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  1. Quality signing Dean ... missed out before but now we've got him we need to move earth and water to ensure he's signed up at the end of the season
  2. Think many are being generous for Windass. Apart from his goal .. didn't offer much Hunt was great down the right before tiring. Put in some deadly balls that we really should have finished and Kambieri's effort .. all over. Deserves more plaudits and goals then he gets currently. Dunkley and Massimo offer so much to our team in vital areas. Now Dunkley is just asked to be a stopper, his game, unbelievable. The amount of headers he wins is phenomenal. Massimo allows everyone else in midfield to push higher up the pitch, and certainly for Bannan, where they are more effective. Thought BPF was at fault for the goal. A well taken free kick but he took that unnecessary step to his left which left a bit more room for the ball to float over him from the set piece. Pity really.
  3. Much better further forward but only if he has a midfielder supporting and covering that CDM position. When he's deep, we're ******** tripe, slows the play up so much and those hollywood balls. Christ
  4. I've slated him before and rightly so .. Chey Donkley Now he's hit a purple patch at the right time and what is probably a perfect league for him Few shaky moments, letting his man go, but once he gets going throws absolutely everything at the ball for the cause, body, legs, and especially head. Wins an outrageous amount of headers / borderline concussive state Can't fault the lad and nothing but praise for him at the moment
  5. Desperate to keep him fit .. If he plays now until the end of the season and we perform well he deserves a contract. I'd give him one. Huge player. Just needs to stay fit and firing
  6. Has to be Dunkley for his leadership and what seems to be him coming in to his game and hitting form and Luongo for completely changing our team dynamic when coming on. Not happened often, but that substitution actually worked .. Massimo was the catalyst
  7. Should have scrapped his contract over the summer and wished him well Part of this apathetic run we've had going for the past what, 3-4 years Needed a refresh .. instead he continues to be part of the problem
  8. Yeah Cantona incident sticks out massively .. compare the 2 and its day and night difference ...
  9. Or forcing Wilson's hand and stringing Di Canio out to dry, we'd have kept him, probably have stayed up etc and not been a laughing stock for years and flogged Di Canio for tuppence when West Ham and Redknapp got the best out of him, he's associated with us only for the Alcock incident ...
  10. £49 for a fecking training top Someone drunk when they listed prices. Christ
  11. Gutted for Luongo however I guess it probably means his times up with us. Can't see us renewing his contract due to the number of injuries he's picked up over this time here which is too many Making the early day Hutch look like Iron Man
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