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  1. Continuity.... We've prep'd all pre season on how we're going to play and it looks like Bully"s running with SB's plans, and rightfully so as you don't want to make dramatic changes 3 weeks before the season starts. My worry is like I said in another Fred "does he have the know how on when to change things during a game when things are not going as planned"? IF and only IF he is winging it with SB's tactics & formations then I really fear that my worries may come/are true. I'm on the Fence with this one, there are no outstanding candidate's at the minute, so is it a matter of Better the Devil you know - For Now. A new manager possibly = new ways of playing = disruptions.
  2. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Hutch Bannan Luongo FF Rhodes Harris Although I would like to see Fletch &, Rhodes given time together in a 442 3 games in a week Rest Lee & Fletch
  3. This is not about the personnel who came on as subs but more about the formation that LB decided to carry on with, nor is it meant as a LB bashing. What worried me about yesterday's second half substitutions was What did he change until 65 mins? Baz for Dom = Hutch at RB, still 433 Luongo for Liam = Reach at LB, still 433 65 mins Rhodes for Lee = 442. 65 minutes in before we decided to put a second striker on the pitch against a team that was defending for their lives. As people have already questioned in other Fred's, does LB have the tactical nounce to change things for the better during a game when things aren't quite working. I do have have to say I don't think we would have scored even if we were still playing now no matter what the formation.
  4. 3 games in 1 week..... v Millwall Westwood Iorfa Lees borner Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Lee Murphy Fletcher Harris Iorfa in height, Hutch & Luongo for the midfield tenacity. v Luton Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Bannan Luongo Reach Murphy Rhodes Harris Bannan, Reach & Rhodes in for Hutchinson, Lee & Fletcher to rest. v Preston Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo Hutchinson Bannan Lee Harris Fletcher Fessi Rest Palmer and back to the midfield 3 we know plus Preston love Fessi. Team who I think will suit the games, as well as keeping them rested.
  5. Bannan & Reach on the bench for me with Luongo Hutchinson & Lee in the midfield
  6. Got to agree with reallondonowl, leave him in situ for now unless a real quality manager puts his name forward, if things start to go belly up in the meantime then DC has a decision to make. Which name is top of the poo pile.
  7. Looked really good when he came on, they just could not deal with his quick feet. This is the dilemma with him tho isn't it, should he stay or should he go now? It's a STAY for me.....
  8. I have put my starting 11 down about 4/5 times and still keep deleting it. What a dilemma LB has, although I would like to see Fletch & Rhodes up top.
  9. DC - look here Stevie me old mucker, you can go and talk to the Toon but if tha gets job then tha knows our position. Agent SB - Don't worry DC. Lazaar, Aaron's and anybody else that will help get you promoted will be loaned to you and I'll get that MA to pay half their wages. I'll buy Big Hec and loan him to you as well. DC - Get the sen off lad
  10. If theres any truth in that then surely Dejphon will get a D Taxi to drive him back home today. What's Benitez up to?
  11. That's not a holiday! Off too Chapel St Leonards then moving onto Ingoldmells then finally stopping off in SkegVegas. And NO Northanstonowl I won't swap holidays, Jealous are ya? Oh Yeah! I'll have my SWFC beach towel out at the ready. (probably to dry off tho) Now that's a BOAST, and I'll be chanting all the way there. I'M ON MY WAY
  12. Thing is if Lxxds go up then could they potentially look at FF. We could be looking at £10m+ Reach £8m+, hes never unfit & English, Hudersfield, Fulham or even Cardiff would benefit if they want to go straight back up. Jaou sell for £4m+ Rhodes I think Huddersfield would suit him, again, £5m+ Matias, Boyd, Abdi & Fox to go for me. Winnall / id look to keep. Hooper/Westwood id look to keep, with a contract to suit both parties. Lee????? would love him to prove his fitness. Fletcher, Winnall, Hooper & Nuhiu, with the additions of Aarons, Lazaar, Hector & a new right winger on loan (premiership youngster) 8 to go, possibly £25m+ coming in 3/4 to keep, on new contracts, bring 4 in, either buys or loans. Not really drastic changes needed.
  13. Win next 2 and were right back in it with 2 very difficult away games to come, Fletch & Hooper up top with a attacking midfield 5. Arrons on the left, Reach on the right, Bannan & Hutch and FF as a number 10 3 at the back. Lets go for it, what's to lose? If theres no Arrons, Palmer to go on the right. 3-4-1-2
  14. Deffo a Boro & Brom win, like Tamworth says we need teams in and around us to drop points, we have to target 6th place, 4th & 5th is well beyond us. Personally from those fixtures i see Draw, Draw, Draw, Brum, Norwich & Draw.
  15. Same side that started last night. Why drop Nuhiu, give him another chance with Fletcher, look at changing it after 60/70 ish minutes if its not working where you could change the front 2 to Winnall & Matias who are totally opposites, a mobile pair of strikers that come on for a hopefully battered pair of defenders.
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