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  1. If Pulis left on his own terms he would have then most likely legally being able to spill whatever he wanted about DC and the club. Leaving on DC terms with a pay off he will have some kind of NDA/injunction to stop him speaking I would imagine
  2. After celebrating with the fan who ran over he went and spent a lot of time at the other side and went over into the crowd to Tango for a hug, so technically it was a yellow...
  3. Yes and they are as irritating as the vast amount of fans who seem to think if they like a player he can do no wrong...
  4. It’s also worth considering whether that great run at the end of the season had anything to do with playing against teams with nothing to play for...
  5. Or the best players have started to come back from injury...
  6. He won’t be ‘fit’ to play for us unless he is 100% sure he won’t be sitting on the bench
  7. He actually signed a contract not having a clue who the likes of Bannan, FF, Lee, Hooper are!! Which is a joke in itself...
  8. Not unless DC has someone else lined up... will be even worse if Bullen is in charge for a few games again
  9. Be great to have him back, until he decides he wants another pay rise and refuses to play... or punches another team mate
  10. By expect more though I mean not see the likes of what happened for their pen....I’m not expecting many games to be won with these players, just better performances and in some cases a bit more effort... like not backing out of challenges which I’ve seen a bit of.
  11. I don’t think we should be expected to win every game given the players we have to choose from, but I think whoever you put out there we should be able to expect a bit more.... I wouldn’t even expect to see what happened in the lead up to their pen on Sat in League 2 for example to be fair! Also I did think that in the first few games, especially noticeable against Utd away and Cardiff at home Jos had told them to play safety first and just get rid of the ball at the back. For some reason now they seem to have been told to do the opposite and exactly as you said they aren’t good enough to
  12. If he goes though... that will probably mean Bullen in charge again for at least a couple of games
  13. He’s not helping the situation with his strange tactics but he’s not the overall issue with the club right now!
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