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  1. This for me as well but hard to leave Hodge and Sterland out.
  2. The ground a slum not words I would have thought that a Wednesday fan would ever say. Dated yes but I still love the stadium.
  3. I would assume that they are genuinely injured maybe question desire to get back but can't see anything more than that.
  4. Snodgrass tweet

    He's a wind up merchant I can accept that but diving all the time not acceptable.
  5. Snodgrass tweet

    Sorry most people should not get abuse just for playing football but he is an exception.
  6. normally dont condone violence

    I would have done a slide tackle on Snodgrass when next to ref and took em both out the cheating gits.
  7. Young George Hirst

    Has David been going to under 23 games still as they were both there yesterday watching.
  8. Player Ratings

    Main thing tonight is nobody below a 7 and Reach and Joao both a good 9.
  9. Tried really hard tonight and I still believe the goals will come.
  10. Adam Reach

    Class always finds space and willing to run all day. He can play anywhere and be effective and worries other teams.
  11. Moaners

    I feel pissed off because of all the money we've spent but that's always a gamble and it may not buy success. I've certainly seen worse and obviously we can't blame Jos and we have had relative success over last couple of seasons. Lots of contributing factors to our recent demise but will always stay behind every involved with the club from the tea masher up to the chairman. Things have got to get better and will. WAWAW.
  12. The return of BB

    Looking forward to having Bannan back but Reach is first name on team sheet for me at the minute.
  13. Fernando

    No doubt he's our best player on his day but unfortunately it's not his day often enough but we still desperately need him back.
  14. I hope he plays Palmer I just think he's the more accomplished out of the two, both have flaws in their game but Palmer shades if for me.