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  1. This is not in defence of GM here but as others have said if there are issues within the club then is it something that has unfortunately been inherited. First Jos has issues now GM seemingly has the same problems with seemingly the same players. If he goes then Bullen walks in and plays the players to try and get a quick fix, we all the point the finger at GM like we did at Jos then like has already been said on here the merry go round starts again with the new manager. Do we not try and put a little faith in GM, hope we can ride this season out, avoid relegation and back him in the summer hoping he can sort this mess out by getting rid of the steaming pile of sheite that are possibly upsetting the apple cart. Is it more to do with the players being the problem than Garry?
  2. They've all been part of the Chuckle Brothers management team? To you Tom. To me Cam. To you Tom. To me Cam. To you Toooo, ohhh poo sorry lads, again. At least we're not losing this time are we. Every cloud an all that.....
  3. Went for Urhoghide, he got caught out a couple of times in that 1st half but seemed to cope extremely well. Young lad, 2nd game, 1st v a Premiership side & 2nd v the table top team. Ran his legs off, so far he looks like a real find.
  4. When he was playing well at right back parts of Owlstalk was saying "he's never been a central defender" Now he's playing well at Centre half parts of Owlstalk are again saying "he's never been a midfielder" Like someone else has said if we have Lees, Borner, Bates, Hutchinson, Thornily & Iorfa fit and are lightweight in midfield is not worth trying out. I have already been humoured at for suggesting playing him in there with Luongo and Lee / Bannan but that 3 in midfield gives us high energy aggression and skill. Now I'm not saying every game would suit him playing in midfield but you play different formations / tactics to suit the opposition surely.
  5. I would like to see Iorfa used in a 5 man midfield in a 3 5 2. Lees Borner Thornily Reach (Iorfa Lee Luongo) Harris (energy, box to box & aggression) Fletcher Forrestieri
  6. I know I may be going down a different road to what the OP intended here but. For those that cannot attend 23 games or afford the cost of a ST in 1 lump sum, what about the idea of a Season Seat Ticket (SST) where a set fee is or can be paid for over 3 months (May/June/July) For Eg: Adult Prices. Kop £250 North / South £350 This payment then guarantees your seat for all League games upto 24 hours before kick off with a £10 cost per game. If the 24 hour Pay Before Kick Off (PBKO) is not purchased then a £10 admission fee Pay On The Day (POTD) is available but your seat is NOT guaranteed. Your seat is also offered to you for the match cost for cup games, up to 72 hours before kick off. Eg: League for Kop A - SST £250 + £10 per game = £480 Or B - SST £175 + £15 per game = £520 The SST fee is NON refundable so the more games you attend the cheaper the match day ticket. Eg: A 1 game attended = £260 per game 23 games attended = £21 per game The SST also allows you to share if there are issues that affect you attending games throughout the season.
  7. Great result today but I thought their goal was similar to Fulham's, no one covering the in coming opposition players outside the 6 yard area again. All our players either dragged into the 6 yard box or idling outside the 18.
  8. Big Dom 1st half. Fletch 2nd Got to go with Big Dom.
  9. Boro - 0-1 Ull - 2-2 Wigan - 3-1 7 from 9, not a bad return.
  10. Theres a guy at Newcastle that will be available soon. Maybe he could be worth a punt...... I also hear he has his own training team that will come with him. No Rush, let's wait for this fella to become available.
  11. Continuity.... We've prep'd all pre season on how we're going to play and it looks like Bully"s running with SB's plans, and rightfully so as you don't want to make dramatic changes 3 weeks before the season starts. My worry is like I said in another Fred "does he have the know how on when to change things during a game when things are not going as planned"? IF and only IF he is winging it with SB's tactics & formations then I really fear that my worries may come/are true. I'm on the Fence with this one, there are no outstanding candidate's at the minute, so is it a matter of Better the Devil you know - For Now. A new manager possibly = new ways of playing = disruptions.
  12. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Hutch Bannan Luongo FF Rhodes Harris Although I would like to see Fletch &, Rhodes given time together in a 442 3 games in a week Rest Lee & Fletch
  13. This is not about the personnel who came on as subs but more about the formation that LB decided to carry on with, nor is it meant as a LB bashing. What worried me about yesterday's second half substitutions was What did he change until 65 mins? Baz for Dom = Hutch at RB, still 433 Luongo for Liam = Reach at LB, still 433 65 mins Rhodes for Lee = 442. 65 minutes in before we decided to put a second striker on the pitch against a team that was defending for their lives. As people have already questioned in other Fred's, does LB have the tactical nounce to change things for the better during a game when things aren't quite working. I do have have to say I don't think we would have scored even if we were still playing now no matter what the formation.
  14. 3 games in 1 week..... v Millwall Westwood Iorfa Lees borner Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Lee Murphy Fletcher Harris Iorfa in height, Hutch & Luongo for the midfield tenacity. v Luton Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Bannan Luongo Reach Murphy Rhodes Harris Bannan, Reach & Rhodes in for Hutchinson, Lee & Fletcher to rest. v Preston Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo Hutchinson Bannan Lee Harris Fletcher Fessi Rest Palmer and back to the midfield 3 we know plus Preston love Fessi. Team who I think will suit the games, as well as keeping them rested.
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