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  1. Don't have the operation, I had a double hernia OP 6 weeks ago and still not 100%
  2. And getting another yellow card resulting in a red and a ban, yeah!
  3. Roy Coyle, commonly known as tunnacoyle where I used to sit on the North stand with my mum and dad
  4. Do you honestly believe he hasn't discussed it with the players, because I don't!
  5. Dawson is a big presence and definitely won't let us down - have faith!
  6. Chance would be a fine thing, just Kronenbourg 1664
  7. A poor man's Shelvey IMHO and won't improve us.
  8. It has just been on Radio Sheffield that alcohol will not be served to Wednesday at Oakwell before and at halt time! Better start even earlier then.
  9. Back in the day when turnstiles weren't as sophisticated I used to squeeze up to my mate as he paid (just for himself) and then as soon as you got through the other side did a runner. Only at away games I hasten to add.
  10. During and after Tuesday's game did anyone else hear comments from those nearby slating Jordan Rhodes performance? There were 2 blokes sat behind me who for at least 50 minutes continued to slag the player from being not fit, can't run, no speed, can't head a ball, he's too light weight to be any good and finally what a waste of money! I really had to restrain myself from turning round and having a real go at them. My only excuse could have been they were United fans.
  11. Is this the cagey first half that saw us tear into Bristol from the start?
  12. If we have to play Derby in the semi final then unfortunately the final will just be a dream
  13. In hotel near St Paul, then heading off to World series boxing at the York Hall, Benthnal Green and then into Covent Garden. Can't wait for tomorrow though!
  14. Marlin Queen Hotel - Block 134 row 22 and seats 17,18,19 and as a side issue travelling down from Manchester Friday afternoon - can't wait! Attending a boxing match at York Hall on the Friday night and then witnessing; hopefully another knockout Saturday as the Tigers throw in the towel!
  15. I broke my leg in 2 places, playing football, 3 days before the Brighton FA Cup semi final in 1983 and was still in hospital day of the game, so I know how gutted he must feel if he can't go. Good luck though
  16. Thats great not too far as we're on the corner of 32nd street and Park Avenue
  17. Currently in New York does anyone know where I can watch it?
  18. It is a shame this won't be introduced immediately especially after the decisions we've experienced in the last 4 games, see link below: http://www.sportbusiness.com/sport-news/ifab-heralds-breakthrough-video-technology-football or if the link doesn't work here is he article: IFAB heralds breakthrough for video technology in football Date: 7 MARCH 2016 The International Football Association Board (IFAB), which establishes the sport’s playing rules and laws, has approved live trials of video technology in football. The trials will begin by the 2017-18 season at the latest, it was decided following an IFAB meeting in Cardiff, Wales. The development has been hailed by new Fifa president Gianni Infantino as a “historic decision”. “With regard to video assistance for match officials, the IFAB approved in principle a detailed set of protocols for the experiments and agreed they should be conducted for a minimum of two years in order to identify the advantages, disadvantages and worst-case scenarios,” the IFAB said. “The set of protocols were drawn up by the IFAB’s Technical Sub-Committee, with support from Fifa’s Technology Innovation Department, and followed discussions with the Football Advisory Panel and Technical Advisory Panel as well as football associations, leagues, other sports and technology providers. “The expectation is not to achieve 100-per-cent accuracy in decisions for every single incident, but to avoid clearly incorrect decisions that are pre-defined ‘game-changing’ situations – goals, penalty decisions, direct red card incidents and mistaken identity. The IFAB agreed to allow one type of experiment, which will involve a video assistant referee having access to video replays during the match and either reviewing an incident on request by the referee, or communicating with the referee proactively about an incident that he/she may have missed.” Infantino said that there had been 12 expressions of interest from football associations and one from an entire continental confederation to get involved in the trial process. “We have shown we are listening to the fans, to the players, to football and we are applying common sense,” he said. “We are cautious but we are also looking to take concrete measures and concrete steps forward to ensure a new era has started not only in Fifa, but for IFAB.” A “handful” of applicants will be accepted to participate in the trials, which will feature pictures from a set number of cameras being analysed by video referees. The match official will then be free either to take the advice of the video technician or analyse the incident himself via a tablet device on the halfway line.
  19. Me plus wife (she's going shopping) but only me to the game.
  20. Me and my nephew have renewed, though he's no longer sitting with me as the attraction of moving to the Kop and being with his mates was too great!
  21. It's a conspiracy, as I have the same problem, but only when I open tins of tuna.
  22. Just got mine and my nephew for £61 from Retford, much cheaper and more relaxing than driving
  23. I also went down to Watford on the Friday and stayed in London with my mates and we were so drunk we didn't get to the game until half time. What made it worse was that I was picked to play a central league game against Sunderland on the Saturday and because nobody told me I didn't turn up. I got a proper bollocking off Arthur Cox!
  24. There are 8 other teams that are incappable of beating, as some fans would have us believe the worse team in the division, the worse squad in the division, the worse manager in the division, so even thouh they may have won some games how bad must they be?
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