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  1. I have to say, I agree with this, as basically although I am delighted we stayed up, I am now worrying about having a club at all next season. If firm sanctions were in place that made admin, a guaranteed relegation, then I am sure more clubs would treat that threat with more respect. Infact I'd take it a step further, any club who's debts outway an agreed % of their turn over should be given 18 months to get straight or face demotion. I also think the FL and FA should make a rule that all transfer fees should be paid in full within the season of the transfer or points deductions will follow. The game needs firm, ruthless management, start with the Premier League!!! Grrrrrrrrrr
  2. Looks like Hill is about to recieve a clump in this pic, what are the police doing?? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1270985/Crystal-Palace-defender-Clint-Hill-calls-Sheff-Wednesday-BAN-supporters-Hillsborough-ambush.html?ITO=1490
  3. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ok, if that makes your summer complete.
  4. Skysports news have shown more this morning, with Wednesday fans trying to get down the tunnel and being hit by the police as they attempt to clear the tunnel. Did not look good I am afraid.
  5. mmmmmmm Sorry you are barking up the wrong tree (what does that actually mean!!), I'm just giving an honest view from what I have seen and heard from LS that's all.
  6. Thanks for all the kind remarks about my car. One incident on day like today does not make me hate an entire city, Sheffield's a fine city and I hope to see Palace play the Owls again soon in the Championship. Dark Owl, I hope your sis and child are both ok, that's real life.
  7. No I did not, what did he do? Can't have been that bad.
  8. Ok, being honest until a matter of days a go I was not really aware of who he his. Then he get's quoted on Sky suggesting we should have been relegated etc, I actually believe he was not misquoted, but he was misrepresented, as we only saw his answer and not the question and how it was positioned. Since the start of the week I have watched and read several interviews with him, including one on Radio 5 before todays game. If I could take one other thing apart from the single point we needed, back to Selhurst tonight, it would be Lee Strafford, or rather a chairman who share his beliefs. I really feel the man speaks a great deal of sense, when he was asked about a take over of Wednesday, he said he is proceeding on the basis it'll never happen, as the club has managed in the past through it's own means and needs to plan to do that again. He's right, isn't he? Football clubs need to stop waiting for a wealthy beneficator and start living within their means. I hope that when my club emerges from the mess it's still in, that we the fans will ask more questions over who is signed to play for us, questions like, can we afford them? is the salary reduced if we get relegated? Palace has been a very badly run football club in recent years. I'd have a chairman like Lee Strafford at Palace in a heartbeat. Stick with him, I think he'll bring you back stronger. But that's juts my opinion, and it is, afterall, a game of opinions. Good luck next season, you are 100% going to be the team I'll be looking out for.
  9. For the record folks, we don't have any directors, the club was run by Simon Jordan and his brother Dominic, both who left the club when we were forced in to admin. We have a a cheif exec, but I can assure you the only person who sactioned payments at Palace was SJ. So anyone present in your directors box today from Palace was most likel the administrator and guests. Just wanted to cleat that up. Sheffield Wednedsay is great club, with great fans and a few idiots who threw bricks at my car wont change my view of that. It was always going to be a horrible and tense day, not for the feint hearted that's for sure. I am genuinely sorry SWFC have gone down and I hope you bounce back first time. Keep the game on the pitch.
  10. I believe the Mr Brown from maidstone is now be escorted to Sundays 'Festival of Football' by one of my fellow Palace supporters..................we're really quite nice people!
  11. The game against WBA, wasus being utterly outlclassed by a vastly superior team who knew without a shadow of a doubt what we needed from that game, they were very relaxed, while we were tight and edgy. Playing Wednesday will be totally different, you're not in the same class as WBA.......and this time we know, that are opposition will be under pressure (unlike WBA). Truthfully I think the WBA game may be a blessing disguise, having experienced the tension of that game, it's quite likely we will be more relaxed on Sunday. The fact remains, that although we can't play for a draw, the longer the score remains even the more desperate Wednesday will get, and even if you go a goal up, you'll have that dilemma of do you stick or twist. It's going to be fun!!!
  12. I must say some of the "gentleman" on here have very high expectations of what happens when sharing a car journey..............the cab drivers of Sheffield must live in constant trauma!!
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