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  1. I have known Joe since he was I kid, he is a wednesdayite born and bred, he landed his dream job reporting on his team. He is a journalist, he has to report it as it is, but to suggest he is trying to somehow undermine the team and demoralise the fan base is wrong. He wants success for his team as much as any of us on here. Trust me Joe is Wednesday through and through.
  2. 8 minutes in and I haven’t been able to watch any of it yet just buffering
  3. No not joking that’s the cost, it covers cup games as well so you could get more than the 23 league games. We have 4 in the car and split it
  4. We park in hillsborough park you get a season long pass from Swfc but the cost for the season this year is £384 so not a cheap option.
  5. I may not know what I’m talking about but why are footballers given more job security than the rest of us. What if clubs were given the right to make players redundant. Then the chairman would only need to escrow the amount needed to pay redundancy for the squad. That would mean that the 25 man squad each on a 4 year £ 20 million contract would equate to an escrow payment of around £21 million ( enough to pay each player 2 months wages as a redundancy payment ) rather than the £1 billion calculated by blondeau. Surely £21 million would be affordable for most wealthy owners.
  6. Bullens former teammate and countryman J P McGovern at the game last night. He’s done some coaching and managing in Scotland. Could Bullen be thinking of bringing him in to the coaching team.
  7. Don’t panic it’s all been a horrible dream
  8. The wednesdayite car park is relocating to Hillsborough College. Fewer spaces, no pay on the day and I assume no disabled parking. Initially only available to existing permit holders
  9. As the rest of the money from the go fund page is going to the children’s . Maybe we should have an owlstalk whip round and make a contribution just to steal their thunder.
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