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  1. Hack-Abusi

    Biased pundits etc

    McGinns goal was absolutely sensational ... wouldn't surprise me if it was nominated for the Puskas award ... unbelievable technique ...
  2. Hack-Abusi

    Marco Matias

    its good to see him having a run in the team which is what we all wanted .. You can see though that he is working his bolloxs off and that only benefits the team if he see's out a full season with us and bags 10 plus goals .. then he's definitely worth a new contract
  3. we can be quick sometimes with our passing and transistion from defence to attack still think we are missing an Antonio type player with blistering pace ...
  4. Hack-Abusi

    this is hilarious

    5 players after p*ss from broad street! haha Calling the Samaritans after the game .. christ ... they think they are having it bad ... bleeding eck ... I didn't think they were too disparaging about us personally .. Only the Asian guy really belittled us while the rest more commented about how much of a shambles they were ... Didn't mind that video, some fan opinion vids just full of idiots shouting and swearing like pantomine villains ..
  5. Hack-Abusi

    Hector report

    Exactly .. would have probably cost a similar amount to Van Aken as well but instantly accustomed to English football ...
  6. Hack-Abusi


    worth a flutter
  7. Manager at fault for players failing to clear a ball properly and opposition scoring a screamer Christ, heard it all now ...
  8. Hack-Abusi

    I really wish...

    Bravo flipping bravo!!!
  9. Hack-Abusi

    Bannan should be Captain.

    I believe it was criminal. And the deal should have been agreed when we first signed him. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. but he was a very astute signing when he came in with a good reputation and experience and proved so in the games he played. We've missed a trick considering our defensive options at the moment. it was criminal why CoCo never played him from the beginning of the season it was criminal how we never had anything in place to sign him It was criminal that we let him sign for another team Dunno about fees but i've heard prices from £800k up to £1.8m Either way, £1.8m for a 25 year old central defender who was captain Vitoria Setubal with 115 games under his belt and that looked 10 miles ahead of Joost Van Aken would have been an absolute steal ...
  10. Hack-Abusi

    Jordan Thorniley.

    I do agree that Thorniley will be a very good player in a few years time .. i still think he's a bit raw has a lot to learn .. but performance wise he's probably in form along with Penny at the moment ...
  11. Hack-Abusi

    Ashley Baker

    If anyone is to blame it will be the fans that berate players like Baker etc when they've only played what .. 5 games or so? In and out of the team, you can't get consistent form with that .. i've seen him a few times and he's looked decent actually and should, hopefully will, get better. beggers belief some fans are willing to write him off already ...
  12. Hack-Abusi

    Hayley - Update

    Wish Cancer would just f*ck off and do one ... Thoughts go out to her friends, family but most of all her husband and kids .. Sad news RIP ♥xx♥
  13. Hack-Abusi

    Bannan should be Captain.

    Indeed ... probably the reason, however why there wasn't an agreement already in place is absolutely criminal ...
  14. Hack-Abusi

    Bannan should be Captain.

    I'm not sure about Bannan for captain in my opinion. Seems pretty negative when shouting at players at getting in the referees face ... certainly leadng by example performance wise but seems a bit petulant on the pitch at times .. Think then it was pretty obvious that those who thought Loovens wasn't a leader never watched when he played. He led by example from the back and brought out the best in other players which i don't think Lees is doing. He's never been a captain and he's currently not leading by example performance wise. Not vocal enough, doesn't motivate the players. Hutch would be my captain but he's never fit long enough to play. Everyone needs a leader but a lot of players aren't the type to cajole others and talk to them. They focus on their own game and aren't vocal. Another good choice would have been Venancio. You could see he had it in him to talk to others and to almost tutor players during games ... what a massive miss he is at the moment. Real dud not signing him.
  15. Hack-Abusi

    One person to blame tonight.

    Disappointing to see when there is one defeat or a poor performance the courtroom jesters are out in force to stick the knives in Jos' back ... christ - again, people need to set themselves realistic expectations. We have a manager that has brought in 1 permanent transfer and 2 loanees in his time here. He's had to ship players out and bring in youth players, many that have a hell of a lot to learn, and try and create a formula that works.. games like tonight are hit and miss and we'll have plenty of them this season ... he needs 2-4 transfer windows to actually bring in his players and mould the team in to what he wants. shift out some of the deadweight, the injury prone and to be quite frank, some of those players that have been here a while and that have gone stale, that have a losers mentatilty. The next season or two are about rebuilding and bedding in youth and we simply won't be challenging for the top 6 anymore until we realise that then these threads are always gonna pop up and JOS OUT will be chanted after many a game this season ....