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  1. SheffWed-1867

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    The so called abuse which I never heard in the ground wasn’t abuse it was criticism and rightly so he was awful, credit to him he has stepped up and improved loads but he’s not untouchable or irreplaceable by any means
  2. SheffWed-1867

    Forestieri appreciation thread

    Best in the league on his day imo
  3. SheffWed-1867


    Absolute steal in my opinion
  4. SheffWed-1867


    Has got better and better every game he plays, even more so with lees next to him, must sign him up permanent in the summer 100% for me
  5. SheffWed-1867

    Fernando Forestieri

    Best player in the league on his day.
  6. SheffWed-1867

    Adam Reach

    Was speaking about this today, perfect for wingback now that he runs at people and his energy and workrate is unbelievable, player of the season for me
  7. SheffWed-1867

    Venancio & Lees

    Venancio must be signed up imo, he’s getting better and better
  8. SheffWed-1867


    I was talking about hutch
  9. SheffWed-1867


    What for the 5 games a season he’s fit? Nowhere reliable enough
  10. SheffWed-1867


    He’s been our most solid cb until lees came back, defo sign the lad up imo
  11. SheffWed-1867


    Utter crap as always, shocking excuse for a footballer
  12. SheffWed-1867

    Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Renewed 2 weeks ago for me and my lad, if i didn’t I’d only end up paying through the nose week in week out
  13. SheffWed-1867

    Almen Abdi

    He’s a disgrace problem is we won’t have any takers for him so have to be when his contract runs out
  14. SheffWed-1867

    Jos with our first team will take us up

    Starting with 1 up top at home was awful viewing, jury still out on Jos until he has a run of games with most first team available, 2nd half loads better today but scoreline flattered us in the end, the quality we have back was the difference
  15. SheffWed-1867


    Venancio is solid doesn’t do much wrong also growing stronger by the game, 2 mill is a steal in todays market