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  1. savi

    Gi new lads a run.

    I'm sure Rotherham play in a similar style to united, they will try and dominate the midfield area targeting Bannan, isolate him when were playing 442 forces us into playing a game of statues. Movement for us recently both on and off the ball has been a real issue, the team above is a Yes but altering the formation. Westwood Palmer Hector Thorniley Fox Hutchinson Bannan Reach Aarons Fletcher Forestieri Playing a 433 /451 helps us get a grip of midfield. 451 when not on the ball, 433 going forward with Reach & Forestieri alternating from the left to the number 10 role. Both these are capable of playing in both those roles when attacking. By putting 4 players in and around Bannan it makes it difficult for them to isolate him hopefully allowing us to get him on the ball and quickly push forward allowing him to try and play those intricate through balls we saw him play in CCs 1st season. Hutch is the guarentee, Palmer & Fox can concentrate on defending, Fletcher doesnt have to come and receive the ball, he can play in the box were we need him. This means plenty of movement off the ball, something i feel we have not been doing recently.
  2. savi

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    5 winnable games in Feb, lets see where we are after 34 games with 12 left to play.
  3. savi


    Be like going back to the DeCanio/Carbone era. No other player on the same wavelength. Worth a £350,000 bid tho......
  4. savi

    Gaetan Bong

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOOOOOOOOOKKKING WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im really trying not to sit on the fence here.
  5. Trying to rack my brain cell on the goings off after the sacking of CC, II was of the understanding that Jos signed a short term contract in Jan 2018 up untill July 2018,, then signed 1 year extension till July 2019.
  6. savi


    IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! 4-3-2-1 CD LP - TL - JT - MP MH - BB - JP MM - AR SF Not all games, dependant on the opposition / Home or Away fixture. The good old Chrimbo Tree will require plenty of effort from MM & AR, helping us to try and dominate the midfield with 5 in there. Tactics - Win the ball back and with MM & AR they have the mobility and movement to quickly counter and support SF. (Yes, become Identified as a counter attacking team). This will also allow BB to help support the front 3, inter changing 1/2 touch football (Again) and play a 15/25 yard pass instead of having to try and play those 50/60 yard worldies to our non existing Wing Backs that simply cant cross a ball . A couple of things I have noticed this season is our movement is like a game of Statues (got to be addressed) and BB getting annoyingly frustrated with either himself or others which (I think) causes him to charge around the pitch leaving big gaps in the midfield (as others have said) and often picking up a silly booking. The players we have available (Subs) should be able to slot straight into the formation, it even allows us to change it and the tactics throughout the game easily without any confusion or issues. (A MUST FOR ANY PRO FOOTBALLER) From: 4-3-2-1 To: 4-2-3-1 / 4-3-3 / 4-5-1
  7. savi

    Team for Derby

    Flat back 4 for me, Penny in my opinion is not a LWB, we will get exposed constantly with him in that position. 4231 Dawson. Palmer Lees Thornily Pudil. Pessy Hector. Reach Bannan FF Fletcher Despite a clean sheet last time out I still feel we may be vulnerable at the back so id start off with a packed midfield and frustrate them, counter as a team hopefully with more attacking purpose than at the Lane, If after 65mins were a goal down then Matias for FF, Jaou for Fletcher & Onomah for Pudil and go from 4231 to 4123. The only issue with 4123 means chasing the game, we will either leave Thornily exposed or they will push Reach & Matias back forcing us into a 451 leaving Joau completely isolated. This formation thingy is not as easy as we think it is. 4123 Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Thornily Pessy Onomah Bannan Matias Jaou Reach
  8. They had 75% posession, "what did they do with said possession" & They played us off the park", The park they played us off was the first 2 thirds. The Blunts I've spoken too was more embarrassed that they are the only team not to score against us, this for me smacks of arrogance, not over confidence but arrogance. We consisted of 4 U23s & Fox (not a dig at these by the way) but No Westwood, No Pudil, No Hutchinson, No Forestieri, No Lee, No Winnall, No Hooper No Abdi & Mathias only fit enough for the bench. This is a wealth of quality and experience that NO team can afford to lose, as the blunts showed last season they lost 1 player in Courts and they fell apart and they have the cheek to pull apart our performance. That's 9 players missing from our 1st eleven /squad. Yes I will take it as a win (for the 2nd successive season) playing them with let's be honest is not even our 2nd side. How on earth are we going to go into a derby with a decimated team and attack a team that's full of confidence. I'll tell you what Mr Wilder I know who's dressing room I'd rather be in if ever we are to have a fully fit available squad. Please don't take this as a dig at the players mentioned but I would love to have the quality and experienced players available.
  9. savi

    The 'pen'

    He was never in this century trying to score. Watch his leg, he puts it in the area that he knows Fox is at. Sold and bought as seen.
  10. savi

    The 'pen'

    Never. He put his leg in a area that he thought would get touched. It did and he SOLD the Pen to the Ref. The Ref Bought it. Like it or not great play from the Dirty Cheating Too-Hat.
  11. That was the most passionate ive seen him, let's hope Jos and the players show the exact same passion tomorrow night.
  12. savi

    5-4-1 for United?

    I keep banging this drum and I know its boring but we have to try and make it difficult for teams to find space in and around our box. This needs EVERY player to put a shift in especially Reach Bannan & Onomah which will require them defending as well as getting in and around Fletcher when we go forward. 4231 for me with the players we have on Jos's Christmas Card List. Dawson Palmer - Lees - Pudil - Penny Hector - Pessy Reach - Bannan - Onomah Fletcher
  13. savi

    Team for Norwich

    We cannot play 3 at the back with Penny at LWB, this leaves a huge gap as he wants to constantly push forward, this then gets exploited and we get counter attacked pulling our CD (Hector) out of postion. If we play Penny, it has to be in either a flat back 4 or a forward role. I know i may be boring with this but if KW & SH are fit they have to play, in a system that im sure would help in getting us that clean sheet we all desperately want. 4-5-1 Dawson Palmer. Lees, Pudil, Penny Hector Onomah Reach Bannan Forestieri Fletcher