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  1. Just chases shadows, can’t fault his running but that’s all he actually does
  2. So your the filthy animal who’s been going to the toilet on my back garden
  3. Hector is solid and very calm in possession, his only fault is his passing/distribution at times, I hope we do everything we can to sign the lad!
  4. In the odd minutes Winnall has held ball up and had a decent first touch, that’s more than nuhiu has contributed full stop
  5. Yes and apart from that wanting new contract run of form the years before that he was hopeless also, just a purple patch that will never appear again at this level
  6. He offers something different what like? Not jumping for headers, never winning a header, ball bounces off him doesn’t even hold it up, doesn’t score, must I go on
  7. No he hasn’t he’s utter garbage and I’m sick of people defending him, he’s crap
  8. He’s been a lot better since coming back into the team but he was dreadful today and I’d have dragged him off at half time
  9. Passing is nowhere near good enough to play in that role imo
  10. Absolute tozzerz along with sky tv, ruining football for the match day fans
  11. Got it as a Christmas present, Just finished watching it, sums up what being a wednesdayite is all about and abit emotional last 20 mins or so, great watch
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