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  1. Genuine question... can you play well as a defensive unit and concede 4 goals at home?
  2. Jos Has Been First Class

    No... but we haven’t picked up results... done exactly as I expected
  3. Jos Has Been First Class

    What results? A few 0-0s and one league win is getting results?
  4. Not forgetting DC not willing to pay for Hanley the year before also
  5. One day.... but surely to anyone with a brain it can be realised that Van Aken wouldn’t have been his first choice of centre back... for example.
  6. Okay so it’s 100% down to him we got to the play offs 2 years on the bounce... but let me guess no because you are choosing what he dictated and had responsibility for to suit your own agenda.
  7. You come out with things like this... but it’s fine for you to put 100% of the blame on one person... give it a rest
  8. CC took over before pre season training started in 2015...
  9. Yes and nothing he had said or can say means that they don’t have responsibility for their own fitness
  10. Pathetic response... of course the players must take responsibility for their own fitness... especially when they know they are been trusted to do so and it’s vital to their jobs
  11. Your failure to see that the players should take any blame makes me very angry. They weren’t suddenly told to throw it off in the third season.. they were just clearly trusted too much to do their own fitness and if they are unfit this season then they have obviously failed to do so
  12. Or maybe the players were trusted to do their own fitness which they did in the first 2 seasons... then they were trusted to do the same in the third season but didn’t...
  13. Rate jos so far?

    Think of it this way... imagine we had the same performances, results and team selections from these games with CC as head coach, it wouldn’t have convinced anyone he should be staying, probably the opposite...
  14. But they had Iniesta in midfield... not David Jones ahaahaha
  15. I’m trying to think of any possible way that team is set up to win a match... and failing