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  1. Squirrel on the pitch

    Squirrel's out for two weeks.
  2. Did I imagine it....

    87 pinstripes, twisted on the shop dummy to make the stripes look a bit diagonal, plus your mind reeling from the idea the club would have us playing in anything that horrible?
  3. Filipe Melo

    How would you "get rid"? They're both under contract, with only a year left, and have barely kicked a ball in two years. Nobody's going to pay them as much we are. They have no resale value now. We can either pay them to play on loan for someone else, or we can pay them to possibly play for us. Either way we'll be covering their wages. If they're not causing problems in the dressing room, we might as well have the option of using them.
  4. Almen Abdi

    We have. We played mostly 433 for the first few months after he arrived. He only switched to 442 after that run of 6 games without a win.
  5. Jim Smith a Wednesdayite?

    At his age, he might not be much of an internet user. Without that or living local, it would be bloody hard work these days following a club outside the Premier League. To be honest, there have been times I've wished I could get out of the habit, at less than half his age.
  6. Matias ban

    He has 2 years left on his contract. Nacional might take him back, especially now they've been relegated, but I can't imagine offers will be flying in from anywhere else. We paid too much to just let him leave and I doubt many clubs can afford to take a gamble on his recent fitness and form. I think he's saying Carlos wouldn't use him again regardless.
  7. Anyone who criticised CC

    Much the Miller's Son, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.
  8. If we go up.......

    He never played in the Premier League. Sat on the bench once or twice after Watford went up, got knocked out of the League Cup by Preston, came to us.
  9. Great window for us ...

    The concern isn't the quality of those players, it's what we do when they're unavailable. Hutchinson has never played much more than half a season, and Loovens is about to turn 33. Personally though, I thought Sasso did fine for us in his rare appearances last year.
  10. Undisclosed fee.

    Not for the player. Being perceived as a cheap option won't help their negotiations next time they move.
  11. David Jones Signs - OFFICIAL

    Apparently he's a Welshman born on Merseyside and raised in Manchester, who grew up supporting Wednesday.
  12. Was Cellino right about Forestieri?

    Worst case scenario, we'll have got the best season of Forestieri's career to date, and a tidy profit. Any club in this division would tear your hand off to have a problem like this.
  13. What do we think of this one?

    Aye, none at all. Except all the blue in the crest. And the blue in nearly every version of the home kit. And the blue in probably about half of the away kits. Song's crap though.
  14. Interesting new contract offers

    Has an option for another 12 months, activated it in March or something. He was looking for a longer contract too, but he's still under contract either way.