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  1. Been threadbare in midfield for a number of years now .. especially in quality. Luongo is a good signing and Brown could be alright for us, albeit its a loan, but we needed a couple more experienced signings to bring us up to a decent level. Adam Clayton was an absolute must for me, free transfer, experienced head with plenty of games behind him and knows this league. Good player too. Kam Mokotjo would also have been a good freebie for this level. and both of them would have complimented the team and youngsters no end Personally, maybe an unpopular decision
  2. Because he bottled it in the 2nd season reverting to fitting in big name players or playing some weird diamond formation instead of the swash buckling form of the first season Been downhill ever since
  3. Monks not great. What we've dished up though is what he did at Birmingham under very similar circumstances. I'm not his biggest fan. I think the football is turd, but what else can we expect when our current Chairman has set us back years though absolute inept leadership, naivety beyond his years and business acumen that is a complete and utter shambles. The blame for me lies firmly at the head honcho. King Bean. Golden Elephant. How some fans can let him off what is a complete and utter ******** up of our club because he put some elephants outside the *****
  4. Nothing seems a right fit for us at the minute does it .. not anymore Manager, player, chairman .. absolute shambles
  5. I always thought Paterson was a wideman/utility midfielder?
  6. Spent more and brought in more than Jos - Think he brought in 12 players and spent about £1.5m? I mean, not as much compared to some I agree .. but looks like could be the most out of all the Managers, with Jos spending what on Joey, £400-£500k? And Monk spending about £1m ish and bringing in 9 ..
  7. Performances, and the hands they were dealt in the transfer market. Jos >>>>> Irvine >>>>> Monk Jos bought 1 player and 2 loans. Absolute peanuts compared Irvine and monk had decent transfer windows but where one was defensively inept, the current just looks inept
  8. The highlights on sky sports we look absolutely shambolic from front to back. Defensively, Flint a cart horse, Dawson glued to his line. Midfield, no protection, no impetus, even bannan looks absolutely garbage and doesn't give a flying fück. Players just standing still or stopping That was it. We had no attacking highlights. Shameful It all just looks a complete and utter shitshow and absolutely nothing to show us that things will improve for the better. Absolute disgrace from the very top right to the bottom once again
  9. Been shrewd for years and years .. complete contrast to our previous recruitment when DC and whoever took charge #shitshow
  10. Damage limitation by the sounds of things and try and hit teams on the counter I'm sure this is what he employed at Birmingham
  11. Imagine if we'd have spunked £10 on Tony. He'd bag about 5 goals a season, turn to shyte then get released to some other champ club where he'd pump in 20 plus The Wednesday Way
  12. The thing is .. and its tough for a lot to swallow .. a lot of fans, myself included But this current form, this turgid style, this grinding out games is indicative of what Monk did with Birmingham and under very similar circumstances, refreshed a bloated squad, debts, points deduction etc. Its all just to get us to safety. We can't expect amazing football and pumping teams week in week out. Monk will just do enough and it's not gonna be pretty. We're gonna be languishing around mid to bottom table and we have to either accept that or ... well what else can
  13. Done alright since after lockdown at RB hasn't he?
  14. I'm sure there were other options in the loan/free/budget market for a big bustling target man to come in Otherwise, just play ******** Rhodes for 10 games straight with 2 forwards supporting him or something
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