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  1. 70 minutes away ar derby, a rare start and the man's shot Christ .. So much for checking in on him after a run of games. Let's see how he is doing after 5/6/7 starts then we can make better judgement. But by eck we need some pace in attack ...
  2. Unfortunately whoever has managed this clusterfuck of financial accounting wants taking to the cleaners and rightly so. If our Chairman, a so called experienced business man according to many on here, or that finance bloke have given this the go ahead, to either bungle the figures or deliberately doctor them to suit our financial needs then yes, they deserve punishment. People need to understand that we have fudged our accounts which is illegal. Not taken advantage of a loop hole and what not like Derby or whomever. People still lambasting the EFL or blaming others for our plight aren’t looking beyond their own Wednesday tinted specs. Thanks to the above, our club could be hit with a points deduction that will mean we are gonna be fighting for our lives in a relegation scrap. Thanks to pure and utter naivety, inexperience and a lack of attention to detail. I’m sorry but anyone pushing the blame on to the EFL should be embarrassed with themselves. There is no-one else to blame but those that are deemed “at the top” in their respective areas of employment. These are apparent experts at their job paid handsomely. If the auditors have missed something then yeah they need to carry the can as well … but lord above .. it could only be us that try and manipulate a sale of our historic stadium in order to cook the books. Embarrassing, an utter joke and a complete shambles.
  3. We are gash and have been for a while now Expectations rose with the influx of foreign cash but its been spunked up the wall on over age duds and players that add nothing more then what we already had If fans lowered their expectations to what they should be, the team is mid table at best .. we'd all be a lot happier!
  4. Fair enough point, but for me, its still evident since 28th May fecking 2016 that we lack direct pace in a striker/forwards position. Especially one that doesn't balloon the ball all the time in to row z .. This needed addressing asap and still does and its criminal that its not been done since. I hope that Monk does a bit of wheeling and dealing either via the loan market or full transfers and brings someone in that has a bundle of pace in their arsenal because at the moment we are so one dimensional up top its genuinely upsetting... Also I would prefer us to play 2 up top more often, a foil or support for whoever else is up there but you would then have to make sacrifices in other areas on the pitch and I don't believe we have the compliment of players for this.
  5. Niggly injuries keep setting him back and he's what 29/30? He doesn't seem to get a consistent out via various means, inconsistent form, injuries, suspensions, etc .. impact from the bench seems to work at the minute. Will he recapture his former glory when he could turn the match in our favour in a split second, i'm not so sure ...
  6. But you are basing his selection on a few sub appearances and a goal aren't you? He is a class act but his best days are seemingly behind him otherwise wouldn't he be selected? we can't cling on to the hope that Fessi is going to be our saviour and lead us glory? Otherwise it would have happened already no?
  7. I think Bannan is terrible for it me .. even when he was captain. Very poor from him .
  8. I dont get the massive blame game on Westeros this time. He's culpable but feel it should be directed at a static deefence more as Westwood trying to mop up their mess. I've been critical of him but from a keepers perspective he's got 2 options; 1/ Stay on his line and allow the wba player to get the ball and hope the defenders get beck in to position or allow the wba player a free shot on goal. He'd get castigated for not coming off his line. 2/ come out and try and beat the player to the ball. He went for number 2 but just not committed enough. If he'd have flung himself towards the ball he'd have probably been able to punch it away and maybe win a free kick. For me when you watch the highlights over and over, I've got absolutely no idea wtf Palmer and now even Iorfa are thinking. Ball watching and poorly done, they've sold Westwood down the river cos hes seen em stop but noticed a player running from deep and 2 defenders like statues calling for a non existent offside. God dam awful defending.
  9. Westwood had to come out to try and narrow the angle and put the player off after palmer completely switched off which as a defender, is catastrophically criminal Can't do that. He's to blame not Westwood
  10. Watching highlights can't blame him for the goals. Fletcher was it loses the ball fit the first one in a dangerous position resulting in a thorough ball that unfortunately Borner totally flat footed 2nd goal wtf is palmer doing. Just stopped and everyone knows you play till the whistle
