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  1. For me would be a MASSIVE coup if we got him on board - definate statement manager and could see some quality players based in holland being tempted to come here HOWEVER - personally think he's out of reach for us at the minute .... Although with Cocu to Derby, you never know .. FACT when i think about it, he's now my no.1 choice!
  2. Appreciate he's "Wednesday thru' and thru' " but nah .. not for me ..
  3. This. Would absolutely not be against Holloway on board for a season .. he's a similar ilk to Bruce yet people now are turning their nose up at him!
  4. Zola is dogshit Anyone that even puts this clowns name forward should be lined up and shot Facebook full of fools promoting this numpty Boils my urine ....
  5. I'I've had some fakes ones in the past though from asia and they are pretty decent .. there are little touches you notice though compared to official shirts mind
  6. Some lovely football on display ... if that was Lincolns first team i'd be very concerned for them ...
  7. Did this for last 10 years with details off Transfer Markt. Not gone through players though, just sum they've given at end (no undisclosed figuires obviously) SWFC SUFC
  8. Depends how its done - if money was reinvested back in the play squad like Derby or Brentford then yeah it would be fine, but i know what you mean, if we sold a boat load of players and brought in freebies we'd be questioning the chairmans intelligence and motives fo show!
  9. There's a tweet doing the rounds with a picture of Bruce saying he's at middlewood road Obviously Dom is talking bull
  10. https://www.transfermarkt.com/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik?ajax=yw1
  11. Absolutely mental - we've known for years we've been sh*t with nurting or bringing players with resell value .. Absolute dogshit mentality from the current chairman though to shove out the "we aren't a selling club" when the likes of Brentford etc continue to operate shrewdly while selling off their best assets from time to time .. but he isn't the only one. We've been like this for years now. Di Canio, Carbone, De Bilde, Sibon, Stefanovich, Kavacovic, Antonio, et al No club can operate by stockpiling players and letting them leave for next to nothing after splashing out wages and transfer fees Bloody rubbish!
  12. Whats happening, why has this man not been mentioned yet!!!!!!!!
  13. Its a job to many ... a job that is detached from reality at times but a job non the less .. if someone is offering you more money and you are happy to leave .. f*ck it you'll go .. look at players that move to China or the states but could still do a job in their domestic league... look at players leaving Scotland for more money playing for Salford etc .. Some move where the money is.. yes sometimes it stinks, or shows a lack of loyalty but fizz it, some players careers are short lived. you soak up what you can like anyone would. The frustating thing for me and loopholes that are exlpoited by many clubs - it is them we should be venting our anger and frustrations at ..
  14. This - Bruce knows his players .. he won't be scouting over 200 and signing someone that isn't physically up to scratch - he knows whats needed in a defender and i trust him to sign someone decent whether thats Hector or not Its died down a little which is good but fans need to move on from Hector and fingers crossed, Bruce will bring a gem in
  15. You know what ... George Hirst or David sent the issue here .. it's the bawbags at leicester that have used the loophole to rob us of a decent fee .. flipping charlatans The authorities know what they have done but can't do fizz all about it ...
  16. imagine if some of these were chucked in the deep end next season because we couldn't sign anyone due to embargo ... LOLZ
  17. Hopefully he's got over the car crash injury, don't want a player built like Pape mache ... attacking full back isn't he? Soure up and down the wing
  18. Ermmm nice one ... thanks for that ...
  19. If Sam Hutchinson is able to be involved in majority of games then he should be made captain - The end. Tom Lees simply isn't captain material - not vocal enough and deflects from concentrating on his own game ...
  20. i thought at first .. WOAH! this is not such a great deal but after @alanharper posted the breakdown of costs, and knowing other clubs do it ... its not actually that bad a deal - especially for the Early Bird offer If you are a collector of programmes, it makes sense to get this, whether you go to games or not - you'll get a pristine copy wrapped up through the door box. Sorted
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