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  1. unbelievable ... a suspended sentence as well .. absolute joke
  2. fredrico

    My thoughts as well .. if Joost continues like he did against Forest, then for Venancio to come in it would be at the sacrifice of Lees. Don't get me wrong as well, Lees has been and still is quality for us .. however there is no room for sentiment. If Venancio comes in and plays a blinder, then so be it. Its good to potentially have 4-5 very good centre backs to choose from.
  3. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    Great post - interesting to read about the tactics and stuff ... reminds me of what i read in "inverting the pyramid" fascinating stuff keep up the great work :)
  4. Jones the quiet man

    Does all the above and "retains the ball" .. plenty of ball retention allows midfield to dictate thus reducing the number of opposition attacks. Very good at that Unsung hero. Not been promoted several times for nothing
  5. Daniel Pudil

    I like Pudil. Never had an issue with him, average, steady eddy and done a superb job at centre back. I know we need a bit more if we wanna progress and Fox isn't the answer but i'm sure that in the next season or two we'll get a better left back
  6. be even better if it weren't £55 still!
  7. Last night...

    just out of curiousity, and if you can remember, what ex players and managers were present?
  8. Hands are tied with the majority of stuff so i hear
  9. Utter rubbish .. Loovens has been one of the best players at the club each season since he signed. An absolute rock at the back and at times much better performer than Lees HOWEVER, with him injured, i really want to see one of the new boys thrown in at the deep end .. after all, this is football, flip the molychoddling and pussyfooting about. If they are good enough they can handle the pressure
  10. I think possibly you are missing the point what many posters are trying to put across. Its just the impact in the future that is spoiling everything .. The younger fans or fathers of young owls are impacted because they aren't able to buy a prized possession for themselves or their kids, the older fans (like myself and surely when you think about it, you as well) are questioning this entire kit debacle because it shows a complete and utter shambles because of DC's firm grip on quality control, missed opportunities in relation to fully maximising revenue and increasing fan base, excitement around the club and the Sheffield Wednesday brand and not making us look like some struggling Sunday league pub team that can't sort out a kit. This is our 150th anniversary year and hey, I know, you know, we all know, that this could have been an amazing summer with a kit for sale, couple of signings, and an amazing buzz about the club this summer/pre-season and carry that in to the season .. but it is all a bit deflated at the moment ...
  11. Liam Palmer

    lack of heart, guts and positive attitude?!
  12. Liam Palmer

    on that note, i do appreciate the situation that Palmer is in, and as you say, if he retained his place in CM he'd probably be playing for a team in League One or Two
  13. Liam Palmer

    I think many central midfielders that are shoe horned in to the right back position would struggle, and struggle more when not given regular game time .. imagine Davey Jones or Abdi there!
  14. Anniversary third strip!

    this ...