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  1. On the other side of the coin, I've had no crashes now since 1.05 update playing on a PS4 Pro. Other than occasional frame rate dips and off bit of pop in, its running really well for me. Strange the differences people are getting
  2. Playing on PS4 Pro. Think I'm around 8 hour in now. Had 2 full crashes and occasional textures popping in late, but that's about it. Not enough to put me off playing it. Obviously I'd love to be playing it on a PS5 but it doesn't look too bad with a few tweaks in the graphics options. Might just be getting used to the graphics rather than them looking good though
  3. Starting to see why Days Gone didn't get the best reviews now I'm in the 2nd half of the game. Loads of bugs happening compared to earlier. Can only imagine how bad it was before the patches
  4. Playing Days Gone too. Agree with Chris that the refuelling and bike fixing soon becomes a reyt chore (although as you getter bike upgrades it does become less so) . Yet,the more I play of it, the more it's dragging me in It's a weird one. It has it's problems. Very tedious at times and the weapon wheel is terrible. But there's a still a hook in there the further along you get
  5. Every morning Arthur awakes. I put him in fresh clothes and make sure he has a good breakfast. Pat, feed and brush my horse and away I go. And I can guarantee that when I return I will have lost my hat. Every single time
  6. No idea how far I'm through this either but loving it also. Took a bit to get used to the controls for me but other than that no complaints at all. I don't think I've used the screenshot button as much in a game before. May very well knock Witcher 3 off my favourite game of all time slot
  7. Just a heads up, seen a few people on Twitter saying don't look at the trophies before playing this as 1 of them spoils something big in the game
  8. Started The Evil Within 2. First off it kinda takes for granted that you will have already played the first, which I haven't. So I'd recommend at least watching a story recap from the first one to get the gist Other than that I'm liking it so far. Feels a bit 'Silent Hill'
  9. Hooper and Joao Wallace on the left Matias on the right (if he's fit/alive)
  10. Finished it myself earlier in the week. I thought it was great too and exactly the game I needed after the long summer slump. Shame that so many people seem to be sleeping on it. For £25 it's a bargain
  11. Think it's supposed to be around 10 hour for the main game but multiplayer is included too. Quite enjoying it so far. Some of the puzzles have been decent and as above the graphics are stunning.
  12. Picked this up yesterday. They've really outdone themselves on the graphics this time. It's absolutely stunning, especially with HDR
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