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  1. Wildsmiths garbage. Utter garbage Awful goalkeeping Poor leadership from Bannan personally. I think thats wrong of a captain but thats just me and not how I lead when C, prefer to encourage Never been a captain. Little man syndrome. Few flashes or brilliance but another who's having a woeful season Somebody pull the plug mind .. absolutely awful this term!
  2. Not consistent enough .. might make a good winger or wideman but defensively he's tragic ..
  3. Paterson is dreadful as a striker. In fairness that isn't his main position, but when you look at it, where is his actual position? He's garbage in defence as Warnock has alluded to and he offers nothing special in midfield? He's literally a utility man that fills in wherever an injury is or if someones tired with 10-15 minutes to go Atdhe is 10x times the striker he is
  4. Rot set in after Huddersfield semi defeat .. That season wasn't the best anyway, just grind out wins because Carlos was crapping his pants about losing and not getting in the play offs or whatever Ever since then we've been on a hiding to nothing with our ineffective forays in to the transfer market and inability to effectively sell anyone of value and not even refresh a squad thats been losing for a long time now Players and Chansiri. 2 utter let downs.
  5. Absolute spot on post Myself and few others have said the same I posted it in another thread Someone posted a Steve Bruce comment about it We needed to refresh after the Hull Wembley defeat. We absolutely needed to refresh after huddersfield Instead we've sat on our laurels, building a ******** "family" and this is where we are. penniless, scrapping the barrel for average mediocre players and expecting to survive in a tough division There are 2 constants throughout all of this. The players and the chairman Both ar
  6. other clubs with a womans team see where the potential is and also see what £££ might be generated by an improving product and fan base The fact we've not had a proper run womans team for a while is disappointing. I would have thought under DC we'd have seen more investment however is probably yet more indictment on how shambolically run this club is under Chancer.
  7. GK DEF: Hutchinson Borner Iorfa Urgohide Moses Palmer (only because he is contracted) MID: Luongo (will he ever be ******** fit?) Shaw FW: Rhodes (MASSIVE pay cut) Windass Moore has a massive MASSIVE job on his hands over the summer to reshape this squad because we are lacking in every area and not just the odd player, but a boat load in all areas I'd resign Hutch, make him a centre back and captain Rest I'd fizz off and that includes Bannan. For £25k a week, you can bring
  8. 10000% Messed up not signing him because we didn't have an agreement in place (poor strategy by the usual idiots) Then we ended up spending money on Van Aken who wasn't up to it and has been a major dud buy at £4m We could have had Federico for 800k, then £2m but nope .. He's a class defender at this level. Was solid for us. Would have probably been a great captain too
  9. We've had managers and temp managers come and go but there are 2 key attributes that have remained constant throughout this entire shambles of a season The Players The Chairman
  10. It's no surprise that coaching staff have always chosen Dawson ahead of Wildsmitth as the better keeper. A few good saves here and there but Wildsmith always known for a clanger. Both aren't good enough We'r should have gone for Neil Etheridge and made him number one. Or Jordan Archer, or someone else with capable experience Yet another bumbling mess in the transfer market, synonymous with this club. Shambles
  11. Another absolute mockery transfer from our famed committee or whomever is in charge Another waste
  12. Don't need Huddersfield Chairman to remind many of us what we thought at the time and after ....
  13. I'd be more inclined to keep Dawson however if he really wants to secure that number 1 slot, he needs to up his game. Then in the summer I'd be looking to bring in a keeper that could be selected straight away
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