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  1. I know he likes to be on the ball so drops deep, but honestly, if you let Bannan roam just behind the strikers with a holding midfielder or 2 behind him, christ, he'd wreak absolute devastation on teams ...
  2. Needs a run of games. There's a player in him .. looked alright Norwich
  3. There is a quality player in there .. you know .. just a pity he's built like a chocolate fireguard ...
  4. Sedloski went on to have a decent career though as well didn't he Who was that right back as well. Juan Cobian? Played in a handful of games and looked actually very good .. left us and disappeared! Sometimes i think Urby was a deal to help launder money!
  5. Christ some just can't let it go can they .. Be same people waxing lyrical we were gonna push for play offs after last season's finish ...
  6. Based on our budget I'd only rate Palmer as one we should defo offer a contract too The rest can go with only Westwood to discuss whether it's a good enough deal for the club
  7. Bannan / Reach / Nuhiu / Jawow - I'd cash in one these players if reasonable offers came in. Unsure about Forestieri but if yu can get him playing like tonight then obviously we need to keep him unless a proper ridiculous offer came in!
  8. Knowing our luck he'll get another year but for me, we need better ...
  9. Some flipping cracking gear fo show .. but very pricey ...
  10. Not sure on that .. the shirts from Elev8 are surprisingly good quality if you ask me .. definitely overpriced though .. can only imagine if we got Nike or adidas that the price would be even higher with whoever's in charge of pricing at our club!
  11. Hooper and Rooney up top for DC United would be a mouth watering attack!
  12. Bruce will want to get Rhodes firing again i've no doubt about that .. I can see a few strikers leaving the club and him snapping up a pacy striker - probably sign Fraser Campbell knowing our luck!
  13. There is only one leader at that club in terms of what they do on the pitch, attitude, vocal and you know i've never seen him berating a player or having a go at someone .. Sam Hutchinson Should have been given the armband when Bruce came in. Hopefully Lees stripped of the captaincy next season and just allowed to get on with his football because he offers nothing in terms of captaining and leadership
  14. Think its down the manager and player then to adapt their game when we face particular opposition that stifle how they play ..
  15. Fox nowhere near as bad as some are making out ... Shame that once they've got something in their heads they won't let it go
  16. Criticism was because he was playing poorly .. not got it in his locker to do more then defend and hes not a leader. When hes got someone at the side of him or behind that can lead it allows him to do what he does best .. defend
  17. I'm very confident that we'll retain the service of Westwood Absolute quality keeper and personality feel the break under Jos has been good for him in relation to getting back fit
  18. Awful today .. someone against top teams he isn't suited to a 442 .. 3 mean midfield yes ..
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