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  1. I think Bannan is the one we have to be worried about losing, a new contract only increases his value and if he carries on the way he is and were not in and around the play offs come Jan then expect at least teams up there to be enquiring. A player like Bannan in Lxxds, Boro's, Forest's or even WBAs side could potentially be the difference between a top 6 and an automatic place
  2. savi

    Next 7 games

    Looking back after beating Reading 2-1 H v Stoke (1) A v Forest (0) A v Villa (3) H v Leeds (1) H v WBA (1) A V Brizzle C (3) H v Boro (?) 7 fixtures there that you would expect to be up there come May, apart from the 2 points dropped v WBA and still 3 to play for its W2 D3 L1 1 still to play. Excellent return and still 4/5 players still to come back.
  3. savi

    Slept on it thoughts

    People are taking the positives from recent performances and even last nights but last night there was a catalogue of errors , starting with Jos. The subs: Kirby - not his fault he was brought on but this left us with a huge gap in midfield leaving Joey isolated. Joao- The idea was right, pace and skill was needed to run the channels to potentially run down the clock but he looked so disinterested, lazy & lethargic, Ff running past him to close down left me fuming. 1st GOAL Lees & Palmer out of position, not a clue where they were. Hector- got dragged out of position due to our midfield going missing. Joey- unlucky for the OG 2nd GOAL Joey- bring him down, Bring Him Down BRING HIM DOWN BRING HIM FxxING DOWN. (I find myself shouting) Should have been a yellow card on the halfway line everyday. Lees, Pudil & Hector- turned inside out in our own box by 1 player, why was he allowed to even get in the box. As i say a catalogue of errors all starting with the Substitutions. In Jos i trust but his Interview left me angry, really angry, he needs to look in the mirror to find where the 2 points were dropped. Hindsight is a great thing tough isnt it.
  4. savi

    Central midfield

    Wildsmith Lees. Pudil. Thornily Onomah. Hector Palmer Penny Reach Matias. Jaou Foresteiri, Fletcher, Nuhiu, Pelupessy, Baker, Dawson The front 3 give us Pace, workrate and movement. These 3 allow us to change formations quickly when weve not got the ball. Matias & Reach dropping in to create a midfield 4, Palmer & Penny dropping in to create a back 5. I think WBA will want to take a leaf out of Leeds book and dominate the Midfield, Onomah & Hector will give us the qualities weve been wanting in there. (hopefully) Taken Dawson out as any scout watching the other night will want to target Cammy with crosses.
  5. So thats what Frank Gallagher is up to these days. PAAARRRRRTEYYYYYYY!
  6. savi

    Team for Wolves game

    Wildsmith Baker Nielson Pudil Fox Hutch Lee Kirby Reach Penny Borukov Really not bothered about this cup, give the young UN's a chance, move Penny forward interchanging with Reach but both supporting Borukov. 451 to 433 and hopefully they won't get demoralised if things don't go well.
  7. Id go 4-3-3. Henderson the holding midfielder and Maguire stepping further forward with Cheek and a front 3 with pace and power. This can change instantly to 3-4-3 when attacking with Henderson dropping off when going forward allowing Rose and Trippier to bomb on. Play to our strengths and let Panama worry about our attacking threat. Replace Young, Sterling and Lingard. Pickford Trippier Stones Cahill Rose Henderson Maguire Ali / Loftus-cheek Rashford Kane Vardy
  8. savi

    Westwood Going

    on his day probably the best keeper in this division atm but as we have 2 excellent young keepers i agree sell him. May not yet, but i think both will become as good if not better.
  9. Get em down to CTCRM Exmouth. 2 weeks all inclusive will have them screaming for Greno Woods.
  10. savi

    On Jos...

    CC was provided with the largest budget we have seen for some time, with that budget it is debatable as to whether it was spent well. Personally he should have gone after the Uddersfield debacle, this season players were clearly unfit, blame being laid at the Physios door, no plan B and lets be fair no bottle at all against that lot across the city at Hillsborough. JL comes in, I for one was a wreck for his first game in charge, a reserve team and the last time we played them they bullied us on our own patch. Wow, what a performance, that game alone tells me with a fully fit squad of players I believe we will be in and around the top 6 next season. Still think there are 3/4 players we need to offload to open up funds but that is easier said than done.
  11. My worry is someone like Swansea, Huddersfield, Wolves or Villa/Fulham/Cardiff (whoever goes up) will provide us with an offer we simply cannot refuse, around £14m. This along with Bannan for £8m, yes will provide us with enough funds to revamp the squad but it will leave us squandering around desperately for adequate replacements at a fraction of the cost. My other worry is if adequate replacements can't be found will DC put his faith in JL to get Abdi, Hutchinson, Hooper, Fletcher and Lee fit and KEEP them fit. Again this is my worry not itk. Or would you take over £20m for 2 players not replace them but strengthen in other areas and take the risk on our injured players?
  12. I liked the idea I think was Bradfords a few years ago, not too sure if it worked but... You pay let's say £230 for a season ticket (Kop), 6mth interest free / 10 mth at 5%, this guarantees you your seat for every league game until 1700hrs the day before the proposed game. Then you pay £10 for every league game you attend, so if you go to 1 game its cost you £240, go to 23 its cost you £460 This works in the clubs best interest as the fan is going to go to as many games as possible to get their moneys worth It works for the fan because £230 may be a affordable cost to the average fan plus it may give the fan the feeling of "£10 a game, Sweet" Boom, solved it for you DC.....
  13. savi

    Almen Abdi back playing

    "Almen Abdi back in training" I was walking down Hillsborough this morning about 0230, all be it I was a little intoxicated and I saw a space ship hovering above our chapel, there was a ray of light coming from it and then a figure appeared. I must have blanked out, awoken this morning and Boom! "Almen Abdi back in training" Make of it what you will guys but personally out of the 2 I believe the space ship storey.
  14. savi


    Our RESERVES Dingle yes are as shyte as your first team.
  15. Thing is, you can't blame the players for having an easy time in training by CC therefor being unfit. You can't blame CC for giving them an easy time in training cause DC doesn't want his players getting injured. You can't blame DC for not setting out his plan correctly because SG didn't give him the full information on our club as he had munk on due to being sacked. Then you can't blame SG cause MM sold him down the River Don. Can you really blame MM cause if you think about he had DJ playing jay B and wouldn't drop him. You can't blame DJ or Jay B cause DA left him surrounded by vile cretins. Ask yourself, can you blame DA for our current plight? Well NO because. DA had playing Reda Reda, Reda Reda, Reda Reda Johnson Jermain, Jermain Jermain, Jermain Jermain, Jermain Johnson playing. Can you? Can you really blame them? I say not because although Reda liked to tie people to the radiator and Jermain hated the band so much that every time he had the option when clean through aimed at the drummer and to be fair was never far off. So here we have it Boys N Girls we find the very culprit for our current situation. The Band. Boom, really you don't have to thank me for the info. Are you really gonna get that time back after reading all that? And your still reading. STOP