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  1. Loved him while he was here but my dear he does talk some bum
  2. Positive vibrations

    He won’t change a thing he believes his own BS
  3. Season

    Can’t wait for the summer to be honest
  4. I knew Bolton would beat us today it’s how we roll
  5. We have to laugh don't we......

    It’s so embarrassing to see that
  6. Wednesday or England

    Lost total interest in England, never have or will lose interest in Wednesday, all the way for me!
  7. Wallace

    So predictable at times keep him off his left foot and he’ll do nothing, was brilliant today, he’s steady and consistent without ever having an unbelievable game
  8. Steven Fletcher

    Awesome in the air today won everything thrown at him
  9. “Chairmen do not sack Managers......

    Maybe hate is too strong, lost the love seems more fitting and everybody is fed up with the boring style no urgency so predictable and easy to play against
  10. Just got Home

    Nail on head OP
  11. “Chairmen do not sack Managers......

    Yes a lot are starting to hate him... calling Sunday just another game? That’s left a bad taste in people’s mouths, If he can’t get the players up for first sheffield derby in 6 years....
  12. “Chairmen do not sack Managers......

    Sad that it’s come to us hating him but a lot called it at the end of last season that if he was to stay fans would turn on him and look what’s happening
  13. Carlos Views on Tonight

    Boring same old crap, time to go
  14. Brilliant article absolutely spot on for me
  15. Dave Jones

    He’s awful so slow n bottles challenges all the time