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  1. derbysowl

    bizzare away games

    Middlesborough in 73/74 season. Lost 8-0 and was chased all over the bloody town before and after the match
  2. Once again our section of fickle fans raise their head above the parapet. Not 2 months in and you're complaining. Can't you remember the state this club was in only a few short years ago. GO AND JOIN THE GLORY CHASERS WHY DON'T YOU
  3. derbysowl

    Rhodes / Forestieri swap.

    Why the hell would we want to do such a thing
  4. derbysowl

    Carlos defiant.

    My only worry if we do sell him is that he goes to one of our promotion rivals. My worry if we keep him but not play him is that he poisons the great the great team spirit we have within the team
  5. The copper at Watford in the 70s shouting through a megaphone that it was unlawful for us to sing Knees up Mother Brown and as one voice about 3000 Wednesayites started up singing .............................................KNEES UP MOTHER BROWN
  6. I hated the kit of the 60s/70s
  7. Freaking Bad. I think the title says it all
  8. Simple. I DON'T LIKE THE HOME SHIRT. We play in Blue and White STRIPES
  9. derbysowl

    I can't think of a title but...

    Errrrrm. Yes I agree. What with I don't know. Goodbye
  10. derbysowl

    The kop

    What the Kop was and now is are two different things
  11. derbysowl

    Carlos' Response To Defeat

    There's only one man that can take us forward and he's already the manager.
  12. derbysowl


    I think we looked tired. Not closing down Hull like we have with teams all season. Forestieri played out of position and was not running his socks off like his usual game. I think all in all we played one game too many. I know there will be detractors but it's just my opinion
  13. Good for you mate. Hope you enjoy the day WAWAW
  14. I remember Jibber well and had many a pint with him. Hitch Hiked to all the away games if my memory serves me right.