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  1. I'm very pessimistic but this league is so poor i think only a few wins is needed and we are more than capable of that...however we wont go up via them.
  2. River Rother

    Clarke Sacked Could Meggo be next?

    Milan has sacked managers before but who would we bring in at this stage?
  3. River Rother

    manderic ill

    Most likely he's an old man who's had a terrible stress recently in the football world and doesn't want to talk to radio sheff.
  4. River Rother


    Yes anyone who doesn't think Megson is rubbish must not be an owl. Wake up! Ask Bolton fans. Their points against him seem to tally up with ones seen on here!
  5. River Rother

    The fickle nature of wednesday fans

    Whats the highest we've been away from 3rd? 4 points?
  6. River Rother

    Getting The Blip Out Of The Way...

    I think the blades had their blip around the time we played them and they drew with the likes of Exeter at home.
  7. River Rother


    I think this league is very very poor so coming into the play offs is not a shock.
  8. River Rother

    The fickle nature of wednesday fans

    I don't think i've even posted this season. I've had my views for a long time about Megson. I don't think we ever really looked good enough to come second. Look at the goal difference.
  9. River Rother


    How is it? No other game is near a sell out? Decent for this league yes but for a club like us?
  10. River Rother

    Megson on Radio

    It's somewhat been taken in another direction this thread. We're crying out for a leader to send us into battle not someone who sounds like he's going to top himself.
  11. River Rother


    Exiled living down south. Work this morning has been horrible from a Charlton fan. I think our earlier This City Is Ours attitude has bitten us on the bottom. We've not finished about United for 12 years and the only decent crowd we will get is when people crawl out of the wood work to watch United at home. Gutted. Its a long trip to get to games and i'm not sure i want to bother whilst Megson's brand of football is the way it is. OPEN YOUR EYES GARY
  12. River Rother

    Megson on Radio

    Milan is putting 6 mill a year in on top of all the money he put in to dig us out. Without him we'd be in a relegation fight and Admin at the very least. It's not him i have the problem with. My neck hurts.
  13. River Rother

    Megson on Radio

    Dunno. Turned it off. Angry with him. He is making things worse not better. Just listen to, dare i say it, Danny Wilsons post match talks even when they lose or win.
  14. River Rother

    Megson on Radio

    Talking out about Madine talking about being unhappy about Marshall going. Not right for a manager. He needs to take the flak himself but he seems to pass the buck. Even if he is right it just looks and sounds bad. Poor PR. United will finish above us now. Time to focus on Play offs.
  15. River Rother

    WC 2018 Bid

    Why did Bobby Chalrton bother going!? Oh wait he got a free holiday, food and expenses! Alright for some!! Who cares about a worldwide legacy we need a YOUTH legacy in this country.