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  1. Loving some of the kits out this season ... loving them!
  2. Not able to change the title of the previous thread to this season? I'll say it again as shirts get uploaded but Macron have really impressed me this year. I would absolutely not be averse to having them as our kit supplier in future. Them and the likes of Lecoq Sport and Joma have brought some belting shirts out. Great to see Hummel with more shirts in the uk football market as well. Love Hummel. Just bought loads of training gear for grass roots season!
  3. With Donny Rovers of all teams ... 42 miles away!! Harrogate Town: Doncaster Rovers groundshare for EFL newcomers - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53637169
  4. I've seen figures from £8k-£12k for both players touted about. £8k is low given what wages are increasing to now ...
  5. In some aspects sure .. but thats different to whats been discussed mostly in here and what Tommy Spurr offered. You need to be ruthless sure, but there are nice ways of going about it .. not just being a d*ck which is what Megson sounds like
  6. I think you need a mixture really .. especially in our situation You need youth and gems but experienced pro's to assist and lead the club
  7. When i think about it .. Nuhiu, as backup probably gets another year for me .. Never injured, always available, chips in with goals every now and then, low wages .. Go on then!
  8. Absolutely disagree with that. Plenty of nice folk in football that are winners .. Don't always have to be a scumbag or a bully to succeed. It works with some .. but not for me .. look at Sean Dyche interview in a podcast @owlstalk posted .. change your management style to suit players. What successful ones do ...
  9. I think Dyche is a brilliant manager but like others have alluded to, because he's at Burnley with defensive tactics due to the limitations he's against, and because he's constantly touted as a bit of a Dinosaur, he won't get a top job at one of the big clubs .. I liked Allardyce too .. I know he's not everyones cup of tea but you simply cannot argue against him getting results at clubs .. Blackburn, Newcastle and especially Bolton. What he did there was crazy. he's in to his football analysts and nutritions and stuff etc as well
  10. Middlesborough have a few out of contract - George Friend, Ryan Shotton, Adam Clayton, Patrick Roberts, Marvin Johnson and a couple that have left already - Rudy Gestede and Daniel Ayala
  11. Chris Gunter, Jordan Obita and Tyler Blackett released by Reading All played about 20ish games a piece .. Usually not a great sign that they've been released by a struggling club however you never know, things can work out for players when they move on. Gunter's been at Reading for a while now and may be wanting a new challenge Obita and Blackett are 26/27, plenty of experience. Not sure if they are good enough or not, don't know too much about them performance wise
  12. It's a culmination of events that set us up to be absolutely abhorrent after Christmas. One was dripping Hutch and not having a more than capable resident to fill in that void. Pessy or anyone else totally not up to the job Dawson, apart from the odd ricket every now and then, was doing ok and developing, instead we open it all up down the middle and it's a constant barrage you will end up conceding Defensively we've looked powder puff since thre stoke game and part of me thinks that is down to the personnel in front of the keeper and how we set up. Left ourselves too wide open and lacked leadership, bote and aggression. Needs rectifying in the summer. Need a raft of signings with thre right mentality for a fight .. because that is what we'll be in
  13. Wednesday for life is standard. Calling for the chairmans head or questioning his footballing intelligence does not water down our support for the club We all support the club. We're just fed up of being ran like a ******** circus
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