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  1. this is my first post in over two and a half years and I have not been to a game in that time through health reasons and a rejection of ticket prices/ Our club is being mismanaged from top to bottom. The players obviously don:t care any more. They show little respect for the fans who pay the exorbitant ticket prices to watch less than mediocre football and I am glad that I chose not to indulge in this folly
  2. Has anybody mentioned Roeder for Manager.
  3. I'm Chris' s dad was a home and away season ticket holder but suffered a double heart attack before Christmas and had to have bypass surgery. Now convalescing. My name is Dave by the way.
  4. Me and my lad live in Ryhill betwixt Wakefield and Barnsley
  5. Birmingham Away Boxing Day Bolton Away Last Game Barnsley Home
  6. Maybe we should run a spelling thread
  7. Yeah MK Dons temporary home for a while. Now those stands did bounce !!
  8. Too true Look at all the other clubs he has taken over Only in it for the money
  9. Best of luck gary you always knew this would happen Mandaric is a idiot
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