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  1. So do we all agree..

    Get those that wanted him out after the millwall and QPR games ...
  2. FF miss.

    HA, this is a brilliant, whats the word? anecdote? or whatever .. brilliant :) My thoughts at first were it was a bad miss .. but hey, every player misses a chance every now and then so its just one of those isn't it ..
  3. Nuihu & Joao

    I felt that after the Arsenal game, might have been around that time he was selected for Portugal too, can't remember .. but he seemed to get a bit too big for his boots .. he went on a baron scoring run and then looked like a petulant child when playing and stuff wasn't going his way, didn't track back, didn't do the dirty work, looked very lazy Under Jos though, both players seem to have found a new lease of life ..
  4. Kieran Westwood

    He is .. don't get me wrong. He's been one of the best keepers we've had since Kevin Pressmen .. but he's 33, 34 in October, he's a saleable asset and we've got 2 brilliant keepers in Dawson and Wildsmith .. christ we've got Jake Kean as well but he'll be leaving at the end of the season right? Its worth cashing in on him if he's gonna leave. Dawson and Wildsmith to fight it out for the number 1 spot and bring in a 3rd experienced keeper on the wind down to improve the other 2
  5. Stuart Gray

    as opposed to Carlos who spunked 4m on abdi, 2m on matias, and god knows how much wages on the likes of Fletcher, Urby, Sougou etc etc etc etc .... 500k is nothing compared to what DC had in the warchest. Gray would have been in a different market if he had funds .. not the bargain basements
  6. Stay Needs best players fit and a overhaul of the current squad
  7. this is tongue in cheek yeah? cos if not .. what a loada ballaxs!
  8. Venancio

    Absolutely worth signing. Rated him after a few games and will only get better. Potential captain material as well and we could have a bargain on our hands at the right price. Defo needs signing up
  9. Nuhiu needs a contract NOW!!!

    I think he's been like this since he's been with us. Just at the minute he's scoring goals. Still performs well most games and puts the effort in
  10. Much better from Pelupessy

    Plenty of time to improve. needs to impose himself on games more and get more involved with roughing up the opposition and passing too. Plenty of games where he is a bystander and no better than Butterfield or Jones
  11. Man of the match & ratings

    Nuhiu - 100
  12. Morgan Fox

    Definitely not a wing back and it shows .. Not bad at centre half to be fair but not an attacking player.
  13. Mel looks like he's packing .. If the new retro yellow shirt was released then that would be a rate winner!!
  14. Deserves a new contract .. when given the chance like under Gray and now Jos .. he'll do a job - he causes the opposition all sorts of problems and many a game he'll have 1,2 if not 3 players trying to get the ball off him .. its no wonder under Gray and possibly the first season under Carlos, him playing allowed others the time and space to do their bit Good squad player.