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  1. I don't think it was his command of English .. I think there was more to it .. from building a solid base and picking players reguarly including some seasoned pro's .. i'm adamant that he was given a remit to refresh the squad, phase out big earners, bring in youth with the prospect of selling and work from there - unfortunately we didn't have the luxury of time to do that an the players coming in weren't mentally tough enough or perhaps good enough at the time for a championship battle - hence Bullen bringing Westwood and Hutch back when he was caretaker ... As above .. I'm in the same camp as you ..
  2. Consistency has gone down the drain .. doesn't turn it on enough for us to warrant a regular place in the team .. also lot of niggly injuries at minute
  3. I reckon Monk will get a tune out of Rhodes ..
  4. Absolutely And some fans and chairmen forget this .. all this "playing the XXX TEAM way" after binning a manager off - the aim of the game is to win regardless of how its done .. sometimes we over complicate simple matters!
  5. Newcastle and Norwich fans gave us a taster of what he was like .. flattered to deceive, poor end product .. Not happening for him right now. Gone right off the boil and yeah I won't be surprised seeing Reach start games in there with Luongo brought in to midfield .. Would give us a much more stronger option when we are defending and pressing in our own half
  6. Modern day fans with social media - bloody awful The number of ridiculous posts on twitter, facebook and the internet in general has crept up to disastrous proportions .. try reasoning with these idiots though .. like trying to educate pork!
  7. ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ I'd keep Bullen .. and I don't mind who Monk brings in neither, Beattie and Clotet would be great. Regardless of whether Beatties played for the stain, he has no affiliation with thim in the sense of supporting them or a tattoo on his arm of the crest or something! If he can get our strikers firing, especially Rhodes and Winnall then quids in!
  8. Hutch should be permanent captain anyway but in Lees absence should be him with Borner as vice
  9. I thought he was class and added something different. Didn't feel that he was as bad as the Reading and Everton reports made out? Would have taken him on a permanent deal as well!
  10. Always thought Reach would be better off in the front 3. Doesn't offer much from central midfield
  11. Depends how you are going to set up .. you can play 2 in the middle if your wingers and strikers will be making nuisances of themselves in the final third .. You can play with a CDM if you have a player, especially of Bannans quality pulling strings around the centre circle and forward What we see from them though is that they drop so far deep to either collect the ball or to defend that we then end up over run in the middle of the park .. Hutch and Luongo would work I reckon with Luongo driving up and down and Hutch offering protection in front of the back 4. The wingers need more involvement too coming and collecting the ball and driving forward with it .. and as someone else alluded to .. hold up play up front needs to happen. can't have the ball coming back to us everytime its lumped up top
  12. I think this needs to happen - bring in an experienced assistant, even an ex manager to help him along and some experienced coaches. Most of hte backroom staff have been promoted from within
  13. Pulis is vvank .. one of the most negative managers tactically ever. Literally just grind out shiddy victories ... awful .. be lucky to get mid table drawing 0-0 all time!
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