance had they not ultimately beaten us on penalties! It really is fine margins....we lost on penalties! Very unlucky! We go again next season and we will be stronger for it!
  14. Greta news! Continuity is key....I'm sure we'll now have another season at the top end of the championship....regardless of who we might bring in this summer!