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  1. Yeah Cantona incident sticks out massively .. compare the 2 and its day and night difference ...
  2. Or forcing Wilson's hand and stringing Di Canio out to dry, we'd have kept him, probably have stayed up etc and not been a laughing stock for years and flogged Di Canio for tuppence when West Ham and Redknapp got the best out of him, he's associated with us only for the Alcock incident ...
  3. £49 for a fecking training top Someone drunk when they listed prices. Christ
  4. Gutted for Luongo however I guess it probably means his times up with us. Can't see us renewing his contract due to the number of injuries he's picked up over this time here which is too many Making the early day Hutch look like Iron Man
  5. How do we know he hasn't? He came in to a ragged squad, had a few good games, few bad games .. This will do him the world of good and hopefully he'll come back a better keeper
  6. Away shirt a belter, home shirt growing on me Competitively priced I hope .. none of this touching £60 quid or over bolloxs
  7. Many have said that this is the loan spell he needed few years back, a full season or 2 in league one or two, getting to grips with football before coming back to us .. To be fair, its what Wildsmith needs as well I feel ...
  8. Samuel Edward Hutchinson By a country mile Absolute captains performance.
  9. Can defo see this happening Moore's assistant at WBA so obvious choice really
  10. Sadly his time here was spoilt by his constant ability to give a pen away and his high fiving of Grabban In another timeline, he'd probably have had a good couple of seasons with us ... By hey ho, it is what it is ...
  11. No bit it's a pretty old game, 4 years old now I think. Lot of videos online for it, so it's pretty legit
  12. We need a proper experience striker because if we're relying on Paterson to lead the line we're fizzed
  13. Was finding some form but bit to late for us and not many fans could get round the whole celebrating/ whatever it was with grabban. We move on Jack is back !!
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