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  1. SheffWed-1867

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    I do apologise for not reading that shower of a newspaper
  2. Not had an update on their injury situation for a long time, Hooper was training again few weeks ago according to jos and was going to have a game with under 23’s
  3. SheffWed-1867

    What's the main positives from today?

    Joao scoring 2, the 3 points, youngsters, and bannans set piece delivery
  4. SheffWed-1867

    Fessi warm up

    If he was injured then rest him or he needs surgery, doesn’t make sense this dropping him for the likes of a very poor Nuhiu
  5. SheffWed-1867

    Credit to Jos

    The squad he has available to him right now is more than capable of putting a performance in against a poor Ipswich side, instead we make them look like the Home team, bossing possession, but that’s acceptable to you is it? Guess you wernt in attendance
  6. SheffWed-1867

    Credit to Jos

    I thought we would have carried the performance from Wednesday night into today however it was so flat and slow, never got any passing going seemed to just lump it forward, we looked scared in possession at times
  7. SheffWed-1867

    Credit to Jos

    But we played with tempo and urgency and some passion, played like we did today against Millwall they would have beaten us
  8. SheffWed-1867


    You’d have a good point but the balls get played are perfect height yet he doesn’t jump or just mistimes his jump, no excuse
  9. SheffWed-1867

    Credit to Jos

    I agree As iv said in another thread, but the concern is if we play like that against a half decent team its not going to end well
  10. SheffWed-1867

    Adam Reach

    Had a rare poor game today reach, he was brilliant Wednesday night never stops running, doesn’t often have a poor game so can’t be too harsh on him
  11. SheffWed-1867


    He struggles to win headers majority of the time even though he’s tallest man on the pitch
  12. SheffWed-1867

    Credit to Jos

    The young lads coming through though are such a breath of fresh air it’s really good to see
  13. SheffWed-1867

    Credit to Jos

    Making us sit through 70 mins of that today, yeah he’s deserves some right credit
  14. SheffWed-1867

    Jordan Thorniley

    Solid never puts a foot wrong looks so comfortable at this level already