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  1. Watford appointing forest green manager....
  2. To be fair he needed to get 16 points from the last 14 games to keep us up and failed to do thats not great at all. He picked up 13.
  3. absolutely not he plays whenever fit.
  4. Disagree on the squads think they are very similar. Would have been happier with the draw but one mistake cost us that. They gave us no time to be assertive thought they did that well. Monday will be different altogether. Whether we have enough who knows.
  5. No what did you expect tonight? Go out all guns blazing lose 3/4-0 and be out the game.
  6. Its a shame that people cant cahnge their opinion on Moore am i his biggest fan no probably not. But the job hes done since the end of November has been brilliant. He was too negative early doors in alot of away games. But hes changed his approach and the last 25/30 games of the season weve been brilliant. What ever happens Monday and then 21st he deserves a crack next season.
  7. Ivan Toney started scoring goals at 22 (18/19) not 28
  8. The mansfield one he was absolutely dreadful regardless of scoring.
  9. Vardy won the premier league had a number of england caps was PFA player of the year, and golden boot winner at 28/29. Its a bit different. Hed also scored goals all his career at every level he played. Stockton hasnt
  10. You can't take any bit away. The season is viewed as a whole.
  11. But they didn't and they haven't all season once we hit end of October and got a settled squad and tactics we've been brilliant.
  12. Happens alot when players dont play for a while and then come back in to first team football. Played over 40 games last 7 seasons be ok for me
  13. We aren't higher because a newly put together squad took 10/15 games to settle in and get use to the division. Look how well the newly put together squad at ipswich has done and compare us to that......... We are going to end in the playoffs with 82 83 or 85 points thats remarkable when we had 22 points from the first 15 games.
  14. Correct, agree on this one A number of questionable decisions but after the first 15 games and players settling in we have 60 points from 30 matches, he's done a great job. Recruitment wise it's been the best we have had for years in the Summer and in Jan he spotted areas we needed to improve and got quality in more often than not. Hutchinson at centre half which we all could see for a long time he implemented it. Some team selections and set up questionable but he's got the results. Some on here were tipping us for relegation in July. Top job Darren (so far )
  15. First year Dean has struggled with any sort of Injury has to be worth a punt
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