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  1. That's not a holiday! Off too Chapel St Leonards then moving onto Ingoldmells then finally stopping off in SkegVegas. And NO Northanstonowl I won't swap holidays, Jealous are ya? Oh Yeah! I'll have my SWFC beach towel out at the ready. (probably to dry off tho) Now that's a BOAST, and I'll be chanting all the way there. I'M ON MY WAY
  2. Thing is if Lxxds go up then could they potentially look at FF. We could be looking at £10m+ Reach £8m+, hes never unfit & English, Hudersfield, Fulham or even Cardiff would benefit if they want to go straight back up. Jaou sell for £4m+ Rhodes I think Huddersfield would suit him, again, £5m+ Matias, Boyd, Abdi & Fox to go for me. Winnall / id look to keep. Hooper/Westwood id look to keep, with a contract to suit both parties. Lee????? would love him to prove his fitness. Fletcher, Winnall, Hooper & Nuhiu, with the additions of Aarons, Lazaar, Hector & a new right winger on loan (premiership youngster) 8 to go, possibly £25m+ coming in 3/4 to keep, on new contracts, bring 4 in, either buys or loans. Not really drastic changes needed.
  3. Win next 2 and were right back in it with 2 very difficult away games to come, Fletch & Hooper up top with a attacking midfield 5. Arrons on the left, Reach on the right, Bannan & Hutch and FF as a number 10 3 at the back. Lets go for it, what's to lose? If theres no Arrons, Palmer to go on the right. 3-4-1-2
  4. Deffo a Boro & Brom win, like Tamworth says we need teams in and around us to drop points, we have to target 6th place, 4th & 5th is well beyond us. Personally from those fixtures i see Draw, Draw, Draw, Brum, Norwich & Draw.
  5. Same side that started last night. Why drop Nuhiu, give him another chance with Fletcher, look at changing it after 60/70 ish minutes if its not working where you could change the front 2 to Winnall & Matias who are totally opposites, a mobile pair of strikers that come on for a hopefully battered pair of defenders.
  6. Who would have said Paul Warhurst would turn from defender to 3.4m striker. like Shandy says if Lazaar comes back and Hector & Lees stay fit, Palmer back to R/B, IF we require a defensive midfielder....... Iorfa or Pelupessy? Maybe its just that he reminds me of Carlton Palmer.
  7. Iorfa reminds me of Carlton Palmer so id go with Shandy's 2nd side with Fox in it.
  8. Im all for taking it 1 game at a time, 3 points on Tuesday potentially could put us 3/5 points behind 6th. My view Blackburn v Wigan...Draw Brizzle C v Ipswich...Brizzle (still 1 game in hand) Dirty & Unwashed v Brentford.... D&U Bolton v Swfc... Swfc Brummies v Millwall...Draw Derby v Stoke... Draw Boro v Preston...Boro Norwich v Ull...Norwich Forest v Villa...Draw West Brom v Swansea... Brom Come Wednesday neet were 9th 2 behind Forest 4 behind Derby 5 behind Brizzle (anyone remember 2012 - mind the gap) Then Saturday Swfc v Blackburn and Brizzle are not playing, potentially 2 points behind, Brizzle 2 games in hand.
  9. Got to agree with the op here, i thought he hid on a few occasions along with some awful Set pieces. In the first half there was holes for him to drop into but chose not to go there, making Arrons, Iorfa & Palmer play the ball backwards. Unfortunately it has to be abot a 5 from me.
  10. said exactly the same thing, Mcgoldrick offers seriously more movement and threat than Madine. Thought Wilder got his tactics wrong getting Madine for the first 60 mins to go out wide and try and bully Palmer, allowing their Beckenbaur center halves to exploit the out of position left back. Appart ftom the header Madine never looked liked a top Championship striker. Winnalls workrate would make him an ideal striker in that set up, i reckon he would score shedbloads.
  11. MASSIVE thank you to the boys for your efforts tonight. Not allowing them to play play their normal game but still providing a attacking threat.
  12. How can anyone say its a pen when Hector is being clearly fouled beforehand. If your applying the rules correctly how can it possibly be a pen?
  13. PALMER.... And yes im shouting here. Ive shouted enough this season as to his inabilities at R/B so now im loving to be proved wrong. He played out of position for most of the game and looked very good. He bossed Madine in the first half, they targeted him and he stood strong. Hector & Hutch were imense, Iorfa Banan & Arrons were very disapointing for me. Well done Liam.
  14. I'm sure Rotherham play in a similar style to united, they will try and dominate the midfield area targeting Bannan, isolate him when were playing 442 forces us into playing a game of statues. Movement for us recently both on and off the ball has been a real issue, the team above is a Yes but altering the formation. Westwood Palmer Hector Thorniley Fox Hutchinson Bannan Reach Aarons Fletcher Forestieri Playing a 433 /451 helps us get a grip of midfield. 451 when not on the ball, 433 going forward with Reach & Forestieri alternating from the left to the number 10 role. Both these are capable of playing in both those roles when attacking. By putting 4 players in and around Bannan it makes it difficult for them to isolate him hopefully allowing us to get him on the ball and quickly push forward allowing him to try and play those intricate through balls we saw him play in CCs 1st season. Hutch is the guarentee, Palmer & Fox can concentrate on defending, Fletcher doesnt have to come and receive the ball, he can play in the box were we need him. This means plenty of movement off the ball, something i feel we have not been doing recently.
  15. 5 winnable games in Feb, lets see where we are after 34 games with 12 left to play.
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