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  1. Hack-Abusi

    Efe ambrose

    Good player then? Pity we don't have the clout at the minute to compete. If we had just managed our past transfers correctly, then we could have brought him to the club with the right deal ffs
  2. Hack-Abusi

    Cost Of Production

    Oh i miss the days of going on holiday in Asia and buying replica shirts for a pittance ...
  3. Hack-Abusi


    Both have been up there in the scoring charts .. most goals in a calander year or since this date etc ... Then we ruined em both! haha
  4. Hack-Abusi

    John Marquis

    He's gash at this level. League One at best .. definitely not what we should be looking for ..
  5. Hack-Abusi

    Efe ambrose

    No chance of us signing Souttar in the window then? Out of our price range?
  6. Hack-Abusi

    Adbi playing for U23's

    He did indeed and captained us ... he retired to save us money so definitely not a bad player compared to some money grabbers!
  7. Hack-Abusi


    Without Joaos goals we'd be fizzed the rest don't contribute enough and thats from midfield (excluding Reach) I sure as hell don't think Bannan contributes enough goals or assist wise neither . we need some leggy runners because we are so bereft of attacking pace. someone to get the ball down and just run with it .. so lethargic at times
  8. Hack-Abusi


    We are missing a manager thats Big?
  9. Hack-Abusi

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    If Dawson had played and let in 3 and given a penalty away the baying crowd would have been out in force! "not good enough", "liability", "doesn't breed confidence in the back 4", "not vocal enoug" and more bullshavitz ...
  10. I think we have saleable assets even the likes of Baker etc but we've got to give them game time with a consistent team and formation Baker could be sold for some dosh, Penney, Preston etc. Plus, it’s a hell of a long time to nurture a kid from a young age with the potential that they might be good at football. Wise stance to focus on young teenagers – turnaround pretty quick with those when you find out whether they are good or bad
  11. Hack-Abusi

    its the managers fault apparently

    Can't wait for a complete and utter refresh of this squad Many with a losers mentality, many not good enough, many simply can't be arsed Cash in I'd say. Even likes of Bannan should not be exempt from the cull
  12. Hack-Abusi

    Can’t wait

    Me personally I'm looking to a major revamp and refresh of this squad Some downright wasters at this club leeching some luxurious contracts
  13. Hack-Abusi

    Hull City goal

    Dawson's fault surely