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  1. petrie18

    Who's the second toughest

    From recent years, Chris O'Grady and that American defender, Gooch?, spring to mind.
  2. Missed a few decent games, pigs away in our promotion season when we drew 2-2. Rovrum away when lee scored the winner after Evans ran on the pitch and the arsenal game the other year! But it’s ok because I got to go to orient and Stevenage away!
  3. petrie18


    Maybe Derby will loan him while January so he can recover and get fit with their staff and team, and the loan have a clause that they then buy him January transfer window?
  4. petrie18

    Daftest Moments as a Fan

    And not one striker scored that day.
  5. petrie18

    Daftest Moments as a Fan

    Milwall(?) kit man forgetting their away kit and having to play in our away kit. Also, Twin at halftime against Barnsley
  6. petrie18

    Rhodes to L**ds??

    Don't think a player is allowed to move twice in one transfer window. If so its a non-starter.
  7. petrie18

    Best Volley?

    Wasn't Brunt's V Barnsley in last minute a volley? On his weaker foot too.
  8. petrie18

    FF- Derby

    It should only unsettle FF if either we were considering the offer/negotiations or he was tempted to go.
  9. petrie18

    Dave Jones Signings!

    Although DJ signed Lee, didn't he refuse to play him saying he wasn't ready for the championship? Even playing Mattock(?) at right back instead. His hand was then forced to start Lee and he had a cracking debut.
  10. petrie18

    Matias club fee record?

    When we signed Chris Lines weren't it for around 50k?
  11. Was it Maurice Ross that we signed on loan for a month, got given a straight red in his debut and missed the rest of the loan through suspension?
  12. Derby have 5 of the top 8 still to play. Think it's their next 5 fixtures too.
  13. Possibly be multi million transfer fee after clauses are met? So, ie 900k rising to 2million when so many games played or once player wins champions league and wins ballon d'or.
  14. Then broke his leg, against Hull iirc.