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  1. Neither did Lazaar but loads of people clamouring for him to sign again!
  2. For 1 player to scoop 7 awards just shows how bad some of the other players were .. or simply not up to Big Hec's standards
  3. Blimey, some of the squad is horrific, but on the flip side, some of it is very good, Thome, Walker, Alexanderson
  4. Every player has a price even the likes of Bannan, Fletch and Reach etc I trust Bruce to wheel and deal and be able to move players on and replace with similar if not better or players with definate potential .. Even the likes of Tom Lees, if you could get, for arguments sake, £5m, that allows you to bring in potentially 1-2, if not 3 players that will strengthen the team
  5. This is one exception to the rule of signing young players etc Cahill, on a 1 year deal possibly, would be a very astute addition alongside Hector or someone brought in (Kalas / Omeruo) if he took a big pay cut and wanted a swansong with his supported club. Its only like Terry at Villa and it nearly came off. Now he's coaching there. same could happen with Cahill and i've a feeling he might be up for that . Would be a good signing
  6. Their centre back Leistner was it? I'd take him in our team. Dominant We were turd though What a proper end of season dead rubber game that was ..
  7. Charlie Adams is absolutely gash and gave up playing a long time ago.. As much as Fletcher would be an ok signing, he's about 6 years the wrong side of 30 ... Not what we need at this time
  8. Knock off 5 and a bit! We bought him and Stefanovich for £5m, sold Darko for £1.7m and ended up releasing Dejan on a free after he failed to gain a work permit. Pish poor.
  9. Upwards if 100k off the wage bill the which will hopefully give Bruce rom to manoeuvre on the transfer market Hooper decision will have been hard but there is absolutely no room for sentiment in our position. 31years of age and 32k a week. Can get younger for a lot less and mor reliable too...
  10. Probably on same wavelength as this ... it's not what we are traditionally used yo but if it helps with building our profile abroad then very well ...
  11. Best at a club where he's the main front man .. not sure he'll be that here ...
  12. Music to my flipping ears Brucie .... Really looking forward to what Bruce has in stall for us over the summer I've every faith that he and his crew will work their magic and we'll see, potentially, some stale favourites leaving but also some very astute and solid signings as well
  13. Oh wait hang on ... these have plumped it .. that orange one ... @Karl that is a thing of beauty .. please contact the club and present your designs!!
  14. Very good .. i like the Away shirts for definite...
  15. Hopefully DC will work with Bruce and not leave us in the position we found ourselves in last summer where we had a very capable and potential star player for the club leave (when an apparant deal was set in place) and move on to another club for a pittance leaving us highly short in that area. Along with Hector, I would tugg my weiner right off if we signed Tomas Kalas and/or Kenneth Omeruo on permanent or loan deals.
  16. Personally neither have done enough to warrant a new contract if we are basing this on fitness over the past 1-1.5 seasons .. Couple of options you could take with them though - invite them to train with us over the summer in a bid to prove their fitness and earn a short term contract - (6 months - 1 year) The other is giving them a 1 year but that may prove to be a gamble due to the above fitness record - again, do we take the risk with them, hopefully on reduced wages again or allow them to move on and sign for someone else possibly playing the majority of the season wherever they are .. If the poster claiming to be KLEE's dad is genuine and he's on what, £10k-£15k then i'd be more inclined to offer KLEE a contract than Hooper (think he'd be best off going to the states and signing a lucrative deal there) Due to our perilous financial situation, we need all the $$$$ we can muster and releasing the likes of Hooper, Abdi, Jones etc should allow us to negotiate some tidy deals for younger, hungrier, fitter players hopefully
  17. Been stale for a couple of years now Every team needs to refresh the team and inject new life in to it ..
  18. I can see Palmer being offered and signing for definate, Westwood if the terms are right Hooper, Matias, Lee and Boyd will be in the middle depending on what constraints Bruce has for next season but for me, apart from Palmer and Westwood to an extent, i'd ship the rest out completely allowing Bruce to wheel and deal ... fresh blood, fresh impetus, younger, hungry, fitter players able to contribute towards the cause There is absolutely no room for sentiment now and I think a lot of fans are getting caught up in that ...
  19. Swap the colours around and we're on to a winner!!
  20. With you on this .. We cry at the likes of Matias, Abdi and other sick notes yet we are advocating signing up 1 possibly 2 sick notes that have played for years .. No room for sentiment anymore due to our financial position and i have every faith in Steve Bruce to deal with this in the right way. If they leave i'll miss them but trust Bruce to bring in more reliable and possibly players that can contribute a hell of a lot to our club
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