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  1. Hi, i have 2 spare adult Luton Tickets available. Face Value. Either Collect at Barnsley match or Collect from Penistone or Collect from Denby Dale Or happy to post.
  2. I didn't ask for a refund and this afternoon I received a credit note, and the points have been removed from my account. Expect the refund in 3-5 days.
  3. Fletcher is one of the most important players on the pitch. He is essential to how we play.
  4. Funny how we fans see things differently, I thought Hutchinson was poor last night.
  5. I'm not saying every fan will purchase food, however tomorrow many fans will attend the game straight from work. Like myself, I won't purchase food from the ground, but will spend money somewhere to get myself some tea. Taking your own is also an option granted. Programmes are for sale, I don't buy one, but obviously people do otherwise they wouldn't sell them, understand once again this a choice situation rather than a necessity when attending a match. It's just costs to consider, imagine if you are bringing a child, more cost involved there. Some fans think it is very black and white, when in fact there are a lot of different circumstances.
  6. Indeed, that's what I do. However I am not naive enough to understand some fans can't afford that luxury and services like this bring the club and the the fans who can't afford to attend much closer together.
  7. if you was to attend the game it was cost you minimum £36, add travel on top, plus food and drink, maybe a programme you are looking at nearly £50 for 1 match only. Or you can pay £10 to watch it on the box. The value for money seems about right.
  8. Considered moving seat to Grandstand for when i take my son. See what boils over firs, got home 45 minutes later than i normally do after Saturday.
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