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  1. This .. and lacking leadership. No one with the guts, passion or fire to spur the team on neither .. just a bunch of footballers that turn up and waltz about Some shocking defending for Brum's 2nd and 3rd goals ... abject
  2. Absolutely disgusting stat .. we are so mentally weak in the last quarter of the game its embarrassing .. Rudderless and lacking leaders with grit and fight
  3. Absolutely disgusting stat .. we are so mentally weak in the last quarter of the game its embarrassing .. Rudderless and lacking leaders with grit and fight
  4. What's Dawson got to do with that shoddy clearance and Klee all over the shop on the post ...
  5. Wish I'd have lumped on at 100's!! With how our form is at the minute its printing money as we look dead certs for relegation!
  6. Weren't we offered Marcelo Salas when he was really young? Sure i've heard that somewhere Defo heard the Stam link, think he was 19 and we said he was unproven BUT ... if we'd have had these players, or kept them .. you know full well they'd have flopped and left us for better pastures anyway! Its the Wednesday way!
  7. Warnock His record speaks for itself. If you took away his previous misdemenours with the Pigs away, we'd be jumping through hoops and crawling over broken glass to get this man in, 8 promotions in his time, 3 to the premier league. The football aint great, his methods won't be for everyone and he has said those comments (tongue in cheek when United manager) about managing us to send us down - lip service for the united fans. He's changed that stance given what happened towards the end of his tenure there .. I'm not advocating that we chase him etc but as a fan, you can't turn your nose up at a manager with that pedigree and CV ... he'd sort out this sorry bunch of wasters thats for sure ....
  8. Some of those signings are right duds along with no resell value in a lot of them .. we've made money on who Wiggins May Joao Hunt 4 players in what ... 5 seasons That is an absolute disgrace Sold 4 players for money in 5 years. No wonder why our finances are down the bottom. Absolute haphazard planning, rudderless leadership and shameful understanding of how to run a "business"
  9. The issue with Bannan is knowing where to play him .. he's like one of those luxury players where its difficult to slot him in unless you change your formation to suit. Juan Veron a good example at Manure. He was brilliant for Inter and Argentina, but for Man U in central midfield he found it difficult. I think the same applies for Bannan We know his talents. We know what he's good at. His best football is the final attacking third where his quick vision and passing can reek havoc on the opposition. The problem, and not through his own, is that managers constantly pick him as a central midfielder. Its been prevalent through much of his career and for Scotland. He can be effective but he needs a defensive screen behind him otherwise he drops deep to collect the ball and instead of being a dynamic player driving up and down he floats over balls or drives a hollywood ball out wide, then slowly gets up the pitch or wildly closes down leaving massive gaps in the middle. You know he wants the ball so if you are going to play him he needs to be the pivot behind the strikers, feeding the ball out wide or through balls forward. I think this is why many get frustrated with him, seeing him dropping to centre back to pick up the ball, then he's too deep to do anything. The issue we have is that we don't have other players to fill in the defensive midfield roles like say a younger Grant Leadbitter or an Adam Clayton or Mo Diame or like a box to box Tom Cairny type .. Hutch aint playing again, KLee aint fit enoug, Pessy probably not good enough so we are limited AND you know what .. its something WE'VE all been harping on about since the Wembley final against Hull.
  10. Incompetence Naivety Stubborness Arrogance Delusions of grandeur Ineptness Inexperienced Gulluble Control freak etc etc etc
  11. Pessy gets a bad rep at the moment because he doesn't do anything spectacular .. Granted he may not do much else but he's one of the biggest scapegoats at the club ...
  12. For the amount of money spent and what we're asked to cough up id be hoping the hopeometer would be higher than that to be honest The money we had before paled in comparison
  13. All this bullshit about rumbelows agenda's when if you factor in some more season's it's hardly any different. Bout 11 points better off for over 100m spanked down the fùcking toilet. That is absolutely shambolic. And being charged sky high prices, champagne prices for the pleasure. For this dogshit we are getting served up. For the past what, 2-3 years of crap. Absolute joke
  14. At the club? Seriously Shambles from top to bottom Jesus wept
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