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  1. Apart from anything else, how can 4,000 fans at Adams Park and 4,000 fans at Hillsborough be equally safe? Shouldn't stadium capacity be taken into account?
  2. Unless last year's shirt was tighter, and whether it's the players or the regime, they're fitter. Go back and look at photos from the beginning of last season, it was embarrassing. They were carrying more spare tyres than a pub team.
  3. I thought we'd done that about 18 months back. Him and Matias have been jostling for the one area of the pitch we have real strength in depth: Owlstalk in-joke.
  4. He played against Albania 3 weeks ago: http://www.espn.com/soccer/commentary?gameId=510813
  5. Wouldn't be the first time Forestieri copped the blame for another player having a go at him. Maybe Carlos had the same angle on it as half the bleeding refs in the Championship.
  6. Hard to believe you can’t remember him. Used to play in Portugal, wrong side of 30, always injured? Not too many players like that around.
  7. Now explain his entire career before and since.
  8. He played wide in a front 3 in Portugal. Carlos used him like that too at first, until that run of 1 win in 7 put an end to anything but 442.
  9. Got to be worth a couple of million at least. And once they've compensated us for taking Butterfield off their hands, then we can start negotiating over Winnall.
  10. Lots of parallels with Irvine's first half-season with us in 2010. That was the best points per game return we'd had in years too. Started well with a few wins on the bounce, would have been solidly mid-table if maintained over the whole season. Counts for nothing if you can't get the team to perform in vital, winnable games.
  11. Yeah, but we need a plan for the other 50%+ of the season.
  12. I was gutted when his legs went, about 18 months back.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/sheffield-wednesday/top-scorers
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