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  1. Palmer I think it's quite an easy choice at this moment in time.
  2. Big mistake letting him go looks lazy at times but a very good scoring ratio.
  3. Until he's officially gone back him once official give him hell.
  4. As a Wednesday fan I I always think that you would do anything to have the top job of managing Wednesday. Saying that loyalty and morals are big for me, like if (when) we get to the champions league final i didn't get a ticket but walking to the game anyway, i see a fellow Wednesday fan has dropped his ticket. My first thought would be pick it up I'm going to the game but morals take over and I give him the ticket. I'm gutted that im not going but more than happy that I've done the right thing. Long way of saying Bruce should do the right thing and stay to finish what he's started here.
  5. Another vote for Palmer though Fletcher and Hutchinson have done well the fact Palmer has played in numerous positions just tips it for me.
  6. Looks great from South Stand I am sat a long way back though.
  7. We could do with someone with a lot of money dropping cash through the letterbox of every season ticket holder so we could all invest.
  8. No not at all it's just because of the negativity this week I just wanted to know that some of us fans still appreciate him.
  9. Not sure what your talking about really my comments come after the negativity towards him for a while. I've wanted Jos out for a long time really but always backed Chansiri.
  10. Reading Owlstalk lots and lots of negatives about Chansiri some justified but lots not. I for one will be backing him tomorrow and hope the majority of the crowd sing his name.
  11. I don't agree with alot he's done but he is passionate about Wednesday and i believe he has tried his best. We have had success under him.The pricing is too expensive but blame the premier league for that not Chansiri as footballers wages are astronomical. He's tried to compete and our money was needed to help do this. Gutted that it has not worked but I'm grateful to him.
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