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  1. Hack-Abusi

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Same thoughts here Approaching 30 years old on a whopping 40k a week with 2 more seasons left. Cash in the chips i'd say .. we've got more than enough with Joao, Forestieri, Nunu, Hooper, Winnall and Mattias.
  2. Hack-Abusi

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Doesn't the membership offer you anything else apart from potential to jump so much of the queue for match day tickets? Money off in the club shop? Money off anything at all in the club? discounted entry to special events? Isn't that what membership of an establishment about?
  3. Isn't Devonshire green got big screen for the semis?
  4. Hack-Abusi

    Venancio not coming back

    Unless Jos is looking to put hutch at centre back and look for a midfielder than we still need another experienced centre back.
  5. Hack-Abusi

    Venancio not coming back

    It's incredibly disappointing to see us fail to land Fred. Very disappointing ... I can only assume that jos had faith in a youngster, who we've got or had someone lined up ...
  6. in relation to the OP .. good idea in theory .. but in reality .. i think cost and paperwork would scupper it.. I would like to see it, or hope that there are the bars open screening it on a big screen somewhere. You'd think the city centres would be having fan areas with screens as well? peace gardens like when the snookers on
  7. Just goes to show .. like with any club and player .. if your fitness levels are high, you have a manager put their faith and trust in you and you are in confident form .. you will play well .. all this was sadly edging away before Carlos left ..
  8. That penalty is flipping pitiful .. you want teams to stop doing this .. doing a Wolves last season and Forest this season spending past their means ... start deducting points!!
  9. I think its great .. i'd prefer people getting on board and supporting England when we are doing well .. its the national team, everyone should be supporting England .. fúcking love tournament football though .. good god its immense!
  10. Hack-Abusi

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    1 Billion percent this ... won't be long before the average joe is priced out of watching their beloved club play football ...
  11. Hack-Abusi

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    The levels of pomposity on this thread flipping stink. If people want to complain about shirt prices, then let them - does not make them any less a fan! In my opinion, £59 for a championship shirt made by an in house company is quite frustrating, so people will complain. And to make it even worse .. we are now stepping in to "player pro shirt" territory like some of the big guns. Facking hell. I've complained before about shirt prices since we started upping the price when we had chuffing sondico for a kit supplier and wanted fans to spend £55!!!!!! Shirts should be £40-£45 maximum. Especially given the fact that we now bring out a shirt every season and do it with 3 different kits. If we had one for a few seasons, then yeah £59 and £99 would be fine. And kids shirt should probably be about £20-£25 tops an all! Soon we'll see a pro shirt prices hitting triple figures and pushing the £150 boundary while normal shirts will be around £70-£80 made by some unknown company you've never heard all, all on the premise that the club need to be as profitable as possible. Don't get me wrong .. love the new shirt. think it looks great. Don't love the pricing though.
  12. Hack-Abusi


    800k would have been a bargain given todays transfer market 1.8m still a decent price again given some of the crazy prices banded about in modern football ... we really need to get this deal done asap ... i'd rather him with us than another rival club in the league
  13. Hack-Abusi

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    £99 and £59 .. I like the shirt but come on .. this is elev8, an unknown, in house sports company making our shirts ... someone's taking wee wee here
  14. Hack-Abusi

    Guess the kit pricing?

    £55-£59 for Adults Kids about Not seen that .. what was the unit price out of interest?? For me i reckon prices will be around £55-£59 for adults and £40-£45 for kids ... rip off!