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  1. Annoyed.

    "well lets just say that I'm not the one throwing insults behind a keyboard toward a bloke I don't even know "
  2. Annoyed.

    You live in Hull ffs, not Timbuktu. Your telling me you couldn't get to at least 3 games over the last 2 season to give you entitlement for the Derby game.
  3. Bullen

    He's part of the effing problem!!!
  4. TPP points

    50 Games last season = 500 Points. Season Ticket this season = 230 Points. 3 Away games plus 1 cup game this season - 40 Points. Maximum Points - 770.
  5. QPR - Expected Line up

    Best keeper in the league is Smithies
  6. johan djourou

    Early shout for the chant. Chim chiminey, chim chiminey Chim chim cheroo. Big Johan Djourou, is gonna get you. And repeat. Thanks, I appreciate all forms of praise.
  7. Leicester bid for George Hirst

    £1m seems fair. Sell him.
  8. best current player?

    Kieran Lee
  9. Ground Hopping / Ground Map

    Only Milwall in this league that I haven't done. Could really do with a promotion or a relegation to pick up some new grounds. Envious that them Blades have spent time in the last 10 years across 3 divisions. Bet a few of there fans have racked up loads. Of the current 92 I have done 60. Total grounds overall being 77. Only 24 years of age, so many years ahead to pick up the grounds. Grounds like White Hart Lane and Upton park are grounds that I sadly haven't had the opportunity to go to. 111 is impressive. Well done.
  10. First time in 20 years where we will be clear favourites against them I would imagine.
  11. Lopez

    Lopez is not the answer. A fan base obsessed on bringing a player back who had about 8 good games for us. Get real.
  12. Medical Department Sacked

    Good, everyone should be held accountable for last seasons debacle.
  13. New System?

    Fixed it for you.
  14. Stadium Improvements Close Season

    Hope they bring back the Vimtoad. He gave me many moments of joy.