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  1. He was a brilliant keeper who played for Chesterfield as a kid until injury stopped his career
  2. Don't have the operation, I had a double hernia OP 6 weeks ago and still not 100%
  3. And getting another yellow card resulting in a red and a ban, yeah!
  4. Roy Coyle, commonly known as tunnacoyle where I used to sit on the North stand with my mum and dad
  5. Do you honestly believe he hasn't discussed it with the players, because I don't!
  6. Dawson is a big presence and definitely won't let us down - have faith!
  7. Chance would be a fine thing, just Kronenbourg 1664
  8. A poor man's Shelvey IMHO and won't improve us.
  9. It has just been on Radio Sheffield that alcohol will not be served to Wednesday at Oakwell before and at halt time! Better start even earlier then.
  10. Back in the day when turnstiles weren't as sophisticated I used to squeeze up to my mate as he paid (just for himself) and then as soon as you got through the other side did a runner. Only at away games I hasten to add.
  11. During and after Tuesday's game did anyone else hear comments from those nearby slating Jordan Rhodes performance? There were 2 blokes sat behind me who for at least 50 minutes continued to slag the player from being not fit, can't run, no speed, can't head a ball, he's too light weight to be any good and finally what a waste of money! I really had to restrain myself from turning round and having a real go at them. My only excuse could have been they were United fans.
  12. Is this the cagey first half that saw us tear into Bristol from the start?
  13. If we have to play Derby in the semi final then unfortunately the final will just be a dream
  14. In hotel near St Paul, then heading off to World series boxing at the York Hall, Benthnal Green and then into Covent Garden. Can't wait for tomorrow though!
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