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  1. Hillsborough falling down?

    It's injured
  2. Was it Over the Line?

    Just saying... the goal line technology is linked to the referee's watch. Given everything that went on today, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that the ball was in, watch buzzed, and he ignored it and played on!
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    What makes it all worse is that today he was given a 'low profile game'. Why? He's VAR for the cup final tomorrow...
  4. Here you go boys and girls - the cheap game that everyone has been asking for: - League? Check - Saturday? Check - 3pm? Check - Cheap tickets? Check! Let's get Hillsborough full!! https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/ticket-details-owls-v-bolton/ Owls v Bolton Saturday 10 March 2018 (3.00pm) Championship Tickets for this Category G* fixture are as follows; Adults: £20 Over 65s & Under 21s: £15 Under 17s: £10 Under 11s: £5 Tickets are currently on sale to Season Ticket holders and Owls Members and will go on general sale from Wednesday 21 February. *Please note Membership discount is not applicable for this fixture. Tickets are available to purchase at the Ticket Office, by telephone on 03700 201867 (Option 1, £2 booking fee per ticket) or online at shop.sheffieldwednesday.co.uk. Hospitality packages are available for this fixture with prices from £95 + VAT per person for the Grandstand VIP package, while the Dooleys Suite package is available from £150 + VAT. For details on hospitality at Hillsborough please email commercial@swfc.co.uk
  5. That last paragraph is interesting... I was saying at the game that if it was Wednesday 3-1 up away from home against 9 men, I'd be a bit annoyed that we weren't going for the jugular... get the goal difference up, get some form for the strikers etc. I know it was effective game management, but I just felt we were there for the taking, and really with the scenario as it was, they should have been swarming all over us, and I'd hope that we would do that
  6. Friday - Paying on the gate

    Shurrup - good opportunity to get 10 points ahead of people if they don't realise!
  7. We sat in our normal seats on Kop and there were some lads who had bought tickets near us who were quite obviously North Stand pointers.... glad they aren't there every game to put it politely!
  8. They get published every game... https://www.swfc.co.uk/commercial/50-50-results/
  9. Viktor Skrypnyk

    Look... if we’re insulting Atdhe Nuhiu by calling him “Big Dave” on account of not being able to pronounce his name, we haven’t a chuffing chance with this kid
  10. So, to go back to your girlfriend analogy, should you never post any positivity/excitement about your new girlfriend, just to protect the feelings of your ex?
  11. So you're saying you'd rather he posted something like... Oh wait... he did You're trying too hard Neil
  12. Nuhiu - “I don’t like being called Big Dave” OP - “Good article on Big Dave”
  13. Free Parking?! Not if the traffic wardens have their way!
  14. FA Cup Third Round

    I'd like whoever the lowest remaining club are at Hillsborough... we'll be making loads of changes regardless of the opposition because the game after the FA Cup is United at the Lane, so we'll be resting all our major players. So the most beatable team at home would be the best outcome