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  1. I may not know what I’m talking about but why are footballers given more job security than the rest of us. What if clubs were given the right to make players redundant. Then the chairman would only need to escrow the amount needed to pay redundancy for the squad. That would mean that the 25 man squad each on a 4 year £ 20 million contract would equate to an escrow payment of around £21 million ( enough to pay each player 2 months wages as a redundancy payment ) rather than the £1 billion calculated by blondeau. Surely £21 million would be affordable for most wealthy owners.
  2. Bullens former teammate and countryman J P McGovern at the game last night. He’s done some coaching and managing in Scotland. Could Bullen be thinking of bringing him in to the coaching team.
  3. Don’t panic it’s all been a horrible dream
  4. The wednesdayite car park is relocating to Hillsborough College. Fewer spaces, no pay on the day and I assume no disabled parking. Initially only available to existing permit holders
  5. As the rest of the money from the go fund page is going to the children’s . Maybe we should have an owlstalk whip round and make a contribution just to steal their thunder.
  6. Things like this put everything into perspective. Football is important but family is everything. I’m sure the Wednesday family are all behind you and wishing you and your family the best. Here’s hoping for good news soon
  7. My dad, who sadly passed away in January made all ten. I just hope I can keep my promise that I made to him the day he died. Which was that I'd be back at Wembley this year in the play off final and this time we'd win.
  8. Goalkeeper 1952-53 died 16/8/2016 Can't see anything on here or an announcement from the club, but RIP to an ex owl
  9. Sorry used our IDs, but it's not too late to register one. Get someone with an ID to log on to friends and family and add him as new. It gives a client ID instantly. Obviously this ID will have no priority points but it will give him a shot when they go on general sale. I would do it as soon as possible to make sure SEE have it on file before general sale starts.
  10. Yes we have 4 physical hard paper tickets in our hands. Wednesday have several large boxes of tickets behind the counter at the ticket office. They are for people that are "registered" with the club as disabled, but because the club had mistakenly marked my dads id as disabled and they couldn't sort it out they let me buy from them.
  11. Just to let everyone know I got home from work today at 3.00pm and logged on to try to buy 4 tickets, all season ticket holders all with 500 points and got the "id not recognised " message for one of them. Tried refreshing, checked all the ids on the OS, tried calling Hillsborough on the number on the OS ( the one that says call on this number if you're having problems logging in ) couldn't get through, sent an email, got a generic response saying there was no guarantee they could get back to me before the final. Decided there was no option but to get in the car drive across town at rush ho
  12. yeah just realised how that reads wasn't meaning to argue I'd just looked it up and I meant sorry if I was bringing back unhappy memories or being negative
  13. Sorry, but 1989 / 90 going in to the last match Luton were in the third relegation spot on 40 points we were in the place above them on 43 points. Luton beat Derby 3- 2 and we lost to Forest at Hillsborough 3-0 sending us down on goal difference.
  14. If we are still paying him, may be Dave Jones/ Milan should get him in to take the summer signings up the kop and explain to them what playing for Sheffield Wednesday means. Couldn't hurt could it ?
  15. No long sleeved at all they are hoping to have them next week
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