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  1. Hooper and Joao Wallace on the left Matias on the right (if he's fit/alive)
  2. Hate to know what the question was if Nejc is the answer
  3. Marshall would have been better moving to a team where he was playing week in week out to continue his development. Still think he is quality though but nothing improves you like game time experience. Antonio is raw but for his first full season at Championship level he's done great. Sure I heard Dave Jones say he came into football quite late in a recent interview.Explains the rawness to a extent I suppose. Would love both but for me I'd rather have Antonio. That pace can be game changing.
  4. That's not too bad actually . It's just THAT song though. Can't bear to hear that tune in the middle of another relegation scrap.
  5. Isn't his court case around this time? Maybe something to do with that.
  6. In an ideal world I'd find out how much Wolves want for him in January. If it's agreeable, loan him in till then. Can't see DJ backing down on this 1 though sadly.
  7. Exactly mate. I know it didnt feel like it at the time but if before THAT Palace we'd been offered to be in the position we are now in exchange for 2 seasons in League 1 we would have all snapped their hands off. Funny old game...
  8. So R5live came hoping for a giant killing tonight...Sorry to disappoint but the bigger club have gone through :Hirsty:
  9. Would love this to happen. We know what we getting with Danny and he will only get better. With him being a Wolves fan you can understand him wanting to play for them but if he's not going to get a sniff then he'd be better off leaving for his own development. Plus isn't his brother going to be studying at Sheff Uni? That might help persuade him to leave just that little extra.
  10. Not really a superstition but when I was younger before a game I'd set up a match on FIFA against who we was playing and let the computer play it out to see if we'd win. Last season me and my mate swapped between the Kop and the North between each home games. After we won the derby we decided to stay on the Kop till we next lost a game. BOOOM PROMOTION
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