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  1. That Benjamin Kollikiikiilllikkii looks a class player .. cash in the chips on him! Frank Fielding / Callum Harriott
  2. Would be another astute signing and would probably allow us to move Fox on possibly
  3. Played there for Accrington ... think he started off his career there to be honest, not entirely sure on that though Jonas Knudsen / Yanic Wildschut / Leroy Fer / Martin Olsson / Danny Williams / Pawel Wszolek all free transfers and worth a look? https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/every-championship-player-out-of-contract-at-the-end-of-the-season/
  4. I thought that was Xavi or Iniesta talking about Scholes? Saying best they'd played against or that he'd be one of the first on the team sheet if he played at Barca. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQvJPBcIvOc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTdQU9wn_pc Not sure i agree with this bolloxs to be fair .. How can Reyes replace him when he played left and Beckham played either in the middle or on the right?? And i think they played in the same team together .. At Milan he went for 2 months on loan and played 18 games in the MLS off season, 2nd time he did it the following season and played 11 games before injuring himself and putting him out of the World Cup and start of the MLS. Mark Hately was at Milan for 3 chuffing seasons ... and if thats the case, to play half the number of games as Mark Hately with his 3 seasons, in what was it, 4 months is impressive. For the record, both players are completely different so to be comparing how they play and whether they are world class or not is non sensical. Both were. Zidane operated in the middle with such elegance and grace you don't see in many modern footballers now .. Beckham had everything you'd want to instill in a young player starting out, work ethic and attitude to just keep going. Plus his right boot was f*cking magical. Both are amazing players. Love watching Zidane and love Becks in general
  5. Dunno how good he is so can't say .. if anyone has the obligatory youtube vid's of his best bits and he looks decent, sheral-do for me
  6. Was it @Karl that created some belters??
  7. Summed up my feelings about him as a player there is no doubting he'd bag goals but you'd be constantly face palming yourself when he's a cheating, diving little sh*t ....
  8. Looks sunday league in with that vid
  9. Obviously videos capture the best bits but he'd make a flipping cracking transfer if we brought him in .. proper add to the squad and be a good player for us
  10. haha, you only have to put in once though i'm assuming to Sheffield Childrens Hospital? Get a book sorted .
  11. F*ck it lets do diss!! You'll have to keep track though cos i've a memory like a sieve!
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