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    Always been a solid forward man that works hard.. but his profligacy in front of goal certainly doesn't warrant 40k a week and probably, with hindsight, cost us some points
  2. Hack-Abusi

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    Fans would appreciate the club and staff involved if they ere just honest. If they came out and said KW isn't playing because it's financial then fine. When you hear contradictory stories from those involved then makes you wonder who's telling the truth Bit of a shambles really ...
  3. Hack-Abusi

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    Is it though? I thought the discussion was how many goals per minutes are scored? Not how many goals per minutes per game?
  4. Hack-Abusi

    Rhodes goals

    Pretty sure that we've said many a time we don't play to Nunu's strengths, or that FF should play out wide, or that Joao on the right in a front 3 doesn't work so need to play to his strengths?
  5. Hack-Abusi

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    3 management teams? TBF he's only really had 1 look at him when fully fit. Derby utilised him and he bagged goals
  6. Hack-Abusi

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    Nunu Joao Fletcher Winnall Hooper Fessi Then you have Mattias and Boyd that can play in that top 3. I think Winnall has a role to play personally. I think he'd be better utilised as that lone striker with Fessi and Joao at side of him in the future. Not sure what future Nunu and Hooper have ...
  7. Hack-Abusi

    Onomah injured again

    Bruce will utilise him when he's back to full fitness .. might even play him instead of Boyd
  8. Hack-Abusi

    Defence so much tighter

    I think this is key .. even if you were playing the young lads like Baker, consistency is key for any player and group to find form, confidence and consistency. Keep shuffling the pack and no rascal gets in to any rhythm or knows what they are doing! Same with tactics as well!
  9. Hack-Abusi

    Holloway - well said

    Fantastic outlook that though! ♥
  10. Hack-Abusi


    Just watched the highlights and Norwich absolutely pelted Leeds .. Leeds were like deers in the headlights!
  11. IF thats the case then you need to get rid of several like Fessi who missed a pen and refused to play for us once and others ... Personally i think Hutch contributes a hell of a lot to our team .. its no surprise that since he's come in to the team that we've got more bite in midfield. Managed correctly the guy CAN last a full season - he's less reckless now diving in to tackles and getting yellows and reds .. seems Bullen's chat with him to calm things down has worked a lot .. Still a vital player for me and personally i think he'd make an excellent centre back alongside Hector if we did sign him on and brought in a CDM
  12. Hack-Abusi

    Morgan Fox

    I think this is key and its not just for Fox, its for any player really (which is such a contrast to what Jos did this season compared to end of last season!) Consistency is key for many .. you have to get games under your belt to get in to form, to boost your confidence and get doing the right things .. its no surprise that the back 5 look much better after a consistent run of games together
  13. Hack-Abusi

    Bruce on........FERNANDO

    From how it sounds and what he's done in the past, Bruce has the potential to get several players firing ... Rhodes, Winnal, Nunu, Fessi etc ..
  14. Hack-Abusi

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    indeed this .. a 90th minute winner against Ipswich doesn't mean that all the mistakes that DC has conjured up and the alienation created suddenly disappears .. Think some fans need a reality check too
  15. Hack-Abusi

    Holloway - well said

    Always unsure about Holloways credentials as a manager .. don't think he's got enough in the tank for us .. HOWEVER he speaks ridiculously well of us which has been a surprise recently given his strong roots to QPR and i'm sure he could make me change my mind if he came in and got us firing .. would absolutely NOT be adverse to him being in the hot seat at S6
  16. Rumours of Forest have spoken to Westwood and Tom Lees? Anyone else seen or heard this?
  17. Dunno how concrete our link was with him but seems another thats escaped our amazing transfer net - not that we ever had one with all this shambolic off the field stuff ...
  18. AB signed for Kilmarnock now .. thought Steve would have brought his son to us!
  19. Hack-Abusi

    Kieron Westwood Lovely Man

    1 year deal on the table are the rumours in the papers
  20. Christ .. dire window for us
  21. Hack-Abusi

    Bruce’s instructions from here

    shut up shop defensive football nick 1-0 wins see the season out major overhaul in the summer firesale and release of players couple permanent signings, 5 or 6 loanees struggle next season
  22. No we didn't and yes he did ... I don't think with the financial package on offer that many managers would turn us down to be fair ... Sorry to rant but another flat, dour, lifeless window with probably no signings coming in and no-one leaving In 3 windows, we’ve signed 1 permanent player and 2 loanees with 1 of em barely featuring .. What a complete and utter shambles .. Sorry DC but you and your buddy CC have fecked us up good at proper that we can’t even sign decent players. Heck we aren’t even offloading players or releasing them to try and balance the books and bring others in!! No youth players out on loan, no mutual terminations, no rumours of fringe players being shipped out, no nothing. Is anything happening behind the scenes? (hopefully i'm proved wrong!!) Congrats DC .. well played .. Absolute crock of sh*t … I would say I’m looking forward to the summer as I want this season to end but feck me, we will be releasing a boat load of players, still restricted by P&S restraints, who the feck are we going to sign? Seriously. Extremely disappointed and now quite worried ....
  23. I always thought well of Murphy up to now ... Questioning a blokes commitment based on conjecture and without knowing the full facts ... Tereeble