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  1. Very decidedly average player that gained cult status earned by popping up with some important goals and lionheart performances Marauding full back .. calamitous centre back
  2. F*cking scotland though ... christ who's the left back?
  3. How do we know they won't become loyal? or regular? There are plenty of wednesday fans that don't turn up at all until the big games or cheapo tickets... who knows, if they are enamoured enough, they might come more regularly .. plus its the bigger picture too ..
  4. Is that what you say to all the young kids at school given tickets? christ ....
  5. Just started watching the womens one first, couple of minutes in .. everything seems decent for a set up like this in relation to the commentary, punditry and camerawork .. I think its a great idea they are using Hillsborough. Fair play to whoever gave this the go ahead. And rightly so in relation to the tickets - we should be targetting the Uni's anyway
  6. Could be a decent player under Bruce .. seems more composed on the ball and with passing then Hector. Just needs to beef up a bit and be a bit more aggressive and physical
  7. Any chance of catching the game? Interesting to see what it was like Twitter going in to meltdown over this .. few Wednesday fans moaning at students being in the ground
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47622311 Go on then Bruce Work your magic!
  9. S6 Clothing when it came out did some nice stuff https://www.facebook.com/s6clothing/ doesn't seem to have been updated for a while mind, and their website, http://www.silveroakmarketing.com/s6-clothing/?fbclid=IwAR33FJOgQ0uHcacb1avL8hkn_L-iYq1yMpQQKXYGeqZTwc-UOU5VtGu_B44, Believe their twitter is active though; https://twitter.com/S6Clothing
  10. Have the vast majority gone for 1 year then? I was contemplating 5 years and sorting out finances in a few weeks (left it a bit late) as i can't see Season ticket prices going anywhere but up with all the embargo guff and money we've wasted??
  11. I've been critical of Bannan as of late .. But he you have to give it to him for his contribution with his assists. Could have been 3. Palmer close second who actually looks a decent player at left back as well! If not better than on the right! Don't think Pessy had as bad a game as some people make out. I mean 4, come on, that means he had a stinker. Think the weakest player was probably Reach .. another flattered to deceive game .. sometimes just doesn't offer much more than a 6 performance. Bloody fairy at time as well in the tackle! Midfield without Hutch is concerning though. We have no shape of discipline in front of the back 4. Need another like him
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