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  1. We aren't catching them this year, I promise you. Not one of their team are better players than ours....they just play without fear and try to win. Carlos more interested in not losing is costing us the season. Mid table for us at best....reckon they will make the play-off. Third of the season gone already.....things are taking their order for 2018. Not good.
  2. Andy McCulloch.....even braver (dafter) than Chapman, in terms of where he would put his head.
  3. I am biased, I accept, as I cannot commit to a Season Ticket, or afford to attend all but the lower category games (3 kids!), but do I blame DC? No - I blame greedy players, agents, etc. DC has no choice but to pay outlandish, exorbitant wages if he wants to compete for the best players, and he is ambitious enough to do so. To finance this, he has to increase income as far as he can, due to FFP regulations. So.....the FFP rules imposed upon clubs actually work against the average fan. But enough off that, off-topic stuff - I reckon 30k plus on Sunday, and hope everyone enjoys watching the start point of a great journey back to the EPL! UTO.
  4. Both deals have been done, and Club are all set for unveiling and traditional photograph on the pitch....but we can't afford 2 new Home Shirts until DC gives the go ahead.....
  5. Andy McCulloch was a superb header of the ball.....would put his head where most players wouldn't put their feet....
  6. I'm afraid that the drive for promotion next year means that some fan-favourites will have to be moved on, dropped, played in different positions or sacrificed for the greater good. Much as I think Lee is a really good player, if he has to be benched for the greater good, so be it. same goes for all the players. We need to have faith in Carlos. We seem to have found a golden nuggett of a manager in the guy - let's let him manage, and back his decisions. If he wants to change systems or personnel - he will do so for a reason. Next season the bar is lifted - we need to win, win, win game after game, throw in the odd draw, lose VERY few games, in order to be in the top 2. We will only do that by progressing. Could do with finding another Carlton Palmer!
  7. Dispatched Monday, received yesterday.......good system.
  8. You are entered in the Foundation draw every month?
  9. The amount of empty seats on show on Friday night - in a "sell-out" remember - highlights the fact that Hillsborough is not fit for purpose, any longer,and never will be whilst in the SYP zone. Always wanted to stay, do the ground up, and keep tradition, but now accept that we will never become a truly big club while ever we stay at a ground forever tainted. And we all know that memories fade, but the Scousers will never let that fateful day be forgotten.....
  10. Not ideal for those of us who take little kids with us......
  11. Can you ask about why we don't seem to utilise the new big screen very much? Why don't they put the early kick-off games on the big screen, instead of just the TV's on the concourses? Also, there seem to be very few updates of other scores around the country - and this could be very important to us over the next few games?
  12. Won't pay any more than £30, regardless of who we are playing, what is at stake or whoever we sign. Just feels a rip-off to watch 2nd Division Football. Being totally honest, can I afford to pay more? Yes I could. Am I tempted to pay more to attend the Bristol City game? No. Whilst the new pitch, scoreboard, etc look great, the players brought in so far don't make me want to pay the amount of cash it needs to buy a ticket. They may well turn out to be world-beaters (hope they do) but I doubt it. I predict another mid-table season, to be honest.
  13. I won't be there. Cannot justify those prices, and couldn't afford a Season ticket.
  14. Half full Hillsborough, at best. Over 40% increase, at a guess? Wow......
  15. Not many walk-ups at these prices Seriously - for 2nd tier football....in Sheffield?!?!?!?. Prices for the Owls v Bristol City ADULTS Kop Members £34 Non-Members £39 North Stand/Grandstand Members £37 Non-Members £42 South Stand Members £41 Non-Members £46 Read more at http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/matchday-prices-for-robins-curtain-raiser-2549345.aspx#ICVb60MTfH1s3se9.99
  16. It's Carver....All over local radio in Newcastle. Mates with Roeder
  17. Headline tomorrow: May out with leg infection.....
  18. Got to ask the question: if we cannot afford to invest in the playing squad, and cannot afford to invest in modernising our existing (mostly nearly decrepit) facilities - is our Club a sustainable business? No business would allow itself to be run down in this manner, if it had any choice. MM has a choice - sell up (seems unlikely he will get the price he wants), invest (not his style, it seems) or watch us run-down. My thoughts are that he MUST get outside investment into the company, or we will drift into obscurity.
  19. It is purely and simply the ground. Whilst we may love Hillsborough, with all of its' tradition, etc, an investor is unlikely to think about that. The ground earns next to nothing outside of match days, and not enough on such days, to be honest. A nice, modern facility, well situated as Bolton's ground is, will (and does) bring in many more revenue streams than Hillsborough ever will. Not saying I like it, or agree with it, but that is the reasoning behind such apparently bewildering decisions.
  20. We don't know what happens behind the scenes (though many on here seem to think that they do.) May be Stuart Gray just wants him away from the Club, as he isn't the best influence on the dressing room? Just a thought, but really increases the need to get someone else in....if it happens.
  21. In a word - yes. Went Saturday for first time this season (various reasons, mainly cost) and saw just how old and decrepit Hillsborough looks. It had never hit me before, going to every home game. Had some Forest supporting friends of mine laughing at how antiquated the ground is, and how bad the Lepp is. Was a great ground for the 20th century, but not right for the 21st, I'm afraid.
  22. Hillsborough will be far from full if he gets the job. Split fanbase never leads to success, and for some of us who remember his antics in games against us, he will never be welcome at S6.
  23. Warnock is a dinosaur who revels in being in the limelight. He may keep us up, but any footballers that we have in the team won't be playing for long. First thing he will do is try to get in 2 midfielders who are quite content to battle for every second ball, and be quite happy to watch the ball sailing over their heads, time after time. I must admit that I admire the way he has reinvented himself since sem--retiring, making himself out to be a nice guy, who everyone would like as an uncle. Remember what he did against WBA, asking players to feign injury in order to get the game called off. Do we want that for the Owls? Like him or loath him, he is the main reason that the Blades are hated throughout football. Would hate us to be the same, and will not be going to any games whilst he is in charge of us.
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