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  1. United attracting more of the unwashed
  2. Shirts

    Just wear mind the gap S6 victory shirt and keep laughing
  3. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    Also same day as Sheffield 10k run may conflict with some people's decisions
  4. Who are the FATTEST fans in England ?

    Stockcube county
  5. Steel city derby on the BBC

    Yes it says tudgay was a waste of money
  6. Matt phillips

    Stand by with first aid box

    The Shyster promised me the same.........but I won
  8. Champagne Open

    Are you Karl Pilkington in disguise
  9. Anyone for White riot

    Music to come out onto the pitch UTO
  10. Wilkinson - "protest could be counterproductive"

    Total disagreement. The protest is against the current board members and shows potential NEW investors that change is welcome. UTO FTB ( change blades to board) WTID
  11. Charlton

    Don't panic you can usually get a ticket on the day off fellow owls . Always someone has a spare because wife/ son/ mate/dog can't make it. UTO
  12. Just take a look at Southports Away End

    I vaguely remember last away tie at non league Wigan . I think we stood on a grass bank there. Loads of owls at that one . Great day out but poor result. Hopeful of a better result this time and will take whatever the day brings. UTO
  13. Charlton Prediction

    Clean sheet for weaver. The question will be can Irvine select a goalscoring strategy Uto
  14. Charlton - Roll Call, Travel and stuff

    Me+5 long weekend starts tommorrow . Uto