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  1. It won’t get better until..

    No, they all wanted him out in the summer and rightfully so. Think most supporters knew this season was going to be turgid sort of affairs after the rangers friendly when we reverted to type
  2. Not sure i agree with this .. I've always believed that Ch*nk or P*ki is not a shortened version of a countries name and that its a negative, offensive connotation for Chinese and Pakistani people. Its nothing like saying Brit, or Scot or a Dane. No way. These are words orginally derived to be offensive to races as the N word or others etc .. But then this probably ties in with what asteener said about educating people .. should never be used, i mean whats up with just saying Pakistani or Chinese or whatever Really good point this actually ..
  3. I actually appalled by some of the prices on there, us and other teams. Barnet in league Two charging nearly £50 for a chuffing shirt. That is preposterous. Looking at that, we have one of the cheapest infant shirts in the league which is good but some of the prices for infant shirts is outrageous. £40 or is just ridiculous. But yeah .. there is no wonder young fans are put off and feel sorry for some parents having to fork out shed loads for food, drink and kits ...
  4. Bog standard answer to a bog standard question personally i feel the question, why does the club not sell players shouldn't have been asked. Thought there would be more pressing issues with the fans ..
  5. Kenny "The Welshman" Dalgish
  6. I emailed the club shop a couple of times and never got a response!
  7. This was from a post on the official site for the 15/16 season ...
  8. I think, how I read the article was that we are making them in house, but using the same manufacturer that make shirts for the big guns like Puma, Adidas etc .. along them lines anyway
  9. Which makes it even more staggering the price that was originally wanting to be charged and which will be set come the end of November. Nothing passed on to the consumer and shirt prices go up again at SWFC. £59 for a non-branded shirt (technically) that has been made in house to ramp up profits ... to rip off the fans again however it will all be justified because the shirts have sold and no doubt the shirts will be priced over £60 next season .. Its been an absolute shambles from start to finish with this seasons shirts a complete embarrassment to the club and both the designs are horrific. Massive MASSIVE learning curve for some but what p*sses me off is that we are still paying through the nose for a shirt that was delayed by over 3 months!!!
  10. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    @Ethel The Tree Get Clare and Thorniliy loaned out till the end of the season and maybe another loan next season Stobbs, recall and send out to another team that will play him regularly ..
  11. Absolute embarrassment .. ...
  12. Those wanting Carlos out

    Capitulate the wrong word used, my apologies. bottle it better?