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  1. Pearson falls under the same bracket as Megson, Bruce and Pulis. He'd fall out with DC in no time and probably get the boot You'd hope a legend like him doesn't tarnish his name coming here like some have in the past (Wilson - although not all his doing) Cook's a bit more of a yes man that can polish turds ..
  2. Still playing? Worth a shout Sign him up?
  3. Not really .. but really need to get a bout of games out of him
  4. All that investment for what, a new scoreboard and pitch. Woop De fùcking doo
  5. What's happening to Rhodes, Brown, Kachunga and Penney is bizarre
  6. Best chairman in the country and beyond What he's done for this club is revolutionary
  7. Rudderless Lacking leadership on and off the field Spineless Naive Immature Pathetic Lacking Inneffective Stubborn Garbage Shambolic
  8. Yet more great business nous by the self made millionaire, business expert and all round great guy DC ... WHAT A ******** SHAMBLES
  9. Nowt to do with Monk Do you blame Monk when you burn your dinner or miss the pan when p*ssing
  10. Indeed Wycombe broke their duck against us, Rotherham haven't beaten us since god knows when, Barnsley haven't won at Hillsborough since god knows when .. all these ducks being broken this year for other teams Its like when you see so and so has scored their first goal against you on champ man and you throw laptop out window
  11. Even though we were relegated, seen more fight and balls from that team then those shirkers going out this season
  12. In other circumstances, you'd want to get rid of Nuhiu if you were looking to progress Under DC, we aren't .. we are regressing, so we should have kept him on, retained his services, the same for Kieran Lee and gone back and offered an olive branch to Sam Hutchinson. We should have kept them 3 players because they'd add a hell of a lot more then the likes of Patterson and some others ...
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