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  1. It staggers me how people wouldn't want one of the best managers at getting out of this division as our manager. Blade or not he's always been passionate about the club he's managed, he's a professional and chases money put a promotion bonus in front of him and he'd get us out this league.
  2. Is the Railway still open? What’s the one opposite called if it’s still there? Not been up there for a while drinking before games. After the travs closed use to go in the Pheasant for a while then stuck to Hillsborough corner and The Park
  3. This is similar to the Cowley brothers, would they have been a better option?
  4. I have and know he would relish the challenge. He also worked with the Cardiff owner who was a lose cannon, changing the kit from Bue to Red etc.
  5. I totally agree with this. He would also be the best man for bringing in 10 new players in the summer on a shoe string budget in my opinion.
  6. Since we last changed manager very few different/new options have become available. One man who has become available is Neil Warnock. He’s said (again) he wants one more job and was very close to going to Boro but they picked up. If we were to change managers I’m sure he’d throw his hat in the ring for the job. Would Wednesday fans accept / be happy if the club was to appoint him? Knowing his association with them across the city.
  7. No point in changing him give him a chance to do his own thing
  8. Heard that Rangers wanted to take Bannan on deadline day he wanted to go and the club blocked the move. Apparently he's kicked up a right stink about it. Not sure how true but could be the reason he looks so disinterested.
  9. This won't be settled this season so will be no points deduction, Derby's probably will and what they have been doing is far worse. They haven't just broke FFP they have absolutely smashed it.
  10. and you'd keep Wickham? Why? Because he is called Wickham. Windass did alright at Barnsley.
  11. Would have Fletcher over Wickham any day of the week from what i've seen so far. Looks overweight and unfit to me.
  12. Played in that game too, Woodburn Road? Great lad and family. RIP Liam
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