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  1. https://www.safc.com/news/club-news/2021/august/sheffield-wednesday-update Not looking good...
  2. Drove past the megastore car park yesterday and there are big lines of metal fencing/cones and a couple of gazebos set up. Does anyone know what's happening? Is a Coronavirus testing centre being set up? Or is this in preparation for the Gary Megson meet and greet?
  3. Kick off was 7pm. Currently 2-0 to Wednesday. Rolando Aarons and Conor Grant scored
  4. As a ref, the decision will be made by the official who has the better credibility in the situation. It might look as though the ref is leading the decision but that isn't the case. As mentioned above, they lead one another into a decision with discreet signals before raising arm/flag, and with the comms systems that EFL officials have, they also speak to one another. Even if it looks that way, it shouldn't be assumed that the assistant referee isn't making the call. Also, as fans I'm sure we'd rather them take a second and look this way than have the ref signal one way and the assistant contradict him, it would cause many more problems to the credibility and match control of the officials.
  5. Ross Wallace's goal against Brighton at Hillsborough. I could've just posted the goal but where's the fun in that?!? Enjoy the highlights again:
  6. Please spell Thorniley's name correctly. It's annoying me more than it should...
  7. Really? I didn't know that - although I suppose you can see how with the roof arcing round to the west and kop
  8. Baker - solid enough and seems to be improving. Seemed to want to take us forward and linked well with Preston (particularly in the first half.) He will benefit from 'bulking up' a bit and adding a more physical side to his game to combat stronger wingers that he'll come against. Even though it cost him a yellow, I'm glad he scythed down their lad - showed that he didn't like being mugged off Neilsen - again, a decent performance. Won a lot of balls in the air. What I did like tonight was that he seemed to be a lot more vocal than we've seen of him. Talked well with the rest of the defence and shouted at them a couple of times which is good to see from a young player. J Lee - good to see him get some game time. Often seemed to be playing as cover for Jones which he won't be asked to do very often for us but mopped up well. Tried to get his head up on the ball but Wolves started to press us when we got forwards in midfield so was often forced backwards/sideways but he didn't give the ball away softly too often. Preston - clever movement off the ball - kept trying to run in behind their full back and had the beating of him on a couple of occasions. Had the balls into him been of a higher quality, he would have found himself with a couple of big opportunities tonight. Stobbs - similar comments to Preston really. Inventive with his runs and tried to break between their lines well. I hope he gets a chance with us because he's been on the periphery of the first team for a while now (seem to remember him getting a couple of cameos at the end of the season when we played Wolves on the last day and filled 2 allocations...) Kirby - only played 5 minutes, not enough to tell. When he played up at Sunderland the other week he looked good though so hope he can carry on
  9. That stand is an argument all in itself as to why football grounds should not be crappy Ikea bowls... That is a proper stand that is.
  10. Regardless of the motive behind it, that is a very impressive following for (essentially) a reserve game in midweek
  11. Lets not blame Fox in isolation for the penalty. Yes, their winger gets round him more easily than perhaps he should've done, but then the rest of the team also allow him to travel unchallenged for ~30 yards, past 2 defenders inside the area before Fox has to put a challenge in to stop the kid scoring anyway. As has been said further up the thread, he's been done on 2 occasions tonight by players whose fees amount to 60x Fox's. Further, he was sold short by our insistence on playing out from the back on several occasions which didn't help. That being said, he was too weak in the challenge for the first goal, but I'm sure he'd be the first to hold his hands up and say as much.
  12. If this is the worst thing to happen at Hillsborough during a game then I reckon we'll all be just fine
  13. What I'd say is that from the back of the Kop it was very, very hard to identify some of the songs - even given that we'd know all/most of them. I had no idea which song they'd come out too. It seemed very quiet from where we were
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