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  1. 03 owl

    Twitter Arguments FTW

    Post a link pal.
  2. 03 owl

    Twitter Arguments FTW

    Sometimes these twitter spats can be interesting.
  3. Can honestly not remmeber him, in the goals...rememebered his name obv,. and he definitely must have had poo poo keeper's disase :).
  4. 03 owl

    Early 80's open day

    Great picture's mate, forgot what it looked like up in the old south stand...till having a look, cheers. wish i had that hoody in adult size .
  5. That is the best one yet...genius.
  6. 03 owl

    First Player Signed!

    First look on owlstalk and i'm laughing hahaha.
  7. 03 owl

    Milan wants blades promoted

    Some people...'obv i don't mean everyone...ffs, what a sporting venue, everything and what photo's/memories people will share like the good old days. UTO...plays this :-
  8. 03 owl

    Who fancies this

    I'll stick 2 quid in .
  9. 03 owl

    Forget the stadium upgrades...

    1st one on't left...phwooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr....and fourth from right ffffff.....be back in two mins.
  10. 03 owl


    Sure i read in the star it/the writer estimated 4 mill? plus loans?
  11. 03 owl

    Forget the stadium upgrades...

    Season Ticket sale's hit all time high .
  12. Echo blueblood, nice and funny, how did you rate giles...just out of interest.