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  1. Tough one with Jordan which I think its best if he moves on now ... There is only so much flack and expectation you can take as fans .. Do we create enough for him? I'm not sure. I don't think we do create enough for the type of player that he is .. when we do, he scored 3 against Forest .. It would be great to see where our goals have come from this season or last, headers, in or out the box, crosses or passes in to feet/head etc whether in or out the box
  2. Do they not do the measurements in inch's or CM anyway?
  3. Humongous refresh needed and something thats been needed for a bloody long time ... Joke really considering the amount spent on players, who we've stockpiled and what we've squandered ... We need a lot of youth players brought in, young, hungry players that will fight tooth and nail for their place and when playing. I hope we make full use of the loan market as well and bring in at least 4 loanees, a mix of youth and experience... Gonna be really interesting to see what happens You can easily build a team around Rhodes and say Luongo and Borner and Iorfa at the back .. just getting the right blend around them Also wouldn't be against flogging the likes of Bannan ($$$) and Westwood because he aint gonna be playing any time soon
  4. I think many have said this in the thread and before ... Ashley - vehemently hated by many ... loads of posters on here saying "no deal! he's a cretin" .. but one thing is certain, he's a cretin that would certainly have us in a fit financial state .. we might not like how he operates on very restrictive budgets .. but we wouldn't be looking at points deductions, having to sell our stadium etc in order to be run right and not go bust or whatever Like it or lump it, he's a business man and we'd be a proper business with him in charge
  5. Early days yet like but has a long way to go if he's to establish himself here ...
  6. Thats the difference .. as well as having chairman with differing attitudes and final goals .. Richards wanting a slice of the premiership pie and a cushty job sold Di Canio down the river to West Ham for a measly £1.75m While Man U stood behind Cantona, welcomed him back and reaped the rewards
  7. This was always how I saw it as well. Wilson effectively had his hands tied because Richard's didn't want to jeopardise his position with the FA and his future role as Premier League chairman. If he'd have done a Ferguson and supported Di Canio we'd be in a better place I absolutely believe that. From there it just all went downhill due to one mans greed
  8. Maybe needs more ex players or high profile Wednesday fans to call DC out ... might prompt him in to positive action instead of burying his head in the sand or trying to deal with it all himself
  9. Hmmm ... Interesting to see the opinions of fans about this video - I found it quite amusing, the insights in to what happens behind closed doors .. I think the resentment towards Wallace isn't helped by what is happening with the club. If we were in a better position, everyone would be laughing their socks off. This is modern football / social media / friendship groups after all and it happens across the land. It was down to the manager to then control those that weren't towing the line but I'm guessing he didn't have a clue about the whatsapp group and what was happening behind his back ... I dunno. I think, yeah Wallace is being a little bit disrespectful but christ, it certainly is no different to what some of us lot do/be involved with and pot kettle black springs to mind
  10. Incompetent Inept Misguided Inexperienced Naive Arrogant Egotistical Stubborn
  11. 2 diabolical Chairman 1 with actual business nous
  12. More chance of Chansiri having a dump on bumhole lane kick off spot then Big Sam coming to our shitshow
  13. No need to get your kit in a twist!
  14. Before, relegation from the prem and what coincided after, including 2 relegations to league one, I was either too young to fully comprehend what was happening, and only slightly older where I didn't actually give a sh*t because it was mainly about the crack and getting drunk with mates having a laugh .. This is probably the most worrying period for me before it becomes the worst .. I don't actually know what is going on with the club when before, even though we were saddled with a huge debt, most supporters knew the future of the club and that we were treading water safely .. now we simply do not know what is going to happen with the club .. everything seems to be up in the air .. shambles
  15. #fuckknows We seem to be .. or probably are a complete and utter mess behind the scenes .. DC is burying his head in the sand or just letting everything go on day to day hoping that it will all just magically get better with no dialogue with the supporters that pump their hard earned cash in to the club to see it swallowed up in wages for players that don't give a damn, for debt, for repayments or into the black hole ether F*cking shambolic ...
  16. With Fletcher back from injury and how we are performing, i'd be inclined to bring Rhodes back in to the fray I don't get that after the Forest hat trick, he played another what, 70 minutes or something before being completely bombed from the squad Winnall bags a couple of goals and same again .. And we don't even get a response about it ... Seriously wtf is going on
  17. Certainly not the worst manager we've had but depending on things go over the next month or two .. he could be approaching the same bracket as them .. the same happened to Jos really .. both managers struggling to get much out of this bunch and with a complete and utter lack of support from the upper echelons ...
  18. You look at the players that have been jettisoned completely .. Rhodes, Winnall, Bates, Hutch, Westwood. Heard that Winnall not afraid to voice his "opinion" .. Doubt Rhodes would upset the apple. Moses has been told he can leave as well although every now and then is included. Then in relation to the bad eggs - could merely be a reference to a poor attitude from some, lack of determination, fire in the belly, desire to win ..weak
  19. I'd release all players out of contract with only Fox offered a new deal. I would want Hutch to have one but we know that aint going to happen.. The squad should be trimmed massively and for me we should be looking to retain the following only: Dawson, Wildsmith, Palmer, Borner, Iorfa, Fox, Luongo, Reach, Harris Everyone else put up for sale with possibly only Rhodes and Moses (depending on where we are and who we can realistically bring in) given minutes with a view to being part of the first team squad That would mean a significant overhaul in the summer to bring in at least 10-15 players if not more and also promoting youth The rebuild started under Jos but stuttered before we opted to go back to type and play experience. We need a massive refresh and this summer is it. Do I trust the current incumbents, Monk and DC to bring in the right type of players .. not really given the evidence of this season for Monk and this and past for DC .. Actually when I think about it more, I'm slightly concerned in which direction we are going to be heading in and whether we'll do a Leeds/Portsmouth/Forest/Sheff U etc and struggle down the leagues before coming back up in years time ... Good grief :0(
  20. Are we actually "light years" ahead of where we've come from? We've what to show for the millions spunked away by DC? A nice pitch and a new scoreboard? Fans can't live on the past heralds of 2 failed promotion charges, 1 meekly surrendered at Wembley and the other an abhorrent display at Hillsborough in the semi's .. We are in no better position then we were when we were flipping skint.
  21. This is one of the main reasons why I am so despondent .. why I am close to just sacking it all off, why watching this current shitshow is so painful and tedious and makes me so angry at times. To spunk the amount of money we have up the wall and be in no better position then when we were flipping skint is outrageous. Mind blowing. Embarrassing. Shambolic and downright disgraceful. We are rotten to the very core
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