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  1. No bit it's a pretty old game, 4 years old now I think. Lot of videos online for it, so it's pretty legit
  2. We need a proper experience striker because if we're relying on Paterson to lead the line we're fizzed
  3. Was finding some form but bit to late for us and not many fans could get round the whole celebrating/ whatever it was with grabban. We move on Jack is back !!
  4. No, because I'd heard some good stuff coming from the academy coaches about his progression. Needed more game time lower league before playing, full seasons in league One and Two before coming back.
  5. Unbelievable keeper. Agility that belied his so called "big" frame .. Player that when watching him, made me want to be a keeper
  6. Hopefully we've got an apprentice over Christmas ...
  7. Yeah probably in most aspects I guess Shame really, I thought Dawson would kick on and become a really good keeper for us like Kevin Pressman
  8. He was good in terms of being vocal maybe, leading the line, bit of a character in the dressing room, but he was a poor keeper
  9. I'd be more inclined to keep Dawson over Wildsmith - think his time is up here, Dawson has a short chance to improve under Basso now and try and seize his chance but I'd absolutely be looking to sign an established stopper at this level I would have suggested Jordan Archer but he's signed for QPR or Boro is it? There's a few others that probably have more experience in goal but I don't know what they are are like .. Paolo Gazziniga Marcus Bettinelli Orjan Nyland Kristoffer Nordfelt Jamal Blackman Ryan Allsop Luke Daniels Daniel Rogers Jonathon Mitchell
  10. Said this for a few years now ... Accountability. Verification Its the only way to clamp out fake accounts, bots, twitter trolls etc .. some of the stuff that's been posted in the last couple of years, as social media becomes more prevalent and gives those vile beings a voice is absolutely horrific and people get away with it .. more action is being taken but there is still plenty to be done ...
  11. Anyone playing Black Desert Online? Just seen a trailer and review for it. Looks incredible graphics wise
  12. Happens with most clubs unless its a proper bespoke company, or they decide to make bespoke kits regardless of what division you are in Lot of Puma is templates, I know, I think it was Ipswich had one similar to a Sunday league club I played for an charged 50-60 quid for it! Cost us £12.50 with no badge or sponsor. Ridiculous at times!
  13. Dunkley's level league one. Feel Championship is a little bit too high for him but with games under his belt he'd keep up .. I'd keep him to be honest and reckon Iorfa will be sold ...
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