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  1. As much as some want to. You cant blame Bullen for today Players have to take responsibility for that.. cant be having that many shots on goal and not even getting one ...
  2. Lets be honest, this badge is the absolute dogs bolloxs clean, effective, minimal, sharp, simple, identifiable. Wasn't keen on the change to be honest. I think this represents us more so than the current badge. My opinion of course ..
  3. was ... still is if you ask me!!!! Jos's time was a difficult tenure ..i've no ill feeling to the bloke. He started off well, we looked solid and players coming in to form - have to remember too that we had a lot of players out injured as well and not being able to spend much - bought 1 player - Pessy There must have been something else that went off over last summer resulting in Hutch and Westwood being benched ... surely can't have been the manager leaving out 2 of the clubs best players? Tasked with reducing the clubs outgoings while working on a budget using his experience of this from his tenure in the B2. But we'll never know unless Jos comes out it in an interview. Would love to hear his thoughts on it all .. BUT we move on ... we are in a better position now anyway in terms of players and lack of injuries
  4. Did alright at CSKA Moscow but could never quite hit the heights for Man City and Everton. Seems to be popular in Brazil and now scoring goals in Japan He's 32 but i'm sure he is older than that!! Brilliant post that echoes my sentiments. Did well up to a point then it all went sour very quickly. He was marmite, some fans liked him, many didn't ... was tough coming in to the club in the situation it was in .. but he steadied the ship and got some good results. Just a pity that last season it went boobies up at the end and it started becoming very toxic.
  5. I thought that was Bogan Aussie (Alex Williamson)? Sounds very much like him, i know there is another aussie sounding bloke that does it but terreble compared ... I'll always remember his Gerviniho reference! haha I like the alternative commentry vids .. "if luongo scored i would have sucked him right off in front of the kop"
  6. This - He'll add another dimension, a tricky one instead of all out pace .. he's got a turn of speed but Harris and Murphy offer raw pace where Fessi is just a little bit quicker then some ..
  7. Always has been the captain .. surprised he wasn't given it this year Borner vice
  8. Dawson - 7 Moses - 6 Lees - 7 Borner - 8 Palmer - 8 Klee - 7 Hutch - 8 Reach - 6 Harris - 8 Murphy - 8 Fletcher - 8 SUBS All 6 Thought Palmer and Hutch were superb defensively .. Murphy and Harris just give us something we've not had since the days of JJ and Antonio running up and down the wing .. christ. So looking forward to them against some of the bigger teams and having a go. Should be delightful. Be interesting to see how Rhodes gets on with them 2 as well. There were a couple of balls across the box where Fletcher had gone out wide of as an attacking midfielder but i reckon Rhodes would have been in the right spot to nick them balls across the box in! Such a great game to watch. Plenty of exciting moments. Haven't had them for ages. Harris and Murphy get you off your seat!
  9. I think for me, now Luongo has signed its between him, hutch, bannan and lee for that midfield 3. Pessy as back up. Reach needs to find another dimension to his game otherwise he's gonna be an impact sub ...
  10. I think Lees was more effective, solid headers, long range ball, tackles etc but heck we've got a steal in Boner. Absolute steal on a free .. class. And will only get better as he gets more games under his belt
  11. I'd be worried if we were to have a solskjaer kind of moment here. Amazing when hes caretaker, given the role and the team take foot off the gas then it goes pear shaped for him ...
  12. Part and parcel of the game .. the dark arts Next
  13. I think Barnsley will finish between 12th and above drop zone. As players get used to what stendel wants they'll improve Our fans so fickle .. last week we wanted stendel as next manager, now he's throw.
  14. imagine when the window shuts and we've signed Massimo, Murphy, Maddison and Michael M PARTAY!
  15. No actual qualms with Palmer at left back. Think his form has been tremendous over much of last season Doing a great job at left back as well
  16. Cracking finish this one but the Keepers reaction
  17. If we do get in Luongo and Murphy I'd say 2 more players and its job done for me and we SHOULD be right up there ...
  18. Luongo on a free transfer is astounding business to say he went to QPR for £4.2m according to transfer markt. A very good signing indeed. very happy if this was to come off. I see him as a midfielder one that can either be holding or further up the pitch. Only 26, got legs, likes a tackle. Decent indeed. Murphy on loan as well. Another astute signing that would add youth and inject some pace as well. Another good signing Be a terrific window if we pull off these 2 and Hector as well . wow
  19. I like Colin Murray .. has a soft spot for teams lower down the football pyramid and does come out with some solid facts and stats .. Quest show is decent and Dean Ashton is a solid co pundit as well. Much better than some on the BBC to be fair as well. Much better!
  20. Rhodes £10.53m VanAken £2.7m Pessy 450k Reach 5.31m Abdi £3.24m Fox 738k Winnal 518k Tom Lees undisclosed but I heard it was around 50k *Figures off TransferMarkt*
  21. One minute Rhodes should be utilised now we have wingers, next minute get rid, then its get rid of ja-wow, next its get rid make you fecking minds up!
  22. Gonna say hope we aren't writing him off after 1 game!
  23. 8 people voting for Pulis .. christ. he's fecking shitze!! This guy for me;
  24. Just reminded me or such a horrid time in our recent year - for me the 0-0 draw at Huddersfield, ok wasn't a great spectacle but we'd done half the job. Kept them out and brought them back to Hillsborough where we should have gone fo the jugular and quite rightly so absolutely blitzed them away. After Fletchers goal, i thought to myself, this is it, get another and Hudds are done. If not then there is every chance of a sucker punch - which happened. Once we went 1-0 up though we seemed to become more defensive. Like Carlos shat his pants and set us up to see the game out .. beggers belief it really does .. Absolutely agree with your points about CC - no plan B and refusal to accept pace and power - his comment about wanting dancers and not bouncers just shocked me as i'm all for a couple of bruisers on the park in teams. Do disagree with the bit in bold though - i think he changed how we set up massively in the 2nd season - coupled with other teams setting up their stall against us better. That 2nd season for me, we scraped in on the back of other teams bombing and us holding out on results. There were games we should have lost but ended up winning, Rotherham, Bristol, Forest etc. He changed us to grind out results instead of blowing teams away like we did last season. Grind out results to get in to the play offs. Yes it worked but helped by others. then season after. wow.. went even worse
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