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  1. booked St George hotel back in December, only 5 minutes away from Wembley.
  2. me + 2, 9:50 train from town then straight to Weatherspoons across from blacker station
  3. i worked in Mr Pretzels last year and Leroy lita popped in (bought a Fanta fruit twist),Giles coke and Liam palmer often went to nando's. Stephen Quinn, Luke Campbell (boxer) and Nicola adams (boxer) all refused the free samples I was giving out aswell
  4. i leave on 87th minute every game,i go with my nan and they's no chance i'm leaving at full time with her bad hips and knees.
  5. that's me in the shop with him.I asked him if i could have a picture but he wasn't allowed because it hadn't been announced officially
  6. click the youtube button in the corner i did and worked for me just watching it now 15 minutes long
  7. ive got his ps3 name he's allways on fifa 12
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Godzillatron_Closeup.jpg get one like this
  9. from the picture of maguire holding the new kit it looks nice
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