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  1. Not get any action last night or something?? Blimey ....
  2. Just listened - didn't watch the vid. Reminded me of that Pirate from Towie .. Decent info given though and easy to listen to
  3. Probably not no - but this is Hutchinson thats been mentioned and this is owlstalk where most of the posters on here love a negaitive cyncical post. Ship the bugger out (even though they've not seen whats happened!) 5 yellows in 27 games according to soccer base 3 yc in 9 games season before 10 yc and 2 rc in 2017/2018
  4. Rhodes will get you goals given we set up in his favour .. We are still lacking a pacey striker - given our situation its gonna be tough looking at someone like Nakhi Wells who'd give us that injection of pace we need. Or someone similar All our strikers are very similar with only the odd difference like Joao bit skill ful, Fletcher good in the air etc .. we just lack pace
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49033969 Signed for Hull Would have been a tidy signing for us on a free transfer and reckon would have appeased missing out on Hector
  6. Absolute nonsense. He was a very capable player given his age. We signed him at 33 and his experience and leadership skills lended a hand to the youngsters developing. He headed in that peach against Man City and played 130+ games for us. If he was that crap he'd have been binned off like Zigor Aranalde, Chris Carr, Danny Maddix etc ....
  7. Size up i'd say ... I'm a medium but had to get a large cos medium was too tight around the gut!
  8. Becoming the norm isn't it which is a shame considering the cost of producing them will be the same if not cheaper. We get a small company in to pass on the savings to the consumers but we'r end up charging more .. 59 is excessive. The infant kit and junior shirt after bloody abhorrent as well And what the hell, €120 for a Barca shirt. Fùck that!!!! Think a lot of the big clubs charge upwards of 65 quid n all ... That's my only gripe with all this. The price
  9. Good flipping riddance I say I know he's a bloke doing his job but what grates on me is absolutely no mention of him sh*tting on us or having his head turned by Ashley ... Load of cobblers Bruce hated more than Jos now and righly so. Hopefully the next candidate we install will be a loyal one and one that gets us flying cos we need it now
  10. Guessing you haven't seen my post in the Zola thread ....
  12. Look very decent those kits - really wanna see them in person though - reckon they are well smart 2 things though i'll say 1/ the video - proper class. Really good well made promotional video including the build up ones. Proper retro vibes about it. Real class production 2/ fair play to the Aussie company on the go sports (https://www.onthegosports.com.au/ ) They have done a cracking job with the kits over the last few seasons and made massive improvements on quality and made some very good kits!
  13. For me would be a MASSIVE coup if we got him on board - definate statement manager and could see some quality players based in holland being tempted to come here HOWEVER - personally think he's out of reach for us at the minute .... Although with Cocu to Derby, you never know .. FACT when i think about it, he's now my no.1 choice!
  14. Appreciate he's "Wednesday thru' and thru' " but nah .. not for me ..
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