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  1. My Opinion. The promble with us is BBs team mates appear to have no confidence in their own ability to play a pass so they look purposely for him to pass the responsibility. Now 1 of my gripes with BB (and other professional footballers btw) is he only has 1 foot that can actually kick the ball so he twists, turns and at times piroettes (spelling Police please feel free) to ensure he can play a pass. This is how at times he slows the play down, if hes not in the side i feel we may be more fluent with our ball play. A luxury player, yes he is, but can we
  2. Carlos on SSP news(football show) coming up now talking SWFC.
  3. Rhodes or Lees I thought it was Van Aken until I saw the Lees interview. Them dam blondes, they all look the same.
  4. What I noticed on Saturday was a huge difference from the sidelines, all I could hear was the Wednesday bench bellowing orders to the players. Going back to last season especially v Preston there was no (or appeared) to be, any verbal motivation from the bench.
  5. Don't think you can point the finger at just those 2, the players have to take their fair share too. DC has good intentions but is he too stubborn to listen to others. GM ~ some decisions have been questionable but has he had to manage with 1 hand tied behind his back. Players have been terrible at times, individual errors, poor performances or even dare I say it some may just not care.
  6. You have to love owlstalk! I tell a story I heard from A PLAYER FROM THAT VERY TEAM and....... "I heard it in the pub" "Unrealistic wages from that era' I'm not on this site or this post to try and tell people this is how it rolled100% right but I'm telling what I believe to be not far off 100% correct. Still to this day I get told that QPR game was the end of Hirst & Francis.
  7. Not too sure which players was supposed to be coming our way as this was not confirmed, TF had the pick apparently but I would assume it would have excluded Nevilles, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, & Beckham. Completely agree 1963. However look at it from Hirstys point of view. (If true). Dave Richards had agreed the sale but TF had the final say on all incomings / outgoings (apparently) This is hear say... Agreed between AF / Man Ure & Hirsty. AF and Man Ure were the big I am back then and things were done AFs way, he knew TF would be opposed
  8. What is not said: Fee aggreed with SWFC. along with player"s exchange, Yes PLAYERS Wages agreed... A lot more than Swfc was offering Bonuses agreed...Money, Cars, House and other family benefits... SWFC v QPR was the defining moment TF shafted Hirsty. Wed night game v QPR, all was agreed with Man Ure, Hirsty was to play no part in this game as Thursday he was to be unveiled as a Man Ure player. Hirsty turns up with all the players knowing he was to be a Man Ure player and TF names Hirsty as the no. 9. TF Well and truly sold him down t
  9. This is not in defence of GM here but as others have said if there are issues within the club then is it something that has unfortunately been inherited. First Jos has issues now GM seemingly has the same problems with seemingly the same players. If he goes then Bullen walks in and plays the players to try and get a quick fix, we all the point the finger at GM like we did at Jos then like has already been said on here the merry go round starts again with the new manager. Do we not try and put a little faith in GM, hope we can ride this season out, avoid r
  10. They've all been part of the Chuckle Brothers management team? To you Tom. To me Cam. To you Tom. To me Cam. To you Toooo, ohhh poo sorry lads, again. At least we're not losing this time are we. Every cloud an all that.....
  11. Went for Urhoghide, he got caught out a couple of times in that 1st half but seemed to cope extremely well. Young lad, 2nd game, 1st v a Premiership side & 2nd v the table top team. Ran his legs off, so far he looks like a real find.
  12. When he was playing well at right back parts of Owlstalk was saying "he's never been a central defender" Now he's playing well at Centre half parts of Owlstalk are again saying "he's never been a midfielder" Like someone else has said if we have Lees, Borner, Bates, Hutchinson, Thornily & Iorfa fit and are lightweight in midfield is not worth trying out. I have already been humoured at for suggesting playing him in there with Luongo and Lee / Bannan but that 3 in midfield gives us high energy aggression and skill. Now I'm not saying every
  13. I would like to see Iorfa used in a 5 man midfield in a 3 5 2. Lees Borner Thornily Reach (Iorfa Lee Luongo) Harris (energy, box to box & aggression) Fletcher Forrestieri
  14. I know I may be going down a different road to what the OP intended here but. For those that cannot attend 23 games or afford the cost of a ST in 1 lump sum, what about the idea of a Season Seat Ticket (SST) where a set fee is or can be paid for over 3 months (May/June/July) For Eg: Adult Prices. Kop £250 North / South £350 This payment then guarantees your seat for all League games upto 24 hours before kick off with a £10 cost per game. If the 24 hour Pay Before Kick Off (PBKO) is not purchased then a £10 admission fee Pay On The Day (POT
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