  11. Think he's doing something with italian media somewhere ...
  12. Tough one with Di Canio for many fans. I’m generally positive about his time here .. he was a fascist but never showed that here (but that doesn’t make it right) .. was only when he was at Lazio and with the Ultras .. Not read his book so dunno what he said about us, I’m sure somebody can paste the extracts … He was one of the best players we’ve ever had at the club in terms of technical ability and getting people off their seats .. I don’t think we’ve had anyone like him since. Him and Carbone together. Good lord. We had some decent players back then. It all went boobies up after the Alcock shove though and you see the contrast between us and Manchester United when handling something of this nature. Where Cantona attacked a fan while playing, he was looked after and came back to fire Manure to wins and titles. Unfortunately Dave Richards threw Di Canio under the bus and made Danny Wilson the scapegoat as to not tarnish his application for the prem chairman position (so I’m led to believe) Anyway … no point dwelling on what may have been … we missed out on a couple of seasons of Di Canios wizardry. He’s a fecking idol at West Ham because of what he did … should have been with us .. ffs
  13. Refreshing to watch though They have their limitations. Thought defensively against England they were poor but if they can sort that out, they'll be ok and for one of the smaller clubs, are good to watch, humble, play some good football and have some good players.
  14. I agree also .. Potential to have been a nice little SWFC area .. Couple of restaurants, eateries, pubs/bars or whatever. A large secure multi story car park. Could have moved the club shop there allowing us to utilise the space where its sits at present either through expansion of the stadium or through installing something else that could be incorporated in to the ground I reckon it could have been a nice little development associated with the club
  15. So going forward, everytime the team scores you want them to saunter off back to their half, no celebrating or enjoying the moment Ok sure thing ...
  16. The 2nd goal, yes fox loses his man, but I'm guessing he thought Westwood was going to claim/punch the ball .. still think westwood was culpable though rather than anyone else
  17. We are a very average mediocre team that every now and then will play some good football and might beat one of the tops up the league Anyone setting their expectations on a top 6 finish is absolutely deluded and setting their stall out way too high If we all settle for mid table obscurity and the team perform better than that ... happy days!
  18. Westwood - 5 Palmer - 5 Iorfa - 7 Lees - 7 Fox - 8 Murphy - 6 Bannan - 5 Klee - 6 Harris - 6 Nuhiu - 6 Fletcher - 6
  19. To me it looked like Fox was having a pop at Westwood .. it looked like Westwood didn't put a voice out then to either leave it, or for him to claim it ..
  20. Should have just banged it down the line quicker or pumped it in to row z if it was later .. instead a panicky clearance resulted in a Westwood making a tremendous save to force the corner. If he'd have done the sensible thing, we would not have been in that position ... FFS
  21. What was Palmer doing for christs sake. Just plant the fukkin ball into row z or down the line sooner instead of dilly dallying FFS
  22. Absolutely better in defence whether its on the right or as a man mountain in the centre. Look at his performance against Leeds. The problem we've got was that he was shoe horned in to being a CDM and it worked for a while, and no works every now and then. We've no-one else who can fill in that role so Hutch will always be there unless we buy an Adam Clayton or a Jack Colback or similar. When you have Pessy and Hutch in the middle, your creative outlet is reliant on the centre mid and wide players to create - looking at Fras' posts picture and judging by comments about the game, it seems that our creative players didn't exert enough on the game and their contributions were poor resulting on us playing pretty deep and failing to create much
  23. I feel sorry for him me .. I'm no good at corners neither so know how it feels to take a guff one!
  24. Indeed you are right ... money is a big factor. It kept me invested in the club when we were bloody bobbins since our fall from the prem ... Now its becoming obscene, kit prices, season tickets, pay on the gates etc .. just pushes fans away and the same throughout football. Think there are very few leagues that maintain a level of interest. Good article on BBC about Union Berlin. Some team that brings 32k to a cup match and that rely on the fans to make the noise during the game not a band or when the team is playing decent football. Feels like the good old days Other stuff could be factored. The connection you had with your club. Seems to be moving away as the ever present sniff of prem money whaffs about the place ... treat the fans like cacka to get where you want. Away games are class indeed. the hardcore where most people whether you know them or not all want the same thing and where you are bezzie mates for the day
  25. Yeah same .. don't watch Match of the Day anymore .. got bored of seeing the same old teams winning through either hook or crook or genuine decent football while the rest of the league struggles ... Don't watch Quest anymore .. only when we win or get a good result Used to watch foreign football but again like the Prem .. its boring seeing the same old teams win all the time. Though saying that, this weekend was interesting. A lot of the big teams either lost or drew!
